First Entry
Part of Speech: {V-PAI:1S}
MLV/Definition: A> have, has, had, having, B> hold^, holds^, held^, holding^, C> [RARELY:] be, is, was, were D> next
Supplement: --
Etymology: {a primary verb}
All Compounds: have, hold, trouble, crowd, heed; ἀντέξω G472, ἀπέχω G568, ἐνέχω G1758, ἐνοχλέω G1776, ἐπέχω G1907, κατέχω G2722, ὀχλέω G3791, ὀχλοποιέω G3792, ὄχλος G3793, παρενοχλέω G3926, συνέχω G4912, ἀκατάσχετος G183 ant. Unrelated: tolerable ἀνεκτότερος G414, ἀνεξίκακος G420, ἀνέξω G430; ἀνοχή G463, G566-G567, ἔνοχος G1777, ἑξῆς G1836, ἕξις G1838, ἐξοχή G1851, G2078-9 ?, G2134-G5 ?, καθεξῆς G2517, mistreat G2558-9, συγκακουχέω G4778; κατάσχεσις G2697, partake μετέχω G3348, μετοχή G3352, μέτοχος G3353, συμμέτοχος G4830; νουνεχῶς G3562, ὀχύρωμα G3794 ?, παρέχω G3930, περιέχω G4023, περιοχή G4042, G4122-G4, προέω G4284, ῥαβδοῦχος G4465, συνοχή G4928, σχεδόν G4975, σχῆμα G4976, ὑπερέχω G5242, ὑπέχω G5254; take heed ἀγκάλη G43

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KJV: have 613, be 22, need + 5532 12, misc 63, vr have 2 TR: 712
TDNT: 2:816, 286


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