First Entry
÷G1722 1
Part of Speech: {PREP}
MLV/Definition: A> [LITERALLY:] in, B> [RARELY:] at, among, by, on C> [AS AN ENGLISH IDIOM & RARELY:] with**
Supplement: (Does not denote any action from other verbs in sentence, unlike εἰς G1519; en denotes fixed position. “On” is generally used with “day”, we do not say “in the Sabbath” but “on the Sabbath”. “By & With” are substitutes for “in”. “Among & At” when close proximity is apparent.)
Etymology: {primary preposition}
Used in many compounds from G1684-G1801

Greek Concordance: [2788] "Mat_1:18, Mat_1:20, Mat_1:23, Mat_2:1, Mat_2:1, Mat_2:2, Mat_2:5, Mat_2:6, Mat_2:9, Mat_2:16, Mat_2:16, Mat_2:18, Mat_2:19, Mat_3:1, Mat_3:1, Mat_3:3, Mat_3:6, Mat_3:9, Mat_3:11, Mat_3:11, Mat_3:12, Mat_3:17, Mat_4:13, Mat_4:16, Mat_4:16, Mat_4:21, Mat_4:23, Mat_4:23, Mat_5:12, Mat_5:13, Mat_5:15, Mat_5:16, Mat_5:19, Mat_5:19, Mat_5:25, Mat_5:28, Mat_5:34, Mat_5:35, Mat_5:36, Mat_5:45, Mat_5:48, Mat_6:1, Mat_6:2, Mat_6:2, Mat_6:4, Mat_6:4, Mat_6:4, Mat_6:5, Mat_6:5, Mat_6:6, Mat_6:6, Mat_6:6, Mat_6:7, Mat_6:9, Mat_6:10, Mat_6:18, Mat_6:18, Mat_6:20, Mat_6:23, Mat_6:29, Mat_7:2, Mat_7:2, Mat_7:3, Mat_7:3, Mat_7:4, Mat_7:6, Mat_7:11, Mat_7:15, Mat_7:21, Mat_7:22, Mat_8:6, Mat_8:10, Mat_8:11, Mat_8:13, Mat_8:24, Mat_8:32, Mat_9:3, Mat_9:4, Mat_9:10, Mat_9:21, Mat_9:31, Mat_9:33, Mat_9:34, Mat_9:35, Mat_9:35, Mat_10:11, Mat_10:15, Mat_10:16, Mat_10:17, Mat_10:19, Mat_10:20, Mat_10:23, Mat_10:27, Mat_10:27, Mat_10:28, Mat_10:32, Mat_10:32, Mat_10:32, Mat_10:33, 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Mar_9:50, Mar_9:50, Mar_10:10, Mar_10:21, Mar_10:30, Mar_10:30, Mar_10:32, Mar_10:37, Mar_10:43, Mar_10:43, Mar_10:52, Mar_11:9, Mar_11:10, Mar_11:10, Mar_11:13, Mar_11:15, Mar_11:23, Mar_11:25, Mar_11:26, Mar_11:27, Mar_11:28, Mar_11:29, Mar_11:33, Mar_12:1, Mar_12:11, Mar_12:23, Mar_12:25, Mar_12:26, Mar_12:35, Mar_12:36, Mar_12:38, Mar_12:38, Mar_12:38, Mar_12:39, Mar_12:39, Mar_13:11, Mar_13:14, Mar_13:17, Mar_13:17, Mar_13:24, Mar_13:25, Mar_13:26, Mar_13:32, Mar_14:1, Mar_14:2, Mar_14:3, Mar_14:3, Mar_14:6, Mar_14:25, Mar_14:27, Mar_14:27, Mar_14:30, Mar_14:49, Mar_14:66, Mar_15:7, Mar_15:29, Mar_15:40, Mar_15:41, Mar_15:46, Mar_16:5, Mar_16:12, Mar_16:17, Luk_1:1, Luk_1:5, Luk_1:6, Luk_1:7, Luk_1:8, Luk_1:8, Luk_1:17, Luk_1:17, Luk_1:18, Luk_1:21, Luk_1:21, Luk_1:22, Luk_1:25, Luk_1:25, Luk_1:26, Luk_1:28, Luk_1:31, Luk_1:36, Luk_1:39, Luk_1:41, Luk_1:42, Luk_1:44, Luk_1:44, Luk_1:51, Luk_1:59, Luk_1:61, Luk_1:65, Luk_1:66, Luk_1:69, Luk_1:75, Luk_1:77, Luk_1:78, Luk_1:79, 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÷G1722 2 Luk_6:1, Luk_6:2, Luk_6:6, Luk_6:7, Luk_6:12, Luk_6:12, Luk_6:23, Luk_6:23, Luk_6:41, Luk_6:41, Luk_6:42, Luk_6:42, Luk_6:42, Luk_7:9, Luk_7:11, Luk_7:16, Luk_7:17, Luk_7:17, Luk_7:21, Luk_7:23, Luk_7:25, Luk_7:25, Luk_7:25, Luk_7:28, Luk_7:28, Luk_7:32, Luk_7:37, Luk_7:37, Luk_7:39, Luk_7:49, Luk_8:1, Luk_8:5, Luk_8:7, Luk_8:10, Luk_8:13, Luk_8:15, Luk_8:15, Luk_8:15, Luk_8:22, Luk_8:27, Luk_8:27, Luk_8:32, Luk_8:40, Luk_8:42, Luk_8:43, Luk_9:12, Luk_9:18, Luk_9:26, Luk_9:29, Luk_9:31, Luk_9:31, Luk_9:33, Luk_9:34, Luk_9:36, Luk_9:36, Luk_9:37, Luk_9:46, Luk_9:48, Luk_9:51, Luk_9:57, Luk_10:3, Luk_10:7, Luk_10:9, Luk_10:12, Luk_10:13, Luk_10:13, Luk_10:13, Luk_10:14, Luk_10:17, Luk_10:20, Luk_10:20, Luk_10:21, Luk_10:26, Luk_10:31, Luk_10:35, Luk_10:38, Luk_11:1, Luk_11:1, Luk_11:2, Luk_11:2, Luk_11:15, Luk_11:18, Luk_11:19, Luk_11:19, Luk_11:20, Luk_11:21, Luk_11:27, Luk_11:31, Luk_11:32, Luk_11:35, Luk_11:37, Luk_11:43, Luk_11:43, Luk_12:1, Luk_12:3, Luk_12:3, Luk_12:3, Luk_12:8, Luk_12:8, Luk_12:12, Luk_12:15, Luk_12:17, Luk_12:27, Luk_12:28, Luk_12:33, Luk_12:38, Luk_12:38, Luk_12:42, Luk_12:45, Luk_12:46, Luk_12:46, Luk_12:51, Luk_12:52, Luk_12:58, Luk_13:1, Luk_13:4, Luk_13:4, Luk_13:6, Luk_13:6, Luk_13:7, Luk_13:10, Luk_13:10, Luk_13:14, Luk_13:14, Luk_13:19, Luk_13:26, Luk_13:28, Luk_13:29, Luk_13:31, Luk_13:35, Luk_14:1, Luk_14:5, Luk_14:14, Luk_14:15, Luk_14:31, Luk_14:34, Luk_15:4, Luk_15:7, Luk_15:25, Luk_16:3, Luk_16:10, Luk_16:10, Luk_16:10, Luk_16:10, Luk_16:11, Luk_16:12, Luk_16:15, Luk_16:23, Luk_16:23, Luk_16:23, Luk_16:24, Luk_16:25, Luk_17:6, Luk_17:11, Luk_17:14, Luk_17:24, Luk_17:26, Luk_17:26, Luk_17:28, Luk_17:31, Luk_17:31, Luk_17:31, Luk_18:2, Luk_18:3, Luk_18:4, Luk_18:8, Luk_18:22, Luk_18:30, Luk_18:30, Luk_18:35, Luk_19:5, Luk_19:15, Luk_19:17, Luk_19:20, Luk_19:30, Luk_19:36, Luk_19:38, Luk_19:38, Luk_19:38, Luk_19:42, Luk_19:44, Luk_19:44, Luk_19:45, Luk_19:47, Luk_20:1, Luk_20:1, Luk_20:2, Luk_20:8, Luk_20:10, Luk_20:19, Luk_20:33, Luk_20:42, Luk_20:46, Luk_20:46, Luk_20:46, Luk_20:46, Luk_21:6, Luk_21:19, Luk_21:21, Luk_21:21, Luk_21:21, Luk_21:23, Luk_21:23, Luk_21:23, Luk_21:25, Luk_21:25, Luk_21:27, Luk_21:34, Luk_21:36, Luk_21:37, Luk_21:38, Luk_22:7, Luk_22:16, Luk_22:20, Luk_22:24, Luk_22:26, Luk_22:27, Luk_22:28, Luk_22:37, Luk_22:44, Luk_22:49, Luk_22:53, Luk_22:55, Luk_22:55, Luk_23:4, Luk_23:7, Luk_23:7, Luk_23:9, Luk_23:12, Luk_23:12, Luk_23:14, Luk_23:19, Luk_23:22, Luk_23:29, Luk_23:31, Luk_23:31, Luk_23:40, Luk_23:42, Luk_23:43, Luk_23:53, Luk_24:4, Luk_24:4, Luk_24:6, Luk_24:13, Luk_24:15, Luk_24:18, Luk_24:18, Luk_24:19, Luk_24:27, Luk_24:30, Luk_24:32, Luk_24:32, Luk_24:35, Luk_24:35, Luk_24:36, Luk_24:38, Luk_24:44, Luk_24:49, Luk_24:51, Luk_24:53, Joh_1:1, Joh_1:2, Joh_1:4, Joh_1:5, Joh_1:10, Joh_1:14, Joh_1:23, Joh_1:26, Joh_1:28, Joh_1:31, Joh_1:33, Joh_1:33, Joh_1:45, Joh_1:47, Joh_2:1, Joh_2:11, Joh_2:14, Joh_2:19, Joh_2:20, Joh_2:23, Joh_2:23, Joh_2:23, Joh_2:25, Joh_3:13, Joh_3:14, Joh_3:21, Joh_3:23, Joh_3:35, Joh_4:14, Joh_4:20, Joh_4:20, Joh_4:21, Joh_4:21, Joh_4:23, Joh_4:24, Joh_4:31, Joh_4:37, Joh_4:44, Joh_4:45, Joh_4:45, Joh_4:46, Joh_4:52, Joh_4:53, Joh_4:53, Joh_5:2, Joh_5:3, Joh_5:4, Joh_5:5, Joh_5:7, Joh_5:9, Joh_5:13, Joh_5:14, Joh_5:16, Joh_5:26, Joh_5:26, Joh_5:28, Joh_5:28, Joh_5:35, Joh_5:38, Joh_5:39, Joh_5:42, Joh_5:43, Joh_5:43, Joh_6:10, Joh_6:31, Joh_6:44, Joh_6:45, Joh_6:49, Joh_6:53, Joh_6:56, Joh_6:56, Joh_6:59, Joh_6:59, Joh_6:61, Joh_7:1, Joh_7:1, Joh_7:4, Joh_7:4, Joh_7:9, Joh_7:10, Joh_7:11, Joh_7:12, Joh_7:18, Joh_7:22, Joh_7:23, Joh_7:23, Joh_7:28, Joh_7:37, Joh_7:43, Joh_8:3, Joh_8:3, Joh_8:5, Joh_8:9, Joh_8:12, Joh_8:17, Joh_8:20, Joh_8:20, Joh_8:21, Joh_8:24, Joh_8:24, Joh_8:31, Joh_8:35, Joh_8:37, Joh_8:44, Joh_8:44, Joh_9:3, Joh_9:5, Joh_9:16, Joh_9:30, Joh_9:34, Joh_10:19, Joh_10:22, Joh_10:23, Joh_10:23, Joh_10:25, Joh_10:34, Joh_10:38, Joh_10:38, Joh_11:6, Joh_11:9, Joh_11:10, Joh_11:10, Joh_11:17, Joh_11:20, 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Joh_19:41, Joh_19:41, Joh_20:12, Joh_20:25, Joh_20:30, Joh_20:31, Joh_21:3, Joh_21:20, Act_1:3, Act_1:5, Act_1:6, Act_1:7, Act_1:8, Act_1:8, Act_1:10, Act_1:15, Act_1:15, Act_1:20, Act_1:20, Act_1:21, Act_1:21, Act_2:1, Act_2:5, Act_2:8, Act_2:17, Act_2:18, Act_2:19, Act_2:22, Act_2:29, Act_2:46, Act_2:46, Act_3:6, Act_3:25, Act_3:26,

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÷G1722 3 Act_4:2, Act_4:7, Act_4:7, Act_4:7, Act_4:9, Act_4:10, Act_4:10, Act_4:12, Act_4:12, Act_4:12, Act_4:24, Act_4:30, Act_4:31, Act_4:34, Act_5:4, Act_5:4, Act_5:12, Act_5:12, Act_5:18, Act_5:20, Act_5:22, Act_5:23, Act_5:25, Act_5:25, Act_5:27, Act_5:34, Act_5:37, Act_5:42, Act_6:1, Act_6:1, Act_6:7, Act_6:8, Act_6:15, Act_7:2, Act_7:2, Act_7:4, Act_7:5, Act_7:6, Act_7:7, Act_7:12, Act_7:13, Act_7:14, Act_7:16, Act_7:17, Act_7:20, Act_7:20, Act_7:22, Act_7:29, Act_7:29, Act_7:30, Act_7:30, Act_7:33, Act_7:34, Act_7:35, Act_7:35, Act_7:36, Act_7:36, Act_7:36, Act_7:38, Act_7:38, Act_7:38, Act_7:41, Act_7:41, Act_7:42, Act_7:42, Act_7:44, Act_7:45, Act_7:48, Act_8:1, Act_8:1, Act_8:6, Act_8:8, Act_8:9, Act_8:14, Act_8:21, Act_8:33, Act_9:3, Act_9:10, Act_9:10, Act_9:11, Act_9:12, Act_9:13, Act_9:17, Act_9:19, Act_9:20, Act_9:21, Act_9:22, Act_9:25, Act_9:26, Act_9:27, Act_9:27, Act_9:27, Act_9:28, Act_9:36, Act_9:37, Act_9:37, Act_9:38, Act_9:43, Act_10:1, Act_10:3, Act_10:12, Act_10:17, Act_10:30, Act_10:30, Act_10:32, Act_10:35, Act_10:39, Act_10:39, Act_10:48, Act_11:5, Act_11:5, Act_11:11, Act_11:13, Act_11:14, Act_11:15, Act_11:15, Act_11:16, Act_11:22, Act_11:26, Act_11:27, Act_11:29, Act_12:5, Act_12:7, Act_12:7, Act_12:11, Act_12:18, Act_13:1, Act_13:5, Act_13:5, Act_13:15, Act_13:17, Act_13:17, Act_13:18, Act_13:19, Act_13:26, Act_13:27, Act_13:33, Act_13:35, Act_13:39, Act_13:39, Act_13:40, Act_13:41, Act_14:1, Act_14:8, Act_14:15, Act_14:16, Act_14:25, Act_15:7, Act_15:12, Act_15:21, Act_15:22, Act_15:35, Act_15:36, Act_16:2, Act_16:3, Act_16:4, Act_16:6, Act_16:12, Act_16:18, Act_16:32, Act_16:33, Act_16:36, Act_17:11, Act_17:13, Act_17:16, Act_17:16, Act_17:17, Act_17:17, Act_17:22, Act_17:23, Act_17:24, Act_17:24, Act_17:28, Act_17:31, Act_17:31, Act_17:31, Act_17:34, Act_18:4, Act_18:9, Act_18:10, Act_18:11, Act_18:18, Act_18:24, Act_18:26, Act_19:1, Act_19:1, Act_19:9, Act_19:16, Act_19:21, Act_19:39, Act_20:5, Act_20:7, Act_20:8, Act_20:10, Act_20:15, Act_20:16, Act_20:19, Act_20:22, Act_20:25, Act_20:26, Act_20:28, Act_20:32, Act_21:11, Act_21:19, Act_21:27, Act_21:29, Act_21:34, Act_22:3, Act_22:3, Act_22:17, Act_22:17, Act_22:18, Act_23:6, Act_23:9, Act_23:35, Act_24:11, Act_24:12, Act_24:12, Act_24:16, Act_24:18, Act_24:18, Act_24:20, Act_24:21, Act_25:4, Act_25:4, Act_25:5, Act_25:5, Act_25:6, Act_25:24, Act_26:4, Act_26:4, Act_26:7, Act_26:10, Act_26:12, Act_26:18, Act_26:20, Act_26:21, Act_26:26, Act_26:28, Act_26:29, Act_26:29, Act_27:7, Act_27:21, Act_27:27, Act_27:31, Act_27:37, Act_28:7, Act_28:9, Act_28:11, Act_28:11, Act_28:18, Act_28:29, Act_28:30, Rom_1:2, Rom_1:4, Rom_1:5, Rom_1:6, Rom_1:7, Rom_1:8, Rom_1:9, Rom_1:9, Rom_1:10, Rom_1:12, Rom_1:12, Rom_1:13, Rom_1:13, Rom_1:15, Rom_1:17, Rom_1:18, Rom_1:19, Rom_1:21, Rom_1:23, Rom_1:24, Rom_1:24, Rom_1:25, Rom_1:27, Rom_1:27, Rom_1:27, Rom_1:28, Rom_2:1, Rom_2:5, Rom_2:12, Rom_2:15, Rom_2:16, Rom_2:17, Rom_2:19, Rom_2:20, Rom_2:23, Rom_2:24, Rom_2:28, Rom_2:28, Rom_2:28, Rom_2:29, Rom_2:29, Rom_3:4, Rom_3:4, Rom_3:7, Rom_3:16, Rom_3:19, Rom_3:24, Rom_3:25, Rom_3:26, Rom_3:26, Rom_4:10, Rom_4:10, Rom_4:10, Rom_4:10, Rom_4:11, Rom_4:12, Rom_5:2, Rom_5:3, Rom_5:5, Rom_5:9, Rom_5:10, Rom_5:11, Rom_5:13, Rom_5:15, Rom_5:17, Rom_5:21, Rom_6:2, Rom_6:4, Rom_6:11, Rom_6:12, Rom_6:12, Rom_6:23, Rom_7:5, Rom_7:5, Rom_7:6, Rom_7:6, Rom_7:8, Rom_7:17, Rom_7:18, Rom_7:18, Rom_7:20, Rom_7:23, Rom_7:23, Rom_8:1, Rom_8:2, Rom_8:3, Rom_8:3, Rom_8:3, Rom_8:4, Rom_8:8, Rom_8:9, Rom_8:9, Rom_8:9, Rom_8:10, Rom_8:11, Rom_8:11, Rom_8:15, Rom_8:23, Rom_8:29, Rom_8:34, Rom_8:37, Rom_8:39, Rom_9:1, Rom_9:1, Rom_9:7, Rom_9:17, Rom_9:17, Rom_9:22, Rom_9:25, Rom_9:26, Rom_9:28, Rom_9:33, Rom_10:5, Rom_10:6, Rom_10:8, Rom_10:8, Rom_10:9, Rom_10:9, Rom_11:2, Rom_11:5, Rom_11:17, Rom_12:3, Rom_12:4, Rom_12:5, Rom_12:7, Rom_12:7, Rom_12:8, Rom_12:8, Rom_12:8, Rom_12:8, Rom_12:21, Rom_13:9, Rom_13:9, Rom_13:13, Rom_14:5, Rom_14:14, Rom_14:17, Rom_14:18, Rom_14:21, Rom_14:22, Rom_15:5, Rom_15:6, Rom_15:9, Rom_15:13, Rom_15:13, Rom_15:13, Rom_15:16, Rom_15:17, Rom_15:19, Rom_15:19, Rom_15:23, Rom_15:26, Rom_15:27, Rom_15:29, Rom_15:30, Rom_15:31, Rom_15:32, Rom_16:1, Rom_16:2, Rom_16:2, Rom_16:3, Rom_16:7, Rom_16:7, Rom_16:8, Rom_16:9, Rom_16:10, Rom_16:11, Rom_16:12, Rom_16:12, Rom_16:13, Rom_16:16, Rom_16:20, Rom_16:22, 1Co_1:2, 1Co_1:2, 1Co_1:2, 1Co_1:4, 1Co_1:5, 1Co_1:5, 1Co_1:5, 1Co_1:6, 1Co_1:7, 1Co_1:8, 1Co_1:10, 1Co_1:10, 1Co_1:10, 1Co_1:11, 1Co_1:17, 1Co_1:21, 1Co_1:30, 1Co_1:31, 1Co_2:2, 1Co_2:3, 1Co_2:3, 1Co_2:3, 1Co_2:4, 1Co_2:4, 1Co_2:5, 1Co_2:5, 1Co_2:6, 1Co_2:7, 1Co_2:11, 1Co_2:13, 1Co_2:13, 1Co_3:1, 1Co_3:3, 1Co_3:13, 1Co_3:16, 1Co_3:18, 1Co_3:18, 1Co_3:19, 1Co_3:21, 1Co_4:2, 1Co_4:4, 1Co_4:6, 1Co_4:10, 1Co_4:15, 1Co_4:15, 1Co_4:17, 1Co_4:17, 1Co_4:17, 1Co_4:20, 1Co_4:20, 1Co_4:21, 1Co_4:21, 1Co_5:1, 1Co_5:1, 1Co_5:4, 1Co_5:5, 1Co_5:8, 1Co_5:8, 1Co_5:8, 1Co_5:9, 1Co_6:2, 1Co_6:4, 1Co_6:5, 1Co_6:11, 1Co_6:11, 1Co_6:19, 1Co_6:20, 1Co_6:20, 1Co_7:14, 1Co_7:14, 1Co_7:15, 1Co_7:15, 1Co_7:17, 1Co_7:18, 1Co_7:20, 1Co_7:20, 1Co_7:22, 1Co_7:24, 1Co_7:24, 1Co_7:37, 1Co_7:37, 1Co_7:39, 1Co_8:4, 1Co_8:5, 1Co_8:7, 1Co_8:10, 1Co_9:1, 1Co_9:2, 1Co_9:9, 1Co_9:15, 1Co_9:18, 1Co_9:24, 1Co_10:2, 1Co_10:2, 1Co_10:5, 1Co_10:5, 1Co_10:8, 1Co_10:25, 1Co_11:11, 1Co_11:13, 1Co_11:18, 1Co_11:18, 1Co_11:19, 1Co_11:19, 1Co_11:21, 1Co_11:22, 1Co_11:23, 1Co_11:25, 1Co_11:30, 1Co_11:34, 1Co_12:3, 1Co_12:3, 1Co_12:6, 1Co_12:9, 1Co_12:9, 1Co_12:13, 1Co_12:18, 1Co_12:25, 1Co_12:28, 1Co_13:12, 1Co_14:6, 1Co_14:6, 1Co_14:6, 1Co_14:6, 1Co_14:10, 1Co_14:11, 1Co_14:19, 1Co_14:19, 1Co_14:21, 1Co_14:21, 1Co_14:21, 1Co_14:25, 1Co_14:28, 1Co_14:33, 1Co_14:34, 1Co_14:35, 1Co_14:35, 1Co_15:1, 1Co_15:3, 1Co_15:12, 1Co_15:17, 1Co_15:18, 1Co_15:19, 1Co_15:19, 1Co_15:22, 1Co_15:22, 1Co_15:23, 1Co_15:23, 1Co_15:28, 1Co_15:31, 1Co_15:32, 1Co_15:41, 1Co_15:42, 1Co_15:42, 1Co_15:43, 1Co_15:43, 1Co_15:43, 1Co_15:43, 1Co_15:52, 1Co_15:52, 1Co_15:52, 1Co_15:58, 1Co_15:58, 1Co_16:7, 1Co_16:8, 1Co_16:11, 1Co_16:13, 1Co_16:14, 1Co_16:19, 1Co_16:20, 1Co_16:24, 2Co_1:1, 2Co_1:1, 2Co_1:4, 2Co_1:6, 2Co_1:8, 2Co_1:9, 2Co_1:12, 2Co_1:12, 2Co_1:12, 2Co_1:12, 2Co_1:14, 2Co_1:19, 2Co_1:19, 2Co_1:20, 2Co_1:20, 2Co_1:22, 2Co_2:1, 2Co_2:10, 2Co_2:12, 2Co_2:14, 2Co_2:14, 2Co_2:15, 2Co_2:15, 2Co_2:17, 2Co_3:2, 2Co_3:3, 2Co_3:3, 2Co_3:7, 2Co_3:7, 2Co_3:7, 2Co_3:8, 2Co_3:9, 2Co_3:10, 2Co_3:11, 2Co_3:14, 2Co_4:2, 2Co_4:3, 2Co_4:4, 2Co_4:6, 2Co_4:6, 2Co_4:7, 2Co_4:8, 2Co_4:10, 2Co_4:10, 2Co_4:11, 2Co_4:12, 2Co_4:12, 2Co_5:1, 2Co_5:2, 2Co_5:4, 2Co_5:6, 2Co_5:11, 2Co_5:12, 2Co_5:17, 2Co_5:19, 2Co_5:19, 2Co_5:21, 2Co_6:2, 2Co_6:3, 2Co_6:4, 2Co_6:4, 2Co_6:4, 2Co_6:4, 2Co_6:4, 2Co_6:5, 2Co_6:5, 2Co_6:5, 2Co_6:5, 2Co_6:5, 2Co_6:5, 2Co_6:6, 2Co_6:6, 2Co_6:6, 2Co_6:6, 2Co_6:6, 2Co_6:6, 2Co_6:7, 2Co_6:7, 2Co_6:12, 2Co_6:12, 2Co_6:16, 2Co_7:1, 2Co_7:3, 2Co_7:5, 2Co_7:6, 2Co_7:7, 2Co_7:7, 2Co_7:8, 2Co_7:9, 2Co_7:11, 2Co_7:11, 2Co_7:14, 2Co_7:16, 2Co_7:16, 2Co_8:1, 2Co_8:2, 2Co_8:7, 2Co_8:7, 2Co_8:7, 2Co_8:10, 2Co_8:13, 2Co_8:16, 2Co_8:18, 2Co_8:20, 2Co_8:22, 2Co_9:3, 2Co_9:4, 2Co_9:8, 2Co_9:11, 2Co_10:1, 2Co_10:3, 2Co_10:6, 2Co_10:12, 2Co_10:14, 2Co_1:15, 2Co_10:15, 2Co_10:16, 2Co_10:17, 2Co_11:3, 2Co_11:6, 2Co_11:6, 2Co_11:9, 2Co_11:10, 2Co_11:10, 2Co_11:12, 2Co_11:17, 2Co_11:17, 2Co_11:21, 2Co_11:21, 2Co_11:23, 2Co_11:23, 2Co_11:25, 2Co_11:26, 2Co_11:26, 2Co_11:26, 2Co_11:26, 2Co_11:27, 2Co_11:27, 2Co_11:27, 2Co_11:27, 2Co_11:27, 2Co_11:32, 2Co_11:33, 2Co_12:2, 2Co_12:2, 2Co_12:3, 2Co_12:5, 2Co_12:9, 2Co_12:9, 2Co_12:10, 2Co_12:10, 2Co_12:10, 2Co_12:10, 2Co_12:10, 2Co_12:12, 2Co_12:12, 2Co_12:12, 2Co_12:19, 2Co_13:3, 2Co_13:4, 2Co_13:5, 2Co_13:5, 2Co_13:12, Gal_1:6, Gal_1:13, Gal_1:14, Gal_1:14, Gal_1:16, Gal_1:16, Gal_1:22, Gal_1:24, Gal_2:2, Gal_2:4, Gal_2:17, Gal_2:20, Gal_2:20, Gal_2:20, Gal_3:1, Gal_3:5, Gal_3:8, Gal_3:10, Gal_3:10, Gal_3:11, Gal_3:12, Gal_3:14, Gal_3:1, Gal_3:26, Gal_3:28,

