The MLV is only English Bible that ever made ways for you to make sure there are no mistakes in it.
The largest Bible project in English history, over a million proofreaders.
Open Source as in you (yes, you) can submit any correction that is not "Thus saith the Greek."  We want "Error-free."

Why should you use the Modern Literal Version?

If you find an error in the MLV you can submit it to be fixed try doing that with any other translation.

One of the best ways to describe the "Modern Literal Version" New Testament  translation is that it is a translation of "FIRST's"

1. It was the FIRST translation to use the power of modern computers. Not saying much today but in 1987 it sure was.
2. The first translation that has no contradictions. (It fixed all the ones found in all the other translations. This is actually why the MLV even exists.)
3. The MLV was the FIRST to attempt to keep Greek uniformity. (Same Greek word translation into the same English word(s) whenever possible.)
4. The MLV was the FIRST to attempt to keep English uniformity. Actually it is the ONLY one do this. This is keeping one specific English word to represent only one specific Greek word or one of its meanings. (The worst example probably is the English word WILL which is 69 different Greek words in the KJV. But most paraphrase translations are most likely even worse than that: NIV, ESV, NRSV, Living, etc.)
5. The MLV was the FIRST bible translation to be OPEN on the internet for anyone to submit corrections or updates or help. (1998)
6. The MLV is the FIRST to be done by a group of people not divided among committees. Which by nature one committee will not translate the exact same way as would another committee. If there is a correction or a specific idiom or such it was dealt with uniformly.
7. The MLV is the FIRST published translation to stay OPEN (actually the ONLY one). That if any mistakes whether a simply typo, better English word arrangement, or a "thus saith the Greek" fix can be submitted.  (Try fixing the NKJV sometime and see how far you get.)
8. The MLV is the FIRST translation to ever deal with the English word "for" (actually the ONLY one). By translating all the "for" conjunctions as "because." You can read more about this in the Appendix. If you have ever been in a discussion with someone who says Acts 2:38 doesn't mean what is says, the MLV fixed that issue.

OTHERS that the MLV does, not common to other translations:
A. You* (plural) vs. Ye.  A lot of teachings are lost due to no way to know plural vs. singular you.
B. No Denominationalism (can't stuff opinion in when you follow rigid translation principles).
C. 7th Grade reading level.
D. All wording is modern-English and 'big words' can be looked up on or a dictionary book.
E. You have the ability to read the N.T. in chronological order; start in Mark and continue.
F. Probably lots more since the MLV has had 26 years to correct mistakes done by others.
G. The MLV most important change is that it does not PREACH CATHOLICISM: "Baptism." The MLV uses "Immersion."
H. Actually many transliterated words have been translated in the MLV.

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