The MLV Wording Statistics


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            The English language has 450,000 base words of which could be used to translate the 5401 Greek words of which make up the Greek New Testament. About 600 Bible Greek words actually have more than one meaning even after careful consideration of which English word to substitute; the context determines which meaning is used. Of the 5401 different Greek words, 1877 only occur once, 589 are proper names, 1450 are compounds of two words that should be translated the same or very similarly as if the two words were not in compound or contracted form. No language can be treated purely like a math equation; however, the MLV represents a best effort to do so.

            The English words used in the Modern Literal Version total 6452 unique words including tenses, plurals, etc.

            The following list requires a Greek Interlinear to look up the corresponding Greek word. Even with 450,000 English words, English just doesn’t have enough synonyms for everyone of the 5401 Greek words.

            66 Shared English Words, denoted by a ~ tilde in e-Sword: again, against, also, and, any, as, away, back, because, birds, both, but, drink, ears, eaten, even, every, feet, fill, filled, filling, first, forth, front, full, fully, gave-birth, gives-birth, here, how, if, leave, leaves, leaving, lee, left, life, lives, lord, lot, many, may, might, near, neither, never, no, nor, not, now, off, out, over, own, should, than, that, the, there, utterly, very, without, womb, yet; [am, are, be, been, being, do, does, did, had, has, have, having, is, was, were] [after, among, at, before, by, for, from, in, into, of, on, to, toward, up, with] [anyone, anything, he, her, herself, him, himself, his, I, it, its, itself, me, mine, myself, one, ones, our, ourselves, she, these, they, their, them, themselves, thing, things, this, those, us, we, what, whatever, where, which, who, whoever, whom, whomever, whose, you, you*, your, your*, yours, yours*, yourself, yourselves.]

            English words that come from related Greek words or compounds or synonyms about 1909 words. English words in the MLV that come from only one Greek word about 4373, [Denoted in E-sword by a * asterisk.] are listed below.

            In the following MLV wording list:

                        ~ = Word is a helper word, or it is from unrelated Greek words.

                        ^ = Word is from related Greek compound words.

                        * = Attached to the word is a word listed under Definitions Section.

                        * = This word comes from only 1 Greek word. So you could have something like ‘love**’ or ‘love*^’ on 120 or so words below.

                        ^^ = The word is from Greek words related by a Greek synonym.

                        # = Same as ~ but here some of the words are related in some way.

                        G1-G5624 is the Strong’s Greek Reference number. All listed on or in the Koine Greek Textbook II/III on

*For* G1519, *That* G3704, *That*^ G1519, *That*^ G4314, Aaron* G0002, Aaron's* G0002, Abba* G0005, Abbadon* G0003, Abel* G0006, Abhorring* G0655, Abiathar* G0008, Abide^ G1961, G3306, Abides* G3306, Abiding^ G3306, G4839, Abijah* G0007, Abilene* G0009, Ability* G1411, Abiud* G0010, Able^ G1410, G1415, Abode^ G3438, Abodes* G3438, Abomination* G0946, Abominations* G0946, Abound* G4052, Abounded* G4052, Abounding* G4052, Abounds* G4052, About* G3195, About-law* G3544, Above^^ G0507, G0509, G0511, G1883, G5228, G5231, Abraham* G0011, Abraham's* G0011, Absence* G0666, Absent* G0548, Absolutely* G2229, Abstain* G0568, Abundance^ G4050, G4051, G4052, Abundances* G4051, Abundantly* G5249, Abuse* G5195, Abused* G5195, Abyss* G0012, Accept^ G0588, G1209, G1523, G1926, G3858, G4327, Acceptable^ G0587, G1184, G1735, G2144, Acceptance* G0594, Accepted^ G0324, G0588, G1209, G1237, G4327, G5264, Accepting^ G0588, G1209, G1926, G3858, Accepts^ G1209, G4327, Access* G4318, Accompanying* G4902, According-to^ G2526, G2596, Accordingly^ G2526, Account^ G1677, G3056, Accumulated^ G1865, G4867, Accumulating* G4867, Accurately^ G0198, G0199, G0199, Accursed* G0331, Accusation^^ G0156, G1462, G2724, Accusations^^ G0156, G0157, Accuse^^ G1458, G2723, Accused^^ G1458, G2723, G4256, Accuser^^ G2723, G2725, Accusers* G2725, Accuses* G2723, Accusing^^ G1458, G2723, Accustomed* G1486, Achaia* G0882, Achaicus* G0883, Achieve* G2658, Achim* G0885, Acknowledge* G4852, Acquaintance* G2477, Acquaintances* G1110, Acquired* G4046, Acquiring* G4046, Acquisition* G4047, Act-disorderly* G0812, Active* G4754, Actually* G1489, Adam* G0076, Add^ G2007, G4369, Added^ G2007, G4369, Addi* G0078, Adding* G4369, Additionally* G4324, Address* G5455, Addressed^ G4316, Addressing* G1215, Adequate* G0568, Adhered* G4345, Adjoining* G4927, Admired* G1784, Admiring* G2296, Admonish* G3560, Admonishing* G3560, Admonition* G3559, Adorn* G2885, Adorned* G2885, Adorning* G2885, Adornment* G2889, Adramyttium* G0098, Adriatic* G0099, Adulterating* G1389, Adulterers* G3432, Adulteress* G3428, Adulteresses* G3428, Adulteries* G3430, Adulterous* G3428, Adultery^ G3429, G3430, G3431, Advance^ G4320, Advanced* G4260, Advantageous* G4851, Adversaries^ G5227, Adversary^ G4566, Adversary^ G4567, G5227, Adversary's* G4567, Adverse^ G0561, G1727, Advising* G3867, Aeneas* G0132, Aenon* G0137, Afar^ G3112, G3112, G3113, G3117, Affairs* G0244, Affectionate^ G2155, G4184, Affections^ G4698, Affirming* G1340, Afflicted* G2346, Afflicting* G2346, Affliction* G2347, Afflictions* G2347, Afraid* G5399, Afterwards* G2517, Agabus* G0013, Age* G0165, Age** G2244, Aged* G1095, Agents* G1455, Ages* G0165, Aggravate* G2042, Agitated* G4787, Agony* G0074, Agree* G4856, Agreeable* G2132, Agreed* G4856, Agreement^ G4857, G4859, Agrippa* G0067, Ah* G1436, Aha* G3758, Ahaz* G0881, Ahead* G4390, Aim* G5389, Air* G0109, Akeldama* G0184, Alabaster* G0211, Alarmed* G2360, Alexander* G0223, Alexandria^ G0221, G0222, Alien* G0245, Alienated* G0526, Aliens* G0245, Alive^ G2198, G4806, All^ G0530, G0537, G2178, G3832, G3839, G3956, Allegorized* G0238, Alliance^ G4783, G4784, Allotted* G2975, Allow* G0863, Allowed* G0863, Allowing* G0863, Allows* G0863, Almighty* G3841, Almost* G4975, Aloe* G0250, Alone^ G2651, G3441, G3443, Alongside* G4910, Alpha* G0001, Alphabet* G1121, Alphabets* G1121, Alphaeus* G0256, Already* G2235, Altar^^ G1041, G2369, G2379, Altars* G2379, Alters* G1928, Although^ G2539, G2543, G2544, Altogether* G3826, Always^ G1223, G3842, G3956, Amassed* G3792, Amazed^ G1568, G1569, G2284, Amazement* G2285, Ambassador** G0652, Ambassadors** G0652, Ambition^ G2051, G2052, Ambitions* G2052, Amen* G0281, Amend* G1930, Amethyst* G0271, Amminadab* G0284, Amon* G0300, Amos* G0301, Amphipolis* G0295, Amplias* G0291, Analogy* G0356, Ananias* G0367, Ancestors* G4269, Ancestral* G3967, Anchor* G0045, Anchored* G4358, Anchors* G0045, Ancient* G0744, Ancients* G0744, Andrew* G0406, Andronicus* G0408, Anew* G0509, Anger^ G3709, G3949, G3950, Angry* G3710, Anguish^ G3600, G3601, G3602, Animal* G2934, Animals* G2934, Ankles* G4974, Anna* G0451, Annas* G0452, Anoint^^ G0218, G1472, Anointed^^ G0218, G2025, G5548, Anointing^^ G0218, G5545, Another^^ G0240, G0243, G0245, G2087, Another's^^ G0240, G0243, G0244, G0245, Answer^ G0470, G0611, G0612, Answered* G0611, Answering* G0611, Answers^ G0611, G0612, Antichrist* G0500, Antichrists* G0500, Anticipated* G4399, Antioch^ G0490, G0491, Antipas* G0493, Antipatris* G0494, Anxieties^ G3308, Anxiety^ G3308, G3309, Anxious^^ G3309, G4305, G5431, Anytime* G4455, Apathetic* G0524, Apelles* G0559, Apiece* G0303, Apollonia* G0624, Apollos* G0625, Apollyon* G0623, Apostasy* G0646, Apostle* G0652, Apostles^ G0652, G5570, Apostleship* G0651, Apparel* G2066, Apparels* G2066, Apparent* G5318, Apparition* G5326, Appeal* G1941, Appealed* G1941, Appealing* G1941, Appear^ G2014, G2017, G5316, G5319, Appearance^ G3706, G3799, Appeared^ G0398, G2014, G5316, G5319, Appearing^ G2014, G2015, G5316, G5319, Appears^ G5316, Apphia* G0682, Appius* G0675, Applauded* G3170, Applauding* G3170, Applauds* G3170, Apply* G0778, Appointed** G5087, Appointed-day* G4287, Appointed^ G1299, G4367, G5002, G5021, Appointing* G5021, Apprehension* G0259, Appropriate* G4238, Appropriated* G4238, Approve^ G1381, Approved^ G1381, G1382, G1384, Approving^ G1381, Approximately^ G5613, G5616, Aprons* G4612, Aquila* G0207, Arabia* G0688, Arabs* G0690, Arbitrate^ G1018, G2603, Archangel* G0743, Archelaus* G0745, Archippus* G0751, Are** G5225, Areopagite* G0698, Areopagus* G0697, Aretas* G0702, Arguing* G1252, Arguments* G1261, Arimathaea* G0707, Arise* G1453, Arisen* G1453, Arises* G1453, Aristarchus* G0708, Aristobulus* G0711, Ark* G2787, Arm* G1023, Armed* G2528, Armies^ G4753, G4760, Arming* G3695, Arms^ G0043, G1723, Army^ G4753, G4756, Aroma* G3744, Arose^ G1453, Around^ G4012, G4013, G4013, G4015, G4016, G4017, G4019, G4022, G4024, G4026, G4028, G4034, G4038, G4039, G4040, G4043, G4060, G4063, G4064, G4066, Arphaxad* G0742, Array* G2689, Arrayed* G5558, Arrest* G4084, Arrested* G4084, Arrive* G2658, Arrived* G2658, Arrived-unexpectedly G5348, Arriving* G3719, Arrogant* G5448, Arrogant-people* G5450, Artemas* G0734, Artemis* G0735, Arts* G4021, Asa* G0760, Ascend* G0305, Ascended* G0305, Ascending* G0305, Ascertained* G0198, Ashamed^ G0153, G1870, G2617, G2617, Asher* G0768, Ashes* G4700, Asia^ G0773, G0774, G0775, Aside* G1624, Ask^^ G0154, G0523, G1905, G2065, Asked^^ G0154, G0523, G1809, G1905, G2065, Asking^^ G0154, G1905, G2065, Asks^^ G0154, G0523, G2065, Aspiring* G3713, Asps* G0785, Assassinate* G0337, Assassinated* G0337, Assassinating* G0337, Assassination* G0336, Assassins* G4607, Assembling* G4871, Assembly* G1577, Assign* G4400, Assigned^ G4400, G4401, G5500, Assistance* G1947, Assistant* G4368, Assisted* G2323, Associations* G3657, Assorted* G1313, Assos* G0789, Assume^ G3633, Assuming* G3633, Assurance* G4136, Assure* G4135, Assured* G4135, Assuredly* G0281, Astonished* G1839, Astonishing* G1839, Astonishment* G1611, Astounded* G1605, Asyncritus* G0799, Ate^^ G4906, G5315, Athens^ G0116, G0117, Atonement^ G2433, G2434, G2435, Attached^ G2510, Attack* G4901b, Attain* G5348, Attained* G5348, Attalia* G0825, Attempt* G3984, Attempted^ G3985, Attempting^ G3985, G3987, Attend* G5256, Attendant* G5257, Attendants* G5257, Attended* G5256, Attire* G1742, Attract* G1670, Attracting* G1670, Audience* G1874, Auditorium* G0201, Augustus^ G0828, Austere* G0840, Author* G0747, Authorities* G1849, Authority^ G1849, G1850, G1850, G2715, Autumn* G5352, Autumn-fruit* G3703, Avenge* G1556, Avenged* G1556, Avenger* G1558, Avenging^ G1556, G1557, Avoid^ G4026, Avoiding^ G4724, Await* G0362, Awake* G1853, Awaken^ G1235, G1326, Awakened^ G1326, G1453, G1892, Awakening^ G1326, G1454, Away G1553, Ax* G0513, Azor* G0107, Azotus* G0108, Baal* G0896, Babbler* G4691, Babies* G1025, Baby* G1025, Babylon* G0897, Back* G3577, Baggage* G1980b, Baked-clay* G3749, Balaam* G0903, Balaam's* G0903, Balak* G0904, Balance* G2218, Banded* G4901b, Banished* G1559, Banishing* G1559, Bank* G5132, Bankers* G5133, Banquet* G1403, Barabbas* G0912, Barachiah* G0914, Barak* G0913, Barbarian* G0915, Barbarians* G0915, Barley^ G2915, G2916, Barn* G0596, Barnabas* G0921, Barns* G0596, Barren* G4723, Barsabbas* G0923, Bartholomew* G0918, Bartimaeus* G0924, Base* G1477, Bashed* G2775, Basket^^ G4711, Baskets^^ G2894, G4711, Batch* G5445, Batter* G2852, Battered* G2852, Bay* G2859, Be** G5225, Beach* G0123, Beached* G2027, Beam* G1385, Bear* G0715, G0941, G5088, Bear-fruit* G2592, Bearing* G0941, G5088, Bearing-fruit* G2592, Bears* G5088, Bears-fruit* G2592, Beast* G2342, Beasts^ G2342, Beat* G5180, Beaten* G5180, Beating* G5180, Beats* G5180, Beautiful^^ G2570, G5611, Beauty* G2143, Became* G1096, Became-callous* G3975, Became-futile* G3154, Became-poor* G4433, Beckoned* G2678, Become* G1096, Become-dead* G0581, Become-obsolete* G3822, Becomes* G1096, Becomes-obsolete* G3822, Becoming* G1096, Becoming-powerful^ G2901, Becoming-useless^ G0889, Bed* G2825, Bedrock* G1474, Bedroom* G2846, Beelzebub* G0954, Befall* G4819, Befallen* G4819, Befalling* G4819, Befell* G4819, Beg^ G1871, Began^ G0756, G1728, Begging^ G4319, Begin* G0756, Beginning^ G0746, G0756, G4278, Beginnings* G0746, Begotten* G3439, Begun^ G0756, G1728, Behalf* G5228, Behave* G0807, Behave-as* G4176, Behaved-as* G4176, Behaving* G0807, Beheaded* G0607, Behind^ G3693, G3694, Behold* G3708, Being** G5225, Belial* G0955, Believe* G4100, Believed* G4100, Believers* G4100, Believes* G4100, Believing^ G4100, G4103, Belly* G2836, Belongs* G3348, Beloved^ G0025, G0027, Below* G2596, Belt* G2223, Belts* G2223, Bend* G4781, Benefactors* G2110, Beneficial^ G3081, Benefit* G3685, Benevolence* G2133, Benjamin* G0958, Beor* G1007, Berate* G1969, Berea^ G0960, G0961, Bernice* G0959, Beryl* G0969, Beseech* G1189, Beseeching* G1189, Beside^ G3844, G3844, G3869, G3873, G3908, G3922, G3936, Besides^ G3923, Besought* G1189, Best* G2909, Bestowed* G1433, Bestowing* G0632, Bethany* G0963, Bethesda* G0964, Bethlehem* G0965, Bethphage* G0967, Bethsaida* G0966, Betrayer* G4273, Betrayers* G4273, Betroth^ G1547, Betrothed^ G1061, G1547, G1548, Betroths^ G1547, Better^ G2908, G2909, Between^ G0303, G3319, G3342, Beware* G0991, Bewitched* G0940, Beyond-that* G4008, Beyond^ G5228, G5230, Bias* G4346, Bid* G0657, Bidding* G0657, Bier* G4673, Big* G3173, Billow* G4535, Bind^ G1195, G1210, Binding^ G1195, G1210, Bird^ G3732, G3733, Birds~ G3732, Birds^~ G4071, G4421, Birth^ G1078, G1079, G1083, G1085, Birthday-festivities* G1077, Birthed* G0313, Birthrights* G4415, Bit* G1024, Bithyna* G0978, Biting* G1143, Bits* G1024, Bitter^ G4087, G4087, G4089, Bitterly* G4090, Bitterly-angry* G5520, Bitterness* G4088, Black* G3189, Blackness^^ G1105, G2217, Blade* G5528, Blame* G3469, Blamed* G3469, Blameless^ G0273, G0274, Blaspheme^ G0987, G0988, Blasphemed* G0987, Blasphemer* G0989, Blasphemers* G0989, Blasphemies* G0988, Blaspheming* G0987, Blasphemous* G0989, Blasphemy* G0988, Blastus* G0986, Blemishes* G3470, Bless* G2127, Blessed** G3107, Blessed^ G1757, G2127, Blessing^ G2127, G2129, Blew^ G4154, G5285, Blind* G5185, Blinded* G5186, Blink* G4493, Block^^ G0677, G4348, G4349, Blood^ G0129, G0130, G0131, Bloods* G0129, Bloomed* G0330, Blow* G4154, Blowing* G4154, Blown* G0416, Boanerges* G0993, Board* G2647, Boarding-house* G2646, Boast^ G2620, G2744, Boasted^ G2744, Boasting^ G2620, G2744, G2745, G2746, Boasts^ G2744, G3166, Boat* G4627, Boaz* G1003, Bobbing* G2831, Bodies* G4983, Bodily-joints* G0719, Bodily^ G4984, G4985, Body^ G4954, G4983, Body's* G4983, Bold* G3955, Boldly* G3955, Boldness* G3954, Bond^ G1199, G1401, G4886, Bondage^ G1397, Bonds* G1199, Bondservant^ G1399, G1401, G2324, G4889, Bondservants^ G1399, G1401, G2322, G4889, Bone* G3747, Bones* G3747, Book^ G0974, G0975, G0976, Books^ G0975, G0976, Borders^ G3181, G3725, G3734, Bore* G0941, G5088, Born^ G1080, G1084, G1096, Borrow* G1155, Bosom* G2859, Bosoms* G2859, Bother* G4660, Bothered* G4660, Bothering* G4660, Bottom* G2596, Bought^ G0059, G1805, Bound^ G1196, G1210, G2611, G4019, G4887, Bounties* G2129, Bounty* G2129, Bow* G5115, Bow^ G2578, G2827, Bowed^ G2827, Bowels* G4698, Bowing^ G2578, G2827, Bowl* G5357, Bowls* G5357, Box* G1101, Boy* G3816, Boys* G3816, Brag* G4068, Braggarts* G0213, Braided^ G4120, Braiding^ G1708, Braids^ G4117, Branch^ G2798, G2814, Branches^ G2798, G2814, Branded* G2743, Brands* G4742, Brass-coin* G2835, Brass^ G5470, G5473, G5474, G5475, Bread* G0740, Break^ G2806, Breaking^ G2800, G2806, Breakup* G4485, Breastplate* G2382, Breastplates* G2382, Breasts* G3149, Breath^ G4151, G4157, Breathing^ G1709, Brethren^ G0080, G5360, G5361, G5569, Bridal-party* G3567, Bride* G3565, Bridegroom* G3566, Bridle^ G5468, Bridles* G5469, Briefest-moment* G0823, Briefly* G4935, Bright^^ G2986, Brightness* G0541, Brilliance* G2987, Brimstone^ G2303, G2306, Bring*^ G0071, G1863, G4863, Bring^ G1533, G1627, G2018, G4374, G5342, Bringing*^ G0071, G1521, G1863, G1898, Bringing^ G1533, G1627, G2018, G4374, G5052, G5342, Brings*^ G1521, Brings^ G0399, G2018, G4393, G5342, Broad* G2149, Broadcast* G1310, Broadcasted* G1310, Broiled* G3702, Broke^ G2622, G2806, Broken^ G1575, G2801, G2806, Brokers* G2855, Bronze-coin* G3016, Bronze-coins* G3016, Brood^ G3555, G3556, Brother* G0080, Brotherhood* G0081, Brotherly-love* G5360, Brothers* G0080, Brothers* G1359, Brother's* G0080, Brought*^ G0071, G0321, G1521, G1863, G2609, G4863, Brought-under* G1850, Brought^ G1533, G2702, G3923, G4374, G4851, G5342, Brow* G3790, Bruised* G4937, Bruising* G4937, Brush* G5434, Bucket* G0502, Buffeting* G5299, Build^ G0456, G2026, G3618, Builders* G3618, Building^ G2026, G3618, G3619, G3619, Buildings* G3619, Builds* G3618, Built^ G2026, G3618, G4925, Bull* G1016, Bulls* G1016, Bully* G4131, Bunch* G4128, Bundles* G1197, Bunk* G2845, Burden^ G0922, G1912, G2599, Burdened^ G0916, Burdens* G0922, Burdensome^ G0004, G0926, Burial^ G1780, G2750, G5027, G5028, G5028, Buried^ G2290, G4916, Burn-incense* G2370, Burn^ G2618, G2739, Burned^ G1572, G2545, G2618, Burning^ G2545, G2618, G2740, G2742, Burns* G2545, Burnt-offerings* G3646, Burnt^ G2618, G2739, G2741, Burro* G5268, Burrow* G1358, Burrowed* G1358, Burrows* G5454, Burst^ G4486, Bursts^ G4366, Bury^ G1779, G2290, Bush* G0942, Business* G2039, Busybodies^ G4020, G4021, But-rather* G3304, Butchering* G2871, Buy^ G0059, G1805, Buying^ G0059, G1805, Buys* G0059, by G2059, G3760, G3864, Cables* G0996, Caesar* G2541, Caesarea* G2542, Caesar's* G2541, Caiaphas* G2533, Cain* G2535, Cainan* G2536, Calamities* G0318, Calamity* G0318, Calculate^ G5585, Calculated* G4860, Calf^ G3447, G3448, Call** G3004, Call^^ G1941, G2564, G3333, G4341, G4779, Called*^ G1951, G3004, Called^^ G1941, G2564, G2822, G3333, G4341, Calling^^ G1941, G2564, G2821, G4779, Calls** G3004, Calls^^ G1941, G2564, G4341, G4779, Calm* G1055, Calves* G3448, Came*^ G1096, G1920, G3854, G4836, Came-down* G2597, Came-up^ G0305, G4872, Came^^ G0565, G1309b, G1831, G1904, G2064, G2718, G4334, G4905, Camel* G2574, Camel's* G2574, Camp-commander* G4759, Camped^ G0835, Camping^ G0063, G0835, Cana* G2580, Canaan^ G5477, G5478, Canaanite* G2581, Candace* G2582, Capernaum* G2584, Cappadocia* G2587, Captive^ G4869, Captives^ G0164, G4869, Captivity^ G0161, Captured^ G0162, G0163, Capturing^ G0162, G0163, Caravan* G4923, Carcasses* G2966, Care^ G1958, G1959, G3199, Cared^ G1959, Carefree* G0275, Carefully* G1960, Cares* G3199, Cargo* G1117, Cargo-ship* G3491, Caring^ G1959, G3199, Carnelian* G4556, Carob* G2769, Caroused* G5171, Carousing^ G1792, G5172, Carpenter^ G5045, Carpus* G2591, Carried-away^ G2702, Carried^ G0399, G0667, G1308, G1627, G3911, G4064, G5342, Carries^ G1308, Carry^ G0399, G0667, G1308, G1627, G3911, G4064, G5342, Carrying^ G1308, G1627, G4064, G5342, Carved* G5480, Case* G0156, Cast^ G0577, G0906, G1544, G1685, G1911, G2598, G4261, G4261, Casting^ G0579, G0580, G0906, G1544, Castrate* G0609, Casts^ G0906, G1544, Catastrophe* G2692, Catch^ G0061, G0064, Catching^ G2221, Cattle-prods* G2759, Caught^ G2221, Cause* G0837, Cause^ G0156, G0159, Caused-sorrow* G3076, Causing* G0837, Causing-splits* G0592, Cavalier* G5309, Cave* G4693, Caves* G4693, Cease^ G2664, G3973, Ceased* G3973, Ceasing* G3973, Celebrate* G1858, Cell* G3612, Cellar* G2926, Cenchreae* G2747, Censer* G3031, Census* G0582, Centurion* G1543, Centurion** G2760, Centurions* G1543, Centurion's* G1543, Cephas* G2786, Ceremonial* G0909, Certain* G5100, Certain-person* G1170, Certainly* G3843, Certainty^ G0803, G0804, G0806, Chaff* G0892, Chain* G0254, Chains* G0254, Chairs* G2515, Chalcedony* G5472, Chaldeans* G5466, Chamber* G5028, Chambers* G5028, Chance^ G3909, G5117, Change^ G0236, G3883, Changed^ G0236, Changing* G0236, Character* G1382, Charge* G1677, Charged* G1677, Chariot* G0716, Chariots* G0716, G4480, Charities* G1654, Charity* G1654, Chasm* G5490, Cheat* G4811, Cheated* G4811, Cheek* G4475, Cheerful^ G2114, G2115, Cheerfully* G2115, Cherish* G2282, Cherishing* G2282, Cherubim* G5502, Chest* G4738, Chests* G4738, Chief-shepherd* G0750, Chief^ G0754, G0755, Child^^ G3808, G3813, G3816, G5043, Childbearing^ G5041, G5042, Childhood* G3812, Childless* G0815, Children^^ G3813, G5043, G5044, G5388, Children's* G5043, Child's* G3813, Chios* G5508, Chloe* G5514, Choice* G1589, Choke^ G4846, Choked^ G0638, G4155, G4846, Choking^ G4155, G4846, Choose^ G1586, Choosing^ G1586, Chorazin* G5523, Chose^ G1586, Chosen^ G1586, G1588, G1589, G1951, G4899, Christ^ G5547, Christian* G5546, Christians* G5546, Christ's* G5547, Christs^ G5580, Chrysolite* G5555, Chrysoprase* G5556, Chuza* G5529, Cilicia* G2791, Cinnamon* G2792, Circle* G2945, Circulate* G1268, Circumcise^ G4059, Circumcised^ G4059, Circumcision^ G4061, Cities* G4172, Citizen^ G4176, G4177, Citizens^ G4176, G4177, G4847, Citizenship^ G4174, G4175, Citron* G2367, City^ G4172, G4173, Claiming* G5335, Clanging* G0214, Clarifying* G1329, Clarity* G0572, Class* G1469, Class** G2183, Clauda* G2802, Claudia* G2803, Claudius* G2804, Clay* G4081, Clean^ G2513, Cleanness^ G2514, Cleanse^ G1571, G2511, Cleansed^ G2508, G2511, Cleansing^ G1245, G2511, G2512, Clear* G0573, Clearly* G2529, Clement* G2815, Cleopas* G2810, Cliff^ G2630, G2911, Cloak* G5511, Clopas* G2832, Close^ G3897, G4139, Closed* G2576, Closely* G3877, Closer* G0788, Cloth* G4616, Clothe^ G1463, G1746, G1746, Clothed^ G1737, G1746, G1902, Clothes* G4629, Clothing^ G1737, G1742, G1745, G1746, G1903, Cloud^ G3507, G3509, Clouds* G3507, Clubs* G3586, Clusters* G1009, Clutched* G4084, Cnidus* G2834, Coal-fire* G0439, Coasting-along* G3881, Coat* G5341, Cohort* G4686, Coil* G1667, Coiled^ G1667, G1750, Coin* G3546, Coinage* G2772, Coincidence* G4795, Cold-hearted* G0794, Cold^ G5592, G5593, G5594, Colleague* G4805, Collect* G4816, Collected* G4816, Collecting* G4816, Collection* G3048, Collections* G3048, Collector^ G0754, G5057, Collectors* G5057, Colony* G2862, Colosse* G2857, Combating* G4438, Combining* G4793, Come*^ G1096, G3854, Come-down* G2597, Come-here^ G1204, G1205, Come-short* G5302, Come-up* G0305, Come^^ G1330, G1831, G1904, G2064, G2240, G2718, G4334, G4905, Comes*^ G3854, Comes-down* G2597, Comes-short* G5302, Comes^^ G1831, G2064, G4334, G4905, Comfort^^ G3870, G3874, G3931, Comforted^^ G3870, Coming*^ G1096, G3854, Coming-down* G2597, Coming-together* G4896, Coming-up* G0305, Coming^^ G1660, G1831, G1880, G1904, G2064, G2240, G2718, G4334, G4905, Command^^ G1297, G1781, G2004, G2753, G3852, G3853, Commanded^^ G1299, G1781, G2004, G2753, G3853, G4367, G4929, G5021, Commander* G5506, Commanders* G5506, Commanding^^ G1299, G1781, G2752, G2753, G3853, Commandment^^ G1296, G1785, G2003, Commandments^^ G1296, G1778, G1785, Commands^^ G2004, G3852, Commend* G4921, Commendation* G4956, Commended* G4921, Commending* G4921, Commends* G4921, Commission* G2011, Commissioner* G2012, Commissioners* G2012, Commit^ G3429, G3431, Committed^ G3431, Committing^ G3429, G3431, Common^ G2839, G2840, Companions* G3353, Compare* G4793, Comparing* G4793, Compassion* G4697, Compassionate* G3629, Compel* G0029, Compelled* G0029, Compelling* G0029, Compensating* G0661, Compensation* G3800, Compensations* G3800, Competent* G2425, Compile* G0392, Complainers* G3202, Complaint* G3437, Complete^^ G1615, G2005, G2675, G4931, G5046, G5048, G5055, Completed^^ G2005, G2675, G4931, G5046, G5048, G5055, Completely^ G3838, G5049, Completer* G5051, Completing^ G2005, G4931, G5055, Completion^^ G2676, G5050, Compliant* G2138, Composure* G2687, Comprehend* G2638, Comprehended* G2638, Compulsion* G0317, Comrade* G2083, Comrades* G2083, Conceit^ G2754, Conceited* G2755, Conceive* G4815, Conceived* G4815, Conception* G2602, Concerning* G4012, Concession* G4774, Concluding* G4822, Condemn^^ G2607, G2632, Condemnable* G0176, Condemnation^ G2631, G2633, G2917, Condemned^^ G2607, G2632, Condemning^^ G2632, Condemns^^ G2607, G2632, Conduct-themselves* G4198, Conduct^ G0390, G0391, Conducted* G0390, Conducted-ourselves* G4198, Conducted-themselves* G4198, Conducting* G0390, Conducting-themselves* G4198, Conducts* G0391, Confess^ G1843, G3670, Confessed^ G3670, Confessedly* G3672, Confesses^ G3670, Confessing^ G1843, G3670, Confession* G3671, Confidence^ G3982, G4006, Confidently* G1226, Confirm^ G0950, G1226, Confirmation* G0951, Confirmed^ G0950, Confirming^ G0950, G1226, Conflict* G0119, Confront* G4820, Confronted* G4820, Confronting* G4820, Confused* G4797, Confusing* G4797, Confusion* G4799, Congregation** G1577, Congregation^^ G4864, Congregations** G1577, Conquered* G2610, Conscience* G4893, Consciences* G4893, Conscious* G4894, Consciousness* G4893, Consenting* G4909, Consents* G4909, Consequently** G0686, G1065, Consider* G2657, Considerable* G2425, Considered* G2657, Considering^ G0050, G2657, Consign^ G3908, Consigned^ G3866, G3908, Consolation^^ G3874, G3889, G3890, Console* G3888, Consoling* G3888, Conspiracy* G4963, Constable* G4233, Constant* G0088, Constantly* G0089, Constrained* G3849, Constructed* G2680, Consult* G4323, Consume^ G0355, Consumed^ G0355, G4321, Consuming^ G0355, G2654, Containers* G0030, Containing* G4023, Contains* G4023, Contemplated* G1760, Contemplating^ G1326b, G1760, Contemplation* G1761, Contemplations* G1761, Contemporaries* G4915, Contend^ G0118, Contended^ G0118, G4866, Contending^ G4866, Content^ G0714, G0842, Contention* G5379, Contentious* G5380, Contentment* G0841, Contest* G0073, Continually* G1336, Continuing* G1300, Contractor* G1217, Contradict* G0483, Contradicting* G0483, Contrariwise* G0247, Contrary* G3844, Contribute* G4323, Conversed* G3656, Conversing^ G3656, G4926, Convict* G1651, Convicted* G1651, Convicting* G1651, Conviction^ G1650, Convicts* G1651, Convulsed^ G4682, G4952, Convulses^ G4682, Cool* G2711, Copies* G5262, Copper-coin* G0787, Copper-coins* G0787, Coppersmith* G5471, Copy* G5262, Corban* G2878, Corinth* G2882, Corinthians* G2881, Cornelius* G2883, Corner* G1137, Cornered* G5068, Corners* G1137, Cornerstone* G0204, Corpse* G4430, Corpses* G4430, Correction* G1882, Correctly* G3723, Corrector* G3810, Correctors* G3810, Corresponds* G4960, Corroded* G2728, Corrosion* G2447, Corrupt^ G5351, Corrupted^ G1311, G2704, G5351, Corruptible* G5349, Corrupting* G1311, Corruption^ G5351, G5356, Corrupts^ G1311, G5351, Cos* G2972, Cosam* G2973, Cost^ G0077, G1160, Costliness* G5094, Costly* G4185, Cot^ G2825, G2826, Cots* G2825, Council^ G1012, G4824, G4892, Councils* G4892, Counselor^ G1010, G4825, Count* G3049, Counted* G3049, Countenance^ G2146, G4383, Counterpart* G0499, Counterparts* G0499, Counting* G3049, Countrymen* G4853, Counts* G3049, Couple* G2201, Couplings* G2202, Courage^ G2292, G2293, G2294, Courageous* G2292, Course* G1408, Courteously* G5390, Courts^ G2922, Courtyard* G0833, Cousin* G0431, Covenant*^ G1242, G1303, Covenant-breakers* G0802, Covenanted*^ G1303, G4934, Covenants** G1242, Cover-up* G1942, Cover^ G4028, Covered^ G1943, G4028, G4780, Covertly* G2931, Covetous* G0146, Covetously* G0147, Cowardice* G1167, Cowardly^ G1168, G1169, Craft^ G5078, Craftily* G2686, Craftiness* G3834, Craftsman* G5079, Craftsmen* G5079, Crafty* G3835, Crashing-sound* G4500, Crazy* G1839, Create^ G2936, Created^ G2936, G2937, G2938, Creation* G2937, Creator^ G2939, Creature* G2226, G2226, Creatures* G2226, G2226, Credit* G2811, Crescens* G2913, Cretans* G2912, Crete* G2914, Cried-out* G2905, Cried^^ G0310, G0349, G0994, G2896, Cries^^ G0995, G2896, Crime^ G0156, G0159, Crimeless* G0338, Criminal* G2557, Criminals* G2557, Crippled* G2948, Crispus* G2921, Crooked* G4646, Cross* G1224, G4716, Crossed* G1224, Crow* G5455, Crowd^^ G3792, G3793, G4912, Crowding* G4912, Crowds^^ G3793, Crowed* G5455, Crowing* G0219, Crown* G4735, Crowned* G4737, Crowns* G4735, Crucified^ G4717, G4957, Crucify^ G4717, Crucifying^ G0388, G4717, Cruel* G0926, Cruelty* G0857, Crumbs* G5589, Crush* G4937, Crushed* G4937, Crushing* G4919, Cry-out* G2905, Cry^^ G0994, G2896, Crying^^ G0994, G1916, G2896, Crystal* G2930, Crystal-like* G2929, Cubit* G4083, Cubits* G4083, Cultivated* G1090, Cultivation* G1091, Cumin* G2951, Cup* G4221, Cups* G4221, Cure^ G1295, Cured^ G1295, G4982, Current^ G0737, G3568, Curse^ G0332, G2616c, G2652, G2671, G2672, Cursed^ G1944, G2672, Cursing^ G2672, Curtain* G2665, Cushion* G4344, Custom^ G1480, G1485, G1486, G4914, Customs^ G1485, G2239, Cut-short* G4932, Cut^ G0609, G1581, Cutting-short* G4932, Cutting-straight* G3718, Cutting^ G1581, G2629, G2875, Cycle* G5164, Cymbal* G2950, Cyprus^ G2953, G2954, Cyrene^ G2956, G2957, Daily^ G2184, G2250, G2522, Dalmanutha* G1148, Dalmatia* G1149, Damage* G2209, Damaris* G1152, Damascenes* G1153, Damascus* G1154, Dance^ G3738, Danced^ G3738, Dancers* G5525, Dangerous* G2000, Daniel* G1158, Dare* G5111, Dared* G5111, Daring^ G0662, G5111, G5113, Dark^ G4652, G4653, Darkened^ G4654, G4656, Darkness^ G4653, G4655, Darnels* G2215, Darts* G0956, Dashed* G1530, Daughter-in-law* G3565, Daughter^ G2364, Daughters* G2364, David* G1138, David's* G1138, Dawn^ G0826, G0827, G1306, Dawning* G2020, Day^ G1519, G2250, G3574, G3637, Daybreak^ G3719, G3721, G3722, Days* G2250, Day's* G2250, Daytime* G4315, Dazzling* G1823, Deacons* G1249, Dead^^ G0599, G2253, G2348, G3498, G3499, Deadly^ G2286, G2287, G2288, Deadness^ G3500, Deaf* G2974, Dealing* G4374, Dealings* G4798, Dealt* G2686, Death^^ G1935, G2288, G3500, Deaths* G2288, Debate^ G2212, G2213, G2214, G4802, G4803, Debater* G4804, Debates^ G2213, G2214, Debating^ G2212, G4802, Debt^ G3782, G3783, Debtor^ G3781, Debtors^ G3781, G5533, Debts^ G3781, G3783, Decapitated* G3990, Decapolis* G1179, Decay^ G1311, G1312, Decayed* G1311, Deceit* G4106, Deceive^ G0538, G1818, Deceived^ G0538, G1818, Deceivers* G5423, Deceiving^ G0538, G1818, G5422, Decency* G2157, Decent* G2158, Decently* G2156, Deception* G0539, Deceptions* G0539, Decided^ G1948, G2919, Deciding* G2919, Decision* G1233, Declaration^^ G2031, G4487, Declarations* G4487, Declaring* G0226, Decree^ G1378, Decrees^ G1378, G1379, Deem^ G0515, G2233, Deemed^ G0515, G2233, G2661, Deeming* G2233, Deep-sea* G3989, Deep^ G0899, G0901, Deepened^ G0900, Deeply* G0389, Defamation* G1426, Defending* G0626, Defense^ G0379, G0626, G0627, Deficient* G3007, Defile^^ G3435, Defiled^^ G3392, G3435, Defilement^^ G3394, G3436, Defilements* G3393, Defiling^^ G3392, Definite-proofs* G5039, Defraud* G0650, Defrauded* G0650, Defrauding* G0650, Defying* G0496, Deity* G2320, Delay* G5549, Delaying* G5549, Delays* G5549, Delegated* G0322, Deliberation* G1963, Deliberations^ G1771, Delight-inwardly* G4913, Delight^ G2106, G2107, Delighted* G2106, Deliver* G4222, Deliverance* G0859, Delivered* G4222, Delivering* G4222, Delivers* G4222, Delude* G3884, Deluding* G3884, Deluge* G4132, Demand* G1906, Demas* G1214, Demeanor* G2688, Demetrius* G1216, Demolished* G2507, Demolishing* G2507, Demolition* G2506, Demon-possessed* G1139, Demon^ G1140, G1142, Demonic* G1141, Demons^ G1140, G1142, Demonstration* G0585, Den* G4693, Denarii* G1220, Denarii-coins* G3414, Denarius* G1220, Denied^ G0533, G0720, Denies^ G0720, Deny^ G0533, G0720, Denying^ G0533, G0720, Depart^ G0402, G0672, G5563, Departed^ G0402, G0672, G0673, G5298, G5563, Departing* G5298, Departs^ G0672, Departure^ G0359, G0360, Deposit* G3866, Depository* G2878, Depressed* G1573, Deprive* G0650, Deprived* G0650, Depth^ G0899, G1037, Depths* G0899, Derbe^ G1190, G1191, Derive* G3685, Descend^ G2597, Descended^ G2597, Descending^ G2597, G2601, Descends^ G2597, Describe^ G1334, G1555, Described^ G1334, G1834, Describing^ G1334, G1555, G1834, Desecrate* G2840, Desecrated^ G2839, G2840, Desecrates* G2840, Desecrating* G2840, Designate* G2525, Designated* G2525, Designates* G2525, Designating* G2525, Desire^ G1937, G1939, Desired* G1937, Desirers* G1938, Desiring* G1937, Desolate^ G2048, G2049, Desolation* G2050, Despaired* G1820, Despairing* G1820, Despise^ G2706, G4065, Despised^ G2706, Despisers* G2707, Despising* G2706, Destroy^ G0622, Destroyed^ G0622, G1842, Destroyer^ G3644, G3645, Destroying^ G0622, Destruction* G0684, Determined^ G3724, G4309, Determines* G3724, Detestable^ G0947, G0948, Detesting* G0948, Detrimental* G0255, Devastating* G3075, Deviated* G0795, Device* G3540, Devices* G3540, Devil* G1228, Devised* G4679, Devoted* G2145, Devotions* G2150, Devour* G2719, Devoured* G2719, Devouring* G2719, Devours* G2719, Devout^^ G2126, G2151, G2152, Devoutly* G2153, Devoutness* G2150, Diadems* G1238, Did*^^ G2554, G4160, G4238, Did-away-with* G2673, Did-wrong* G0091, Didymus* G1324, Die** G5053, Die^ G0599, G4880, Died** G5053, Died^^ G0599, G2348, G4880, Dies* G0599, Different^ G2084, G2085, G2087, Differently* G2088, Difficulty^ G3425, G3433, Dig* G4626, Diligence* G4710, Diligent-aid* G4710, Diligent^ G4704, G4705, Diligently^ G4692, G4705, G4708, G4709, Dill* G0432, Diminished* G1642, Dimness* G0887, Dine* G1172, Dined* G1172, Dinner* G1035, Dionysius* G1354, Diotrephes* G1361, Dip* G0911, Dip-out* G0501, Dipped-out* G0501, Dipped^ G0911, G1686, Dips* G1686, Direct* G3329, Directed* G3329, Dirt* G5522, Disabled* G0376, Disagreement* G0800, Disappear* G0853, Disappearing* G0854, Disappears* G0853, Disaster* G5196, Disbanded* G1262, Disbelieved* G0569, Disbelieving* G0569, Discern* G1252, Discerning^ G1252, G1253, Discernings* G1253, Disciple^ G3100, G3101, G3102, Disciples^ G3100, G3101, G4827, Discipline^ G3809, G3811, Disciplined^ G3811, Disciplines^ G3811, Disciplining^ G3809, G3811, Disclose* G1718, Disclosed* G1718, Disclosing* G1718, Discouraged* G0120, Disease^ G3553, G3554, Diseased^ G3552, Diseases* G3554, Disfigure* G0853, Disgrace* G3856, Disgracing* G3856, Dish* G5165, Disheartened* G0085, Dishonor^ G0818, G0819, Dishonored^ G0818, G0820, G0821, Dishonoring* G0818, Dismal* G4768, Dismay* G4928, Dismiss* G0630, Dismissed* G0630, Dismissing* G0630, Disobedience* G0543, Disobedience** G3876, Disobedient^ G0544, G0544, G0545, Disorder* G3148, Disorderly^ G0813, G0814, Disorders* G3148, Dispersed* G1289, Dispersion* G1290, Displeased* G4360, Dispute* G0485, Disregarded* G3851, Disrepute* G0557, Dissension^ G4714, Dissensions^ G1370, Dissolved* G3089, Distant* G0568, Distinct* G2154, Distinction^ G1252, G1293, Distinctly* G5081, Distracted* G4049, Distress* G4730, Distressed* G4729, Distresses* G4730, Distribute* G1239, Distributed* G1239, Distributes* G1239, Distributions* G3311, Districts* G2824, Disturbance^ G5016, G5017, Disturbances* G5016, Disturbed^^ G1298, G5015, G5182, Disturbing^ G1613, G5015, Ditch* G0999, Diversities* G1243, Divide^ G1266, G3307, Divided^ G1266, G3307, Divider* G3312, Dividing* G1266, Divination* G4436, Divine** G2304, Divine-answer* G5538, Divine-service* G2999, Divine-services* G2999, Divinely-called* G5537, Divinely-spoken* G5537, Divinely-warned* G5537, Divinity* G2305, Division^ G1267, G3311, Divorce^ G0630, G3080, Divorced^ G0630, Divorcement* G0647, Divorces^ G0630, Divulge* G3377, Divulged* G3377, Do*^^ G0015, G2554, G4160, G4238, Do-away-with* G2673, Do-wrong* G0091, Document* G0975, Doer* G4163, Doers^ G0017, G4163, Does*^^ G2554, G4160, Does-away-with* G2673, Dog* G2965, Dogs* G2965, Doing* G2407, Doing*^^ G0015, G2554, G2569, G4160, G4162, G4238, Doing-away-with* G2673, Doing-wrong* G0091, Domestic* G3610, Dominate* G0831, Dominion^ G2904, Dominions^ G2888, Donation* G0100, Done*^^ G2554, G4160, G4238, Done-away* G2673, Done-away-with* G2673, Done-wrong* G0091, Donkey^ G3684, G3688, Donkey's* G3688, Doomed* G1935, Door* G2374, Doorkeeper* G2377, Doors* G2374, Dorcas* G1393, Double-tongued* G1351, Double^ G1362, G1363, Doubt* G1252, Doubting* G1252, Dove* G4058, Doves* G4058, Down-payment* G0728, Down^ G2507, G2523, G2524, G2596, G2598, G2662, G2667, G2668, G2694, G2701, G2718, Downfall* G4938, Downtrodden* G2352, Downward^ G2737, Drag^^ G1670, G2694, Dragged^^ G1670, Dragging^^ G1670, G4951, Dragnet* G4522, Dragon* G1404, Drags* G4951, Drank^ G4095, G4844, Draw^ G1448, G4331, Drawing* G1448, Drawn* G1448, Draws* G1448, Dream* G3677, Dreaming* G1797, Dreams* G1798, Dreary* G0850, Dress^ G4016, Dressed-up* G0294, Dressed^ G4016, Dresses-up* G0294, Dressing* G4018, Drew^ G1448, Dried^ G3583, G3584, Drift-away* G3901, Drink~ G2068, G4222, G4222, Drink-offering* G4689, Drink^~ G4095, G4188, G4213, Drinker* G5202, Drinking-bouts* G4224, Drinking^ G4095, Drinks^ G4095, G4188, Drive* G1856, Driven* G1643, Drooping* G3935, Dropped* G2524, Drops* G2361, Dropsy^ G5203, Drove^ G0556, G4900, Drunk* G4095, Drunkard^^ G3183, G3630, G3943, Drunkards* G3183, Drunken^^ G3182, G3184, Drunkenness^^ G3178, Drunkennesses^^ G3178, G3632, Drusilla* G1409, Dry^ G3583, G3584, Dues* G3782, Dug* G4626, Dumbfounded* G5392, Dusk* G2073, Dust* G2868, Duties* G2407, Dwell^ G1774, G2730, G3611, G4924, Dwellers* G4040, Dwelling^ G1460, G1774, G2730, G2731, G3611, G4039, Dwells^ G2730, Dwelt^ G1774, G2730, Dying* G0599, Dying** G5053, Dysentery* G1420, Each* G1538, Each-time* G1539, Eager* G4289, Eagerly* G4290, Eagerness* G4288, Eagle* G0105, Ear^ G3775, G5621, Earnest* G0603, Earnestly* G1864, Earnings* G4200, Ears~ G0189, G3775, Earth* G1093, Earthly* G1919, Earthquake* G4578, Earthquakes* G4578, Easier* G2123, Easily* G2139, East* G0395, Easy* G5543, Eat^^ G2068, G4906, G5315, Eaten~ G1089, G5315, Eating-away* G3542, Eating^^ G2068, G4906, G5176, G5315, Eats^^ G2068, G4906, G5176, G5315, Eber* G1443, Echoed* G1837, Edge* G4750, Edged* G1366, Edges* G0746, G4750, Edible* G1034, Educated* G3811, Educating* G3811, Education* G3809, Effective* G1756, Egg* G5609, Egypt* G0125, Egyptian* G0124, Egyptians* G0124, Eight* G3638, Eight-gallon-containers* G0943, Eighteen^ G1176, G3638, Eighth^ G3590, G3637, Eighty* G3589, Either^ G2228, G2273, Elamites* G1639, Elapsed* G1230, Elder^ G4245, G4850, Elderliness* G1094, Elderly-council* G1087, Elderly-man* G4246, Elderly-men^ G4245, G4246, Elderly-women* G4247, Elderly^^ G1088, G1095, Elders^ G4245, Eldership* G4244, Eleazar* G1648, Elect* G1980, Elemental* G4747, Elements* G4747, Elevation* G5311, Eleven* G1733, Eleventh* G1734, Eli* G2241, Eliakim* G1662, Eliezer* G1663, Elijah* G2243, Elisabeth* G1665, Elisabeth's* G1665, Elisha* G1666, Eliud* G1664, Elmadam* G1678, Eloi* G1682, Eloquent* G3052, Elsewhere* G0237, Elude* G2990, Eluded* G2990, Eluding* G2990, Elymas* G1681, Embarrassed* G1788, Embarrassing* G1788, Embittered* G2559, Embraced* G4843, Emerald^ G4664, G4665, Emissaries* G4243, Emissary^ G4242, G4243, Emmaus* G1695, Emotions* G3356, Emperor* G4575, Emperor's* G4575, Empowered^ G1412, G1743, Empowering* G1743, Emptied^ G2758, Emptiness^ G2761, Empty-head* G4469, Empty-talkers* G3151, Empty-talking* G3150, Empty-talks* G2757, Empty^ G2754, G2756, Encamped* G4760, Encampment* G3925, Encampments* G3925, Encompassed* G4029, Encompassing* G4029, Encounter^ G0528, G0529, Encountered* G0528, Encountering* G0528, Encourage* G3870, Encouraged^^ G3870, G4837, Encouragement* G3874, Encourages* G3870, Encouraging* G3870, Encumber* G2655, Encumbered* G2655, Encumbering* G2655, End^ G4930, G5053, G5054, G5056, Ended* G5053, Ending* G4009, Ends* G5056, Endurance* G5281, Endure* G5278, Endured* G5278, Enduring* G5278, Enemies* G2190, Enemy* G2190, Enforced* G2480, Engaged* G3423, Engaged-wild-beasts* G2341, Engraved* G1795, Engulfed* G4023, Enigma* G0135, Enjoyment* G0619, Enlighten* G1487, Enlightened* G1487, Enlisted* G4758, Enoch* G1802, Enormous* G3827, Enos* G1800, Enough^ G0713, G0714, Enraged* G1693, Enriched^ G4147, G4148, Enriching* G4148, Enrolled* G2639, Enshrouded* G4958, Enslave^ G1402, G2615, Enslaved^ G1398, G1402, Enslaving^ G1396, G2615, Ensnare* G3802, Ensuing* G3342, Entangled* G1707, Entangles* G1707, Enter^ G1525, G4897, Entered^ G1525, G3922, G4897, Entering* G1525, Enters* G1525, Entice* G1185, Enticed* G1185, Enticing* G1185, Entirely^ G2527, G3650, G3651, Entombed^ G1580, G4792, Entrance* G1529, Entrusted^ G4100, G4104, Entrusting* G4100, Entwined* G1794, Enumerated* G4785, Envies* G5355, Envy* G5355, Envying* G5354, Epaenetus* G1866, Epaphras* G1889, Epaphroditus* G1891, Ephesian* G2180, Ephesians* G2180, Ephesus* G2181, Ephphatha* G2188, Ephraim* G2187, Epicureans* G1946, Epileptic* G4583, Equal^ G2465, G2470, G2471, G2473, Equality^ G2471, Equally^ G2470, G2472, Equipped^ G0739, G1822, Equipping* G2677, Er* G2262, Erastus* G2037, Error* G4106, Esau* G2269, Esli* G2069, Especially* G3122, Espoused* G0718, Essence* G5287, Essential* G1163, Establish^ G2476, G4291, G4741, G4921, Established^ G2476, G4741, G4921, Establishing^ G2476, G4741, G4921, Estate* G3776, Esteem* G3106, Eternal* G0126, Ethiopia* G0128, Ethnarch* G1481, Eubulus* G2103, Eunice* G2131, Eunuch^ G2135, Eunuchs^ G2134, G2135, Euodia* G2136, Euphrates* G2166, Euroclydon* G2148, Eutychus* G2161, Evaded* G0492, Evangelist* G2099, Evangelists* G2099, Eve* G2096, Even-less* G2276, Even-more^ G4053, G4057, Evening^ G3796, G3797, G3798, Ever* G4218, Everlasting* G0166, Every~ G2596, G3956, Every-side* G3840, Everyday* G0982, Everyone^ G0537, G3956, Everything* G3956, Everywhere^ G3836, G3837, Evident^^ G1212, G2612, G4271, Evil-cursing* G0685, Evil^^ G2549, G2551, G2552, G2553, G2554, G2556, G4190, G5337, Evildoer* G2555, Evildoers* G2555, Evilly* G2560, Evils* G2556, Exact* G5481, Exactness* G0195, Exalt* G5312, Exalted^ G5251, G5308, G5312, G5313, Exalting* G5312, Exalts* G5312, Examination* G0351, Examined* G0350, Examining* G0350, Example^^ G1164, G1730, G1732, G5179, G5262, Examples* G5179, Exceedingly* G3029, Excellence* G5236, Except-for* G3924, Except^ G1487, G3361, Exceptionally^ G1599b, G4057, G5228, Exchange-for* G0473, Exchange^ G0465, Exchanged^ G3337, Exchanging* G0474, Excuse* G3868, G4392, Excused* G3868, Executioner* G4688, Exercise* G1467, Exercise^ G1128, G1129, Exercised^ G1128, Exercises* G1467, Exercising* G1983, Exhorted* G4389, Exile^ G3350, Exiled* G3351, Exiling* G3351, Exist* G5225, Existing* G5225, Exists* G5225, Exodus* G1841, Exorcists* G1845, Expect* G4328, Expectancy* G1561, Expectation^ G0603, G4329, Expecting* G4328, Expelled* G0656, Expelling* G0656, Expert* G1109, Expert-builder* G0753, Expired^^ G1606, G1634, Explain* G5419, Expounded* G1620, Expounding* G1620, Expressly* G4490, Exterminate* G1315, Exterminated* G1315, Extremely^ G4970, G4971, Eye-salve* G2854, Eye-service* G3787, Eye-services* G3787, Eye-witnessed* G2029, Eye^ G5168, G5169, Eye^^ G3788, Eyes^^ G3659, G3788, Eyewitnesses^ G0845, G2030, Fables* G3454, Fabric* G4470, Fabricated* G4112, Face^ G4383, G4659, Faces* G4383, Fade-away* G3133, Fail^ G1587, G1952, Failing* G1587, Faint* G1590, Fainthearted* G3642, Fair-weather* G2105, Faith^ G3640, G4100, G4102, Faithful* G4103, Faithfully* G4103, Fall-asleep* G2837, Fall-flat* G4248, Fall^ G1601, G1706, G1968, G2667, G4045, G4098, G4431, Fallen-asleep* G2837, Fallen-away* G3895, Fallen^ G1356, G1601, G1968, G4045, G4098, G4363, Falling^ G0679, G1601, G1706, G4098, G4363, Falls^ G1601, G1706, G4098, False*^ G5569, G5570, G5571, G5572, G5575, G5577, G5577, G5578, G5578, G5580, Falsely^ G5576, G5576, G5581, Fame^ G5345, Families* G3965, Family* G3965, Famine* G3042, Famines* G3042, Famished^ G0776, G0777, Fan* G4425, Far-spent* G2827, Far^ G3112, G3113, G3117, G3360, Faraway* G4206, Farewell* G0657, Farmer* G1092, Farmers* G1092, Farmland* G5561, Farmlands* G5561, Farms* G5564, Farther^ G4206, G4207, Fashion^ G3345, G4964, G4976, Fashioned* G3345, Fashioning^ G3345, G4964, Fashions* G3345, Fast^ G3521, G3522, Fasted* G3522, Fastened* G4362, Fasting^ G3521, G3522, Fasts* G3521, Father-in-law* G3995, Father^ G0540, G3962, Fathered* G1080, Fatherland* G3968, Father's* G3962, Fathers^ G3962, G3964, Fathoms* G3712, Fatigue* G2872, Fattened^ G4618, G4619, Favor* G5485, Favored* G5487, Favoritism^ G4382, Favoritisms* G4382, Favors* G5485, Fear^ G5399, G5401, Feared* G5399, Fearful^ G1629, G1630, G1719, G5398, Fearing* G5399, Fearless* G0870, Fearlessly* G0870, Fears^ G5399, G5401, Feast* G1859, Feasting* G4910, Fed^ G0977, G1006, Feed* G1006, Feeding* G1006, Feet~ G0939, G4228, Felix* G5344, Fell-asleep* G2837, Fell^ G0634, G1601, G1706, G1968, G2667, G4045, G4098, G4363, Fellow-citizen* G4177, Fellow^ G4791, G4791, G4827, G4847, G4850, G4869, G4889, G4889, G4898, G4898, G4904, G4904, G4955, G4961, Fellowship^ G2842, G4790, G4861, Female* G2338, Females* G2338, Fence* G5418, Fences* G5418, Ferried* G1276, Ferry* G1276, Ferrying* G1276, Fertile* G2164, Festal-gathering* G3831, Festival* G1858, Festus* G5347, Fetched* G2865, Fever* G4446, Fevered* G4445, Fevers* G4446, Few* G3641, Fickleness* G1644, Field* G0068, Fields* G0068, Fierce* G5467, Fiery^ G4447, G4448, G4451, Fifteen* G1178, Fifteenth* G4003, Fifth* G3991, Fifty-three* G4004, G5140, Fifty^ G3461, G4002, G4004, Fig^ G4808, G4809, Fight^ G0073, G0075, G1864, Fighting* G0075, Figs^ G4810, Figure* G3850, Fill~ G1072, Fill^~ G0378, G4137, Filled~ G1072, G1705, Filled^~ G4130, G4137, G4845, Filling~ G1072, G1705, Filling^~ G0466, G4137, Fills^ G0378, G4137, Filth^ G4509, Filthiness* G4507, Filthy^ G4506c, G4508, Find* G2147, Finding* G2147, Finding-fault* G3201, Finds* G2147, Fine-flour* G4585, Fine-linen^ G1039, G1040, Finger* G1147, Fingers* G1147, Finish* G1822, Fire^ G4442, G4443, G4448, G4451, Firmness^ G4733, G4740, G5287, First~ G1520, First-fruit* G0536, First-gave* G4272, First^~ G1207, G4412, G4413, Firstborn* G4416, Fish* G0232, G2486, Fishermen* G0231, Fishhook* G0044, Fist* G4435, Fit* G2111, Fitly* G4883, Five-times* G3999, Five^ G4000, G4001, G4002, Flame* G5395, Flash* G4015, Flashed^ G4015, Flashing^ G0797, Flask* G0211, Flattering* G2850, Flattering-words* G5246, Flavorless* G3471, Flawless* G0298, Flax-linen* G3043, Fled^ G0668, G1628, G2703, G5343, Flee^ G1309, G1628, G5343, Fleeing^ G1628, G5343, Flees^ G5343, Flesh^ G4561, Fleshly^ G4559, G4560, Flight* G5437, Flock^ G4165, G4167, G4168, Flock's* G4168, Flog* G1371, Flogging* G1371, Flood^ G2627, Flooded^ G2626, Floor* G0257, Flour* G0224, Flow^ G0131, Flower* G0438, Flowing^ G4482, G4511, Flute* G0836, Flute-players* G0834, Fly* G4072, Flying* G4072, Foaming^ G0875, G0876, G1890, Foams^ G0875, Follow^ G0190, G1811, G1872, G4870, Followed-after* G2628, Followed^ G0190, G1811, G1872, G3877, G4870, Following^ G0190, G1811, G1872, G3877, Food-allowance* G4620, Food^ G1033, G1035, Foods* G1033, Fool^^ G0878, G3474, Foolish-talk* G3473, Foolish^^ G0453, G0878, G3471, G3474, Foolishness^^ G0877, G3472, G3474, Fools* G0878, Foot* G4228, Footprints* G2487, Footstool* G5286, For** G1063, For-sure* G1065, Forbade^ G2967, Forbearance* G0463, Forbearing* G4722, Forbid^ G2967, Forbidden* G2967, Forbidding^ G2967, Forbids^ G2967, Forecourt* G4259, Forefathers^ G3970, G3971, Forehead* G3359, Foreheads* G3359, Foreign* G3940, Foreigner^ G3941, Foreigners^ G3941, Foreknowledge* G4268, Foremost-place* G4411, Foremost-places* G4411, Foremost^ G4409, G4410, G4410, G4413, G5383, Forerunner* G4274, Foresail* G0736, Foreseeing* G4308, Foreseen^^ G4265, G4308, Forest* G5208, Forethought* G4307, Foretold* G4275b, Forever* G0165, Forevermore* G0165, Forfeited* G2210, Forfeiture^ G2209, Forgave* G0863, Forgave** G5483, Forget* G1950, Forgetful* G1953, Forgetfulness* G3024, Forgetting* G1950, Forgive* G0863, Forgive** G5483, Forgiven* G0863, Forgiven** G5483, Forgiveness* G0859, Forgives* G0863, Forgiving* G0863, Forgiving** G5483, Forgot* G1950, Forgotten^ G1585, G1950, Form^^ G1491, G2397, G3444, G3446, Formed^^ G3445, Former* G4386, Formerly* G4391, Fornicate* G4203, Fornicated* G4203, Fornicating* G4203, Fornication^ G1608, G4202, Fornications* G4202, Fornicator* G4205, Fornicators* G4205, Forsake* G1459, Forsaken* G1459, Forsaking* G1459, Forsook* G1459, Fortunate^ G3106, G3107, Fortunatus* G5415, Fortune-telling* G3132, Forty-four* G5062, G5064, Forty-six* G1803, G5062, Forty-two* G1417, G5062, Forty^ G5062, G5063, Forward^ G4261, G4264, G4281, Foster-brother* G4939, Fought* G0075, Foul* G3678, Found* G2311, Found-fault* G3201, Found^ G0429, G2147, Foundation^ G2310, Foundations* G2310, Founded* G2311, Four-denarii* G1323, Four-denarii-coin* G4715, Four-footed* G5074, Four^ G5064, G5066, G5067, G5068, G5070, G5071, G5072, Fourteen^ G1180, Fourteenth^ G5065, Fourth* G5067, Fox* G0258, Foxes* G0258, Fracture* G2608, Fractured* G2608, Frame* G2675, Framed^ G2675, G4883, Frankincense* G3030, Frankly* G3954, Free^ G1658, G1659, Freedman* G0558, Freedmen* G3032, Freedom* G1657, Freely* G1432, Frequent* G4437, Frequently* G4437, Fresh* G4372, Friend* G5384, Friendly* G5391, Friends* G5384, Friendship* G5373, Frogs* G0944, Fruit* G2590, Fruit*^ G1079b, G1081, Fruitful* G2593, Fruits* G2590, Fruits** G1079b, Fulfill^ G0378, G4137, Fulfilled^ G0378, G1603, G4130, G4137, G4845, Fulfilling* G4137, Fulfillment^ G1604, G4138, Full-armor* G3833, Full-strength* G4101, Full-washing* G3067, Full^~ G4134, G4136, G4138, Fullness* G4138, Fully-fed* G5526, Fully-feed* G5526, Fully-professing^ G0437, Fully-wash^ G0628, Fully-washed^ G0628, G3068, Function* G4234, Funeral* G4673, Furies* G2372, Furious* G2373, Furiously* G2371, Furled* G4428, Furlongs* G4712, Furnace* G2575, Furnished* G4766, Further* G1991, Furthermore^ G3063, G3064, Fury* G2372, Futile* G3152, Futility^ G3153, G3155, Future* G3195, Gabbatha* G1042, Gabriel* G1043, Gad* G1045, Gadarenes* G1046, Gag* G1993, Gain^ G2770, G2771, Gained* G2770, Gains^ G2770, G2771, Gaius* G1050, Galatia^ G1053, G1054, Galatians* G1052, Gale* G2978, Galilean^ G1056, G1057, Galileans* G1057, Galilee* G1056, Gall* G5521, Gallio* G1058, Gamaliel* G1059, Gang* G4945, Gangrene* G1044, Garbage* G4067, Garden* G2779, Gardener* G2780, Garlands* G4725, Garment^ G2440, G2441, Garments^ G2439, G2440, G2441, Gate^ G4439, G4440, Gates^ G4439, G4440, Gather^ G1996, G4863, Gathered^ G1996, G4863, Gathering-together* G1997, Gathering^ G1996, G1999, G4863, Gathers^ G1996, G4863, Gave-birth~ G0616, G1080, Gave-divine-service* G3000, Gave-rest* G0373, Gave-thanks^^ G2127, G2168, Gave^ G0591, G1325, G1929, G2624, G3860, G3860, Gaza* G1048, Genealogies^ G1076, Genealogy^ G0035, G1075, Generation* G1074, Generations* G1074, Generosity* G2842, Generous* G2843, Gennesaret* G1082, Gentile^ G1482, Gentiles^ G1482, Gentiles^ G1484, Gentle^ G1933, Gentleness^ G1932, G1933, Genuine* G1103, Genuinely* G1104, Genuineness* G1103, Gergesenes* G1086, Gesture* G4953, Get* G2865, Get-close* G4940, Gethsemane* G1068, Getting* G2865, Gideon* G1066, Gift** G5486, Gift^ G1431, G1433, G1434, G1435, Gifts* G1435, Gifts** G5486, Gird^ G2224, G4024, Girded^ G0328, G1241, G4024, Girding^ G1241, G2224, Girl* G2877, Give-birth* G1080, Give-divine-service* G3000, Give-life* G2227, Give-rest* G0373, Give-thanks^^ G2127, G2168, Give^ G0591, G1325, G1929, G3330, G3860, G3860, Given-birth* G5088, Given-life* G2227, Given-rest^^ G0373, G2664, Given-thanks^^ G2127, G2168, Given^ G0325, G0591, G1325, G1560, G1929, G3860, Giver* G1395, Gives-birth~ G0616, G1080, Gives-divine-service* G3000, Gives-life* G2227, Gives-thanks* G2168, Gives^ G0591, G1325, G3860, Giving-birth* G1080, Giving-divine-service* G3000, Giving-life* G2227, Giving-rest* G0373, Giving-thanks^^ G2127, G2168, Giving^ G0591, G1325, G1394, G1929, G2130, G3330, G3860, Glad* G0021, Gladly^ G0780, G2234, G2236, Gladness* G0020, Glass* G5194, Glassy* G5193, Gleaming* G4744, Gloom* G2726, Gloomy* G4659, Glories* G1391, Glorified^ G1392, G1740, G4888, Glorify* G1392, Glorifying* G1392, Glorious^ G1741, G3861, Glory^ G1391, G1392, Glow* G0796, Glued* G2853, Glutton* G5314, Gluttons* G1064, Gnashing^ G1030, G1031, Gnat* G2971, Gnawing* G3145, Go-away* G3327, Go-beyond-limits* G5233, Go-down^ G2597, Go-forth^ G1524, G1826, Go-into* G1524, Go-on-foot* G3978, Go-out* G1826, Go-up* G0305, Go^ G0424, G0565, G1330, G1831, G2064, G4281, G4334, G4905, Goal* G4649, Goat* G0122, God-breathed* G2315, God-fearing* G2318, God^ G2312, G2313, G2314, G2316, G2319, G5377, Goddess^ G2299, G2316, Godless* G0112, Godliness* G2317, Gods* G2316, God's* G2316, Goes-up* G0305, Goes^ G1330, G1831, G2064, Gog* G1136, Going-abroad^ G0589, G0590, Going-down* G2597, Going-forth* G0549, Going-into* G1524, Going-out* G1826, Going-up* G0305, Going^ G0565, G1330, G1831, G2064, G4281, Gold^ G5553, G5554, G5557, Golden* G5552, Golgotha* G1115, Gomorrah* G1116, Gone-away* G3327, Gone-by* G3944, Gone-down^ G4782, Gone-up* G0305, Gone^ G0565, G1330, G1831, G2064, G4334, Good*^ G2108, G2109, G2140, G2146, Good-bye* G4517, Good-doing* G0016, Good-fortune* G3108, Good-news^ G2097, G2098, G4283, Good-repute^ G2162, G2163, Good-spirits* G2174, Good^^ G0014, G0015, G0017, G0018, G0865, G2565, G2567, G2569, G2570, G2573, G5358, Goodbye* G0867, Goodness* G0019, Goods* G4632, Gossiping* G5396, Gossips* G5397, Got* G2865, Govern* G4291, Governing* G4291, Government* G2231, Governor^ G2230, G2232, Governors^ G2232, Grab^ G1949, G2638, Grabbed^ G1949, G2638, Grabs* G1405, Grace* G5485, Gracious** G2128, Graft* G1461, Grafted* G1461, Grain-fields* G4702, Grain^ G4621, Grandchildren* G1549, Grandmother* G3125, Grant* G5483, Granted* G5483, Granting* G5483, Grape-cluster* G4718, Grape-clusters* G4718, Grasp* G1949, Grass* G5528, Gratitude* G5485, Great* G3173, Great-men* G3175, Greater* G3173, Greatest^ G3173, G3185, Greatly* G3171, Greatly-valued* G4185, Greatness* G3174, Grecian* G1675, Greece* G1671, Greed* G4124, Greedy* G4123, Greedy-acts* G4124, Greek^ G1672, G1673, G1674, G1676, Greeks^ G1672, G1674, Green* G5200, Greet* G0782, Greeted* G0782, Greeting^ G0782, G0783, Greetings* G0783, Greets* G0782, Grew^ G0837, Grieve* G2875, Grieving* G2875, Grievous* G5467, Grinding* G0229, Grinds* G5149, Groan^ G4727, Groaned^ G0389, G4727, Groaning^ G4726, G4727, Groans^ G4726, G4959, Grope-after* G5584, Ground* G5564, Grounded^ G1476, Groups* G4849, Grow^ G0837, Growing^ G0837, G5232, Grown^ G0837, G4885, Growth^ G0837, G0838, Guarantee* G1450, Guard^^ G1314, G5083, G5442, Guarded^^ G5083, G5432, G5442, Guardian** G3807, Guardians** G3807, Guarding^^ G3906, G5083, G5432, G5442, Guards^^ G5083, G5441, G5442, Guestroom* G2646, Guide^ G3594, G3595, Guides* G3595, Guiding* G3594, Guilt-free* G0677, Guiltless* G0172, Gushing* G1032, Habit* G1838, Habitation* G1886, Habitually* G0104, Hades* G0086, Hagar* G0028, Hail* G5463, G5464, Hair^^ G2359, G2864, Hairs* G2359, Hairy* G5155, Half^ G2253, G2255, G2256, Hallelujah* G0239, Hamor* G1697, Hamper* G4553, Hand^ G5495, G5496, G5497, Handed-down* G3970, Handkerchief* G4676, Handkerchiefs* G4676, Handle* G2345, Hands^ G0849, G0886, G5495, G5499, Handsome* G0791, Handwriting* G5498, Hanging^ G1582, G2910, Hangover* G2897, Hangs^ G2910, Hanukkah* G1456, Happen* G1096, Happened^ G1096, G4266, Happening* G1096, Happens* G1096, Har-magedon* G0717, Haran* G5488, Harassing* G2873, G3930, Harbor* G3040, Harbors* G3040, Hard^ G1421, G1422, G1425, Harden^ G4645, Hardened^ G4456, G4645, Hardening^ G4456, G4457, G4645, Hardens* G4645, Hardly* G1423, Hardness^ G4641, G4643, Hardship* G3449, Harm* G0984, Harmed* G0984, Harmful* G0983, Harmless* G0185, Harmony* G4858, Harp* G2788, Harped* G2789, Harping* G2789, Harpists* G2790, Harps* G2788, Harsh* G4642, Harvest* G2326, Has-come* G3134, Hate* G3404, Hated* G3404, Hates* G3404, Hating* G3404, Haughtiness* G5243, Haughty* G5244, Hauled* G0307, Hauls* G4661, Havoc* G4199, Head-into* G0503, Head^ G2775, G2776, Heading* G2722, Heads* G2776, Heal^ G2323, G2390, Healed^ G2323, G2390, Healing^^ G2322, G2323, G2390, G2392, Healings^^ G2386, G2392, Heals^ G2390, Healthy^ G5198, G5199, Hear^ G0191, G1251, G1522, G3878, Heard^ G0191, G1522, G1873, G4257, Hearer* G0202, Hearers* G0202, Hearing^ G0189, G0191, Hears^ G0191, Heart** G4698, Heart^ G2588, G4641, Hearts^ G2588, G2589, Heat^ G2738, G2741, G2742, Heathen* G0246, Heave* G1614, Heaven^ G3771, G3772, Heavenly^ G2032, G3770, Heavens* G3772, Heavy* G0916, Hebrew^ G1444, G1445, G1446, G1447, Hebrews* G1445, Heel* G4418, Heifer* G1151, Height^ G5311, G5313, Heir^ G2818, Heirs^ G2818, G4789, Held-fast* G2902, Held^ G1758, G1907, G2192, G2722, G4912, G5254, Heli* G2242, Hell^^ G1067, Hello* G5463, Helmet* G4030, Helmsman* G2942, Help^^ G0482, G0996, G0997, G1949, G4815, G4878, Helped^^ G0482, G0997, Helper* G0998, Helper** G3875, Helping^^ G1949, G4878, Helps^^ G0484, Hem* G2899, Hems* G2899, Hence^ G1352, G1355, G3606, Herb* G3001, Herbs* G3001, Herd* G0034, Hereafter* G3568, Hermas* G2057, Hermes* G2060, Hermogenes* G2061, Herod* G2264, Herodians* G2265, Herodias* G2266, Herodion* G2267, Herod's* G2264, Hesitate* G3635, Hesitating* G3195, Hewed^ G2991, G2998, Hezekiah* G1478, Hezron* G2074, Hid^ G0613, G1470, G2928, Hidden-reefs* G4694, Hidden^ G0613, G0614, G2572, G2927, G2928, Hide^ G2572, G2928, Hides* G1192, G2572, Hiding^ G2572, G3871, G4032, Hierapolis* G2404, High-notions* G5252, High-priest* G0749, High-priestly* G0748, High-priests* G0749, High^ G5308, G5311, Highest* G5310, Highly* G5251, Hill* G1015, Hill-country* G3714, Hills* G1015, G4758, Hinder* G1465, Hindered* G1465, Hindrance* G1464, Hire^ G3409, Hired-servant* G3411, Hired-servants* G3411, Hired^ G3407, G3409, Hit* G4350, Hold-fast* G2902, Hold-onto* G2722, Hold^ G0472, G1758, G2192, G2722, G3930, Holding-fast* G2902, Holding-onto* G2722, Holding^ G0472, G1758, G1907, G2192, G2722, G4912, Holds^ G2192, Hole* G3692, Holes* G3692, Holies* G0040, Holiness^^ G0038, G0041, G0042, G3742, Holy-one* G0040, Holy-ones* G0040, Holy-place* G0040, Holy^^ G0037, G0040, G3741, G3741, G3741, G3743, Holy^^ G0040, Home^ G1553, G1736, Homeless* G0790, Homemakers* G3626, Homosexuals* G0733, Honesty* G4587, Honey* G3192, Honeycomb* G2781, G3193, Honor^ G0820, G5091, G5092, Honorable* G4586, Honored^ G5091, G5093, Honoring^ G5091, Honors^ G5091, G5092, Hope^ G1679, G1680, Hoped^ G1679, G4276, Hoping^ G0560, G1679, Horn* G2768, Horns* G2768, Horse* G2462, Horsemen* G2460, Horses* G2462, Hosanna* G5614, Hosea* G5617, Hospitable^ G3580, G5382, Hospitality* G5381, Host* G3581, Hostile* G1999, Hostilities* G2189, Hostility* G2189, Hosts* G4519, Hot* G2200, Hot-coals* G0440, Hour^ G2256, G5610, Hours* G5610, House^ G3613, G3614, G3616, G3624, Household^ G3609, G3609, G3624, G3832, Householder* G3617, Houses^ G3614, G3624, Housetop* G1430, Housetops* G1430, How-great* G4080, How-large* G4080, How-many* G4214, How-much^ G3745, G4214, How-often* G4212, How-vast* G2245, However* G4133, Howling* G3649, Hugged* G0782, Human^ G0442, G0444, Humanely* G5364, Humans* G0444, Humble^ G5011, G5013, Humbled* G5013, Humbleness* G5014, Humbles* G5013, Humbling* G5013, Humility* G5012, Hundred-times* G1542, Hundred^ G1250, G1540, G1541, G1812, G4001, G5071, G5145, Hung* G2910, Hung-himself* G0519, Hunger* G3983, Hungered* G3983, Hungry^ G3983, G4361, Hurried* G4692, Hurry* G4692, Hurrying* G4692, Hurt* G0091, Hurting* G0091, Husband^ G0435, Husbands^ G0435, G5362, Hush* G5392, Hushed* G5392, Hyacinth^ G5191, G5192, Hymenaeus* G5211, Hymn^ G5214, Hymns^ G5214, G5215, Hypocrisies* G5272, Hypocrisy^ G5272, Hypocrite^ G5273, Hypocrites^ G4942, G5273, Hyssop* G5301, Iconium* G2430, Idle^ G0691, G0692, Idol-sacrifice* G1494, Idol-sacrifices* G1494, Idol^ G1497, G2712, Idolater* G1496, Idolaters* G1496, Idolatries* G1495, Idolatry* G1495, Idols^ G1497, Idol's^ G1493, Idumaea* G2401, If-only* G2579, Ignited* G5394, Igniting* G5394, Ignoble* G0036, Ignorance^^ G0051, G0052, G0056, Ignorant* G0050, Ill* G2560, Illegal* G0111, Illegitimate* G3541, Illiterate* G0062, Illness* G3119, Illumination^ G5458, G5462, Illuminations* G5458, Illustrious* G2016, Illyricum* G2437, Image* G1504, Imitate* G3401, Imitators^ G3402, G4831, Immanuel* G1694, Immature* G1133, Immeasurable* G0280, Immeasurably* G3357, Immediately* