That ~

Four different words listed below; five variations; these differences lost in other translations are really important. God didn't use different words for us to make them only one word.)
1. that* (right sided *) is literally "in order that." An introduction to a conditional phrase or sentence.) G2443.
2. *that (left sided *) is a mild form of 'in order that.' An introduction to a conditional phrase or sentence.) G3704
3. *That* (*both sides*) This can also mean "in order that." This is a Greek idiom which introduces a conditional statement.) G1519.
4. That (no * at all) when contained in "in order that" is one of the above Greek word or idioms.
5. That (no * at all) all of these are just simple pronouns from various Greek verbs or pronouns.

1. That$ *
This English word is translated from one single Greek word.
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2. *that *
This English word is translated from one single Greek word.
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3. *that$ *
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4. That ~

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