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÷G1722 4 Gal_4:14, Gal_4:18, Gal_4:18, Gal_4:19, Gal_4:20, Gal_4:25, Gal_5:4, Gal_5:6, Gal_5:10, Gal_5:14, Gal_5:14, Gal_6:1, Gal_6:1, Gal_6:6, Gal_6:12, Gal_6:13, Gal_6:14, Gal_6:15, Gal_6:17, Eph_1:1, Eph_1:1, Eph_1:3, Eph_1:3, Eph_1:3, Eph_1:4, Eph_1:4, Eph_1:6, Eph_1:6, Eph_1:7, Eph_1:8, Eph_1:9, Eph_1:10, Eph_1:11, Eph_1:11, Eph_1:12, Eph_1:13, Eph_1:13, Eph_1:15, Eph_1:17, Eph_1:18, Eph_1:20, Eph_1:20, Eph_1:20, Eph_1:21, Eph_1:21, Eph_1:23, Eph_2:2, Eph_2:2, Eph_2:3, Eph_2:3, Eph_2:4, Eph_2:6, Eph_2:6, Eph_2:7, Eph_2:7, Eph_2:7, Eph_2:10, Eph_2:10, Eph_2:11, Eph_2:11 Eph_2:12, Eph_2:12, Eph_2:13, Eph_2:13, Eph_2:15, Eph_2:15, Eph_2:15, Eph_2:16, Eph_2:16, Eph_2:18, Eph_2:21, Eph_2:21, Eph_2:22, Eph_2:22, Eph_3:3, Eph_3:4, Eph_3:5, Eph_3:6, Eph_3:8, Eph_3:9, Eph_3:10, Eph_3:11, Eph_3:12, Eph_3:12, Eph_3:13, Eph_3:15, Eph_3:17, Eph_3:18, Eph_3:20, Eph_3:21, Eph_3:21, Eph_4:1, Eph_4:2, Eph_4:3, Eph_4:4, Eph_4:6, Eph_4:14, Eph_4:14, Eph_4:15, Eph_4:16, Eph_4:16, Eph_4:17, Eph_4:17, Eph_4:18, Eph_4:19, Eph_4:21, Eph_4:21, Eph_4:24, Eph_4:30, Eph_4:32, Eph_5:2, Eph_5:3, Eph_5:5, Eph_5:8, Eph_5:9, Eph_5:18, Eph_5:18, Eph_5:19, Eph_5:20, Eph_5:21, Eph_5:24, Eph_5:26, Eph_6:1, Eph_6:2, Eph_6:4, Eph_6:5, Eph_6:9, Eph_6:10, Eph_6:10, Eph_6:12, Eph_6:13, Eph_6:14, Eph_6:15, Eph_6:16, Eph_6:18, Eph_6:18, Eph_6:18, Eph_6:19, Eph_6:19, Eph_6:20, Eph_6:20, Eph_6:21, Eph_6:24, Php_1:1, Php_1:1, Php_1:4, Php_1:6, Php_1:7, Php_1:7, Php_1:7, Php_1:8, Php_1:9, Php_1:13, Php_1:13, Php_1:14, Php_1:18, Php_1:20, Php_1:20, Php_1:20, Php_1:22, Php_1:24, Php_1:26, Php_1:26, Php_1:27, Php_1:28, Php_1:30, Php_1:30, Php_2:1, Php_2:5, Php_2:5, Php_2:6, Php_2:7, Php_2:10, Php_2:12, Php_2:12, Php_2:13, Php_2:15, Php_2:15, Php_2:15, Php_2:19, Php_2:24, Php_2:29, Php_3:1, Php_3:3, Php_3:3, Php_3:4, Php_3:4, Php_3:6, Php_3:9, Php_3:14, Php_3:19, Php_3:20, Php_4:1, Php_4:2, Php_4:3, Php_4:3, Php_4:4, Php_4:6, Php_4:7, Php_4:9, Php_4:10, Php_4:11, Php_4:12, Php_4:12, Php_4:13, Php_4:15, Php_4:16, Php_4:19, Php_4:19, Php_4:21, Col_1:2, Col_1:2, Col_1:4, Col_1:5, Col_1:5, Col_1:6, Col_1:6, Col_1:6, Col_1:8, Col_1:9, Col_1:10, Col_1:11, Col_1:12, Col_1:14, Col_1:16, Col_1:16, Col_1:17, Col_1:18, Col_1:19, Col_1:21, Col_1:22, Col_1:23, Col_1:24, Col_1:24, Col_1:27, Col_1:27, Col_1:28, Col_1:28, Col_1:29, Col_1:29, Col_2:1, Col_2:1, Col_2:2, Col_2:3, Col_2:4, Col_2:6, Col_2:7, Col_2:7, Col_2:7, Col_2:7, Col_2:9, Col_2:10, Col_2:11, Col_2:11, Col_2:11, Col_2:12, Col_2:12, Col_2:13, Col_2:15, Col_2:15, Col_2:16, Col_2:16, Col_2:16, Col_2:18, Col_2:20, Col_2:23, Col_2:23, Col_3:1, Col_3:3, Col_3:4, Col_3:7, Col_3:7, Col_3:11, Col_3:15, Col_3:15, Col_3:16, Col_3:16, Col_3:16, Col_3:16, Col_3:17, Col_3:17, Col_3:17, Col_3:18, Col_3:20, Col_3:22, Col_3:22, Col_4:1, Col_4:2, Col_4:2, Col_4:5, Col_4:6, Col_4:7, Col_4:12, Col_4:12, Col_4:13, Col_4:13, Col_4:15, Col_4:16, Col_4:17, 1Th_1:1, 1Th_1:5, 1Th_1:5, 1Th_1:5, 1Th_1:5, 1Th_1:5, 1Th_1:6, 1Th_1:7, 1Th_1:8, 1Th_1:8, 1Th_1:8, 1Th_2:2, 1Th_2:2, 1Th_2:2, 1Th_2:3, 1Th_2:5, 1Th_2:5, 1Th_2:6, 1Th_2:7, 1Th_2:13, 1Th_2:14, 1Th_2:14, 1Th_2:17, 1Th_2:19, 1Th_3:1, 1Th_3:2, 1Th_3:3, 1Th_3:8, 1Th_3:13, 1Th_3:13, 1Th_4:1, 1Th_4:4, 1Th_4:5, 1Th_4:6, 1Th_4:7, 1Th_4:10, 1Th_4:15, 1Th_4:16, 