First Entry
Part of Speech: {V-PNI:1S}
MLV/Definition: A> become*, becomes*, became*, becoming*, B> happen*, happens*, happened^, happening*, C> (be) born^, D> [AS A GENERAL SUBSTITUTE VERB:] come**, came*^
Supplement: (LIT: become; English just does not allow the word throughout.)
Etymology: {prolongation middle voice primary word}
All Compounds: παραγίνομαι G3854, προγίνομαι G4266, συμπαραγίνομαι G4836; family things: ἀγενεαλόγητος G35 ant, ἀναγεννάω G313, ἀρτιγέννητος G738, G1074-G1081, G1083-G1085, γονεύς G1118, ἔκγονος G1549, μονογενής G3439, παλιγγενεσία G3824, πρόγονος G4269, συγγένεια G4772, συγγενής G4773, τεκνογονέω G5041, τεκνογονία G5042; unrelated: ἀλλογενής G241, ἀπογενόμενος G581, γνήσιος G1103, γνησίως G1104, διαγίνομαι G1230, ἐπιγίνομαι G1920, ἀγενής G36, εὐγενής G2104, ζωογονέω G2225

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KJV: be 255, come to pass 82, be made 69, be done 63, come 52, become 47, God forbid + 3361 15, arise 13, have 5, be fulfilled 3, be married to 3, be preferred 3, not tr 14, misc 4, vr done 2 TR: 678
TDNT: 1:681, 117


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