1Th_4:16, 1Th_4:16, 1Th_4:16, 1Th_4:17, 1Th_4:18, 1Th_5:2, 1Th_5:3, 1Th_5:4, 1Th_5:12, 1Th_5:12, 1Th_5:13, 1Th_5:13, 1Th_5:18, 1Th_5:18, 1Th_5:23, 1Th_5:26, 2Th_1:1, 2Th_1:4, 2Th_1:4, 2Th_1:4, 2Th_1:7, 2Th_1:8, 2Th_1:10, 2Th_1:10, 2Th_1:10, 2Th_1:11, 2Th_1:12, 2Th_1:12, 2Th_2:6, 2Th_2:9, 2Th_2:10, 2Th_2:10, 2Th_2:12, 2Th_2:13, 2Th_2:16, 2Th_2:17, 2Th_3:4, 2Th_3:6, 2Th_3:7, 2Th_3:8, 2Th_3:11, 2Th_3:16, 2Th_3:17, 1Ti_1:2, 1Ti_1:3, 1Ti_1:4, 1Ti_1:13, 1Ti_1:14, 1Ti_1:16, 1Ti_1:18, 1Ti_2:2, 1Ti_2:2, 1Ti_2:7, 1Ti_2:7, 1Ti_2:8, 1Ti_2:9, 1Ti_2:9, 1Ti_2:11, 1Ti_2:11, 1Ti_2:12, 1Ti_2:14, 1Ti_2:15, 1Ti_3:4, 1Ti_3:9, 1Ti_3:11, 1Ti_3:13, 1Ti_3:13, 1Ti_3:15, 1Ti_3:16, 1Ti_3:16, 1Ti_3:16, 1Ti_3:16, 1Ti_3:16, 1Ti_4:1, 1Ti_4:2, 1Ti_4:12, 1Ti_4:12, 1Ti_4:12, 1Ti_4:12, 1Ti_4:12, 1Ti_4:12, 1Ti_4:14, 1Ti_4:15, 1Ti_4:15, 1Ti_5:2, 1Ti_5:10, 1Ti_5:17, 1Ti_6:17, 1Ti_6:17, 1Ti_6:18, 2Ti_1:1, 2Ti_1:3, 2Ti_1:3, 2Ti_1:5, 2Ti_1:5, 2Ti_1:5, 2Ti_1:6, 2Ti_1:9, 2Ti_1:13, 2Ti_1:13, 2Ti_1:14, 2Ti_1:15, 2Ti_1:17, 2Ti_1:18, 2Ti_1:18, 2Ti_2:1, 2Ti_2:1, 2Ti_2:7, 2Ti_2:9, 2Ti_2:10, 2Ti_2:20, 2Ti_2:25, 2Ti_3:1, 2Ti_3:11, 2Ti_3:11, 2Ti_3:11, 2Ti_3:12, 2Ti_3:14, 2Ti_3:15, 2Ti_3:16, 2Ti_4:2, 2Ti_4:5, 2Ti_4:13, 2Ti_4:16, 2Ti_4:20, 2Ti_4:20, Tit_1:3, Tit_1:5, Tit_1:6, Tit_1:9, Tit_1:13, Tit_2:3, Tit_2:7, Tit_2:9, Tit_2:10, Tit_2:12, Tit_3:3, Tit_3:5, Tit_3:15, Phm_1:6, Phm_1:6, Phm_1:8, Phm_1:10, Phm_1:13, Phm_1:16, Phm_1:16, Phm_1:20, Phm_1:20, Phm_1:23,

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÷G1722 5 Heb_1:1, Heb_1:1, Heb_1:3, Heb_1:3, Heb_2:8, Heb_2:12, Heb_2:18, Heb_3:2, Heb_3:5, Heb_3:8, Heb_3:8, Heb_3:11, Heb_3:12, Heb_3:12, Heb_3:15, Heb_3:15, Heb_3:17, Heb_4:3, Heb_4:4, Heb_4:5, Heb_4:7, Heb_4:11, Heb_5:6, Heb_5:7, Heb_6:17, Heb_6:18, Heb_7:10, Heb_8:1, Heb_8:1, Heb_8:5, Heb_8:9, Heb_8:9, Heb_8:13, Heb_9:2, Heb_9:4, Heb_9:22, Heb_9:23, Heb_9:25, Heb_10:3, Heb_10:7, Heb_10:10, Heb_10:12, Heb_10:19, Heb_10:22, Heb_10:29, Heb_10:32, Heb_10:34, Heb_10:38, Heb_11:2, Heb_11:9, Heb_11:18, Heb_11:19, Heb_11:34, Heb_11:37, Heb_11:37, Heb_11:37, Heb_11:38, Heb_12:2, Heb_12:23, Heb_13:3, Heb_13:4, Heb_13:9, Heb_13:18, Heb_13:20, Heb_13:21, Heb_13:21, Jas_1:1, Jas_1:4, Jas_1:6, Jas_1:8, Jas_1:9, Jas_1:10, Jas_1:11, Jas_1:21, Jas_1:23, Jas_1:25, Jas_1:26, Jas_1:27, Jas_2:1, Jas_2:2, Jas_2:2, Jas_2:4, Jas_2:5, Jas_2:10, Jas_2:16, Jas_3:2, Jas_3:6, Jas_3:9, Jas_3:9, Jas_3:13, Jas_3:13, Jas_3:14, Jas_3:18, Jas_4:1, Jas_4:1, Jas_4:3, Jas_4:5, Jas_4:16, Jas_5:3, Jas_5:5, Jas_5:13, Jas_5:14, Jas_5:14, Jas_5:19, 1Pe_1:2, 1Pe_1:4, 1Pe_1:5, 1Pe_1:5, 1Pe_1:6, 1Pe_1:6, 1Pe_1:7, 1Pe_1:11, 1Pe_1:12, 1Pe_1:13, 1Pe_1:14, 1Pe_1:15, 1Pe_1:17, 1Pe_1:22, 1Pe_2:2, 1Pe_2:6, 1Pe_2:6, 1Pe_2:12, 1Pe_2:12, 1Pe_2:12, 1Pe_2:18, 1Pe_2:22, 1Pe_2:24, 1Pe_3:2, 1Pe_3:4, 1Pe_3:15, 1Pe_3:15, 1Pe_3:16, 1Pe_3:16, 1Pe_3:19, 1Pe_3:19, 1Pe_3:20, 1Pe_3:22, 1Pe_4:1, 1Pe_4:2, 1Pe_4:3, 1Pe_4:4, 1Pe_4:11, 1Pe_4:12, 1Pe_4:13, 1Pe_4:14, 1Pe_4:16, 1Pe_4:19, 1Pe_5:1, 1Pe_5:2, 1Pe_5:6, 1Pe_5:9, 1Pe_5:10, 1Pe_5:13, 1Pe_5:14, 1Pe_5:14, 2Pe_1:1, 2Pe_1:2, 2Pe_1:4, 2Pe_1:4, 2Pe_1:5, 2Pe_1:5, 2Pe_1:6, 2Pe_1:6, 2Pe_1:6, 2Pe_1:7, 2Pe_1:7, 2Pe_1:12, 2Pe_1:13, 2Pe_1:13, 2Pe_1:18, 2Pe_1:19, 2Pe_1:19, 2Pe_2:1, 2Pe_2:1, 2Pe_2:3, 2Pe_2:7, 2Pe_2:8, 2Pe_2:10, 2Pe_2:12, 2Pe_2:12, 2Pe_2:13, 2Pe_2:13, 2Pe_2:16, 2Pe_2:18, 2Pe_2:18, 2Pe_2:20, 2Pe_3:1, 2Pe_3:1, 2Pe_3:10, 2Pe_3:10, 2Pe_3:10, 2Pe_3:11, 2Pe_3:13, 2Pe_3:14, 2Pe_3:16, 2Pe_3:16, 2Pe_3:16, 2Pe_3:18, 1Jn_1:5, 1Jn_1:6, 1Jn_1:7, 1Jn_1:7, 1Jn_1:8, 1Jn_1:10, 1Jn_2:3, 1Jn_2:4, 1Jn_2:5, 1Jn_2:5, 1Jn_2:5, 1Jn_2:6, 1Jn_2:8, 1Jn_2:8, 1Jn_2:9, 1Jn_2:9, 1Jn_2:10, 1Jn_2:10, 1Jn_2:11, 1Jn_2:11, 1Jn_2:14, 1Jn_2:15, 1Jn_2:15, 1Jn_2:16, 1Jn_2:24, 1Jn_2:24, 1Jn_2:24, 1Jn_2:24, 1Jn_2:27, 1Jn_2:27, 1Jn_2:28, 1Jn_2:28, 1Jn_3:5, 1Jn_3:6, 1Jn_3:9, 1Jn_3:10, 1Jn_3:14, 1Jn_3:15, 1Jn_3:16, 1Jn_3:17, 1Jn_3:18, 1Jn_3:19, 1Jn_3:24, 1Jn_3:24, 1Jn_3:24, 1Jn_3:24, 1Jn_4:2, 1Jn_4:2, 1Jn_4:3, 1Jn_4:3, 1Jn_4:4, 1Jn_4:4, 1Jn_4:9, 1Jn_4:9, 1Jn_4:10, 1Jn_4:12, 1Jn_4:12, 1Jn_4:13, 1Jn_4:13, 1Jn_4:13, 1Jn_4:15, 1Jn_4:15, 1Jn_4:16, 1Jn_4:16, 1Jn_4:16, 1Jn_4:16, 1Jn_4:17, 1Jn_4:17, 1Jn_4:17, 1Jn_4:18, 1Jn_4:18, 1Jn_5:2, 1Jn_5:6, 1Jn_5:6, 1Jn_5:10, 1Jn_5:11, 1Jn_5:19, 1Jn_5:20, 1Jn_5:20, 2Jn_1:1, 2Jn_1:2, 2Jn_1:3, 2Jn_1:4, 2Jn_1:6, 2Jn_1:7, 2Jn_1:9, 2Jn_1:9, 3Jn_1:1, 3Jn_1:3, 3Jn_1:4, Jud_1:1, Jud_1:10, Jud_1:12, Jud_1:14, Jud_1:18, Jud_1:20, Jud_1:21, Jud_1:23, Jud_1:24, Rev_1:1, Rev_1:3, Rev_1:4, Rev_1:5, Rev_1:9, Rev_1:9, Rev_1:9, Rev_1:10, Rev_1:10, Rev_1:13, Rev_1:15, Rev_1:16, Rev_1:16, Rev_2:1, Rev_2:1, Rev_2:1, Rev_2:7, Rev_2:8, Rev_2:12, Rev_2:13, Rev_2:13, Rev_2:16, Rev_2:18, Rev_2:23, Rev_2:24, Rev_2:27, Rev_3:1, Rev_3:4, Rev_3:4, Rev_3:5, Rev_3:7, Rev_3:12, Rev_3:14, Rev_3:21, Rev_3:21, Rev_4:1, Rev_4:2, Rev_4:2, Rev_4:4, Rev_4:6, Rev_5:2, Rev_5:3, Rev_5:6, Rev_5:6, Rev_5:9, Rev_5:13, Rev_5:13, Rev_6:5, Rev_6:6, Rev_6:8, Rev_6:8, Rev_6:8, Rev_7:9, Rev_7:14, Rev_7:15, Rev_8:1, Rev_8:7, Rev_8:9, Rev_8:13, Rev_9:6, Rev_9:10, Rev_9:11, Rev_9:17, Rev_9:19, Rev_9:19, Rev_9:19, Rev_9:20, Rev_10:2, Rev_10:6, Rev_10:6, Rev_10:6, Rev_10:7, Rev_10:8, Rev_10:9, Rev_10:10, Rev_11:1, Rev_11:6, Rev_11:12, Rev_11:13, Rev_11:13, Rev_11:15, Rev_11:19, Rev_11:19, Rev_12:1, Rev_12:2, Rev_12:3, Rev_12:5, Rev_12:7, Rev_12:8, Rev_12:10, Rev_12:12, Rev_13:6, Rev_13:8, Rev_13:10, Rev_13:10, Rev_13:12, Rev_14:2, Rev_14:5, Rev_14:6, Rev_14:7, Rev_14:9, Rev_14:10, Rev_14:10, Rev_14:13, Rev_14:14, Rev_14:15, Rev_14:17, Rev_15:1, Rev_15:1, Rev_15:5, Rev_16:3, Rev_16:8, Rev_17:3, Rev_17:4, Rev_17:16, Rev_18:6, Rev_18:7, Rev_18:8, Rev_18:8, Rev_18:19, Rev_18:19, Rev_18:22, Rev_18:22, Rev_18:22, Rev_18:23, Rev_18:23, Rev_18:23, Rev_18:24, Rev_19:1, Rev_19:2, Rev_19:11, Rev_19:14, Rev_19:15, Rev_19:15, Rev_19:17, Rev_19:17, Rev_19:20, Rev_19:20, Rev_19:21, Rev_20:6, Rev_20:8, Rev_20:12, Rev_20:13, Rev_20:13, Rev_20:15, Rev_21:8, Rev_21:10, Rev_21:22, Rev_21:27, Rev_22:2, Rev_22:3, Rev_22:6, Rev_22:18, Rev_22:19, " ###
KJV: in 1874, by 141, with 134, among 117, at 112, on 46, through 37, misc 321 TR: 2782 ###
TDNT: 2:537, 233 ###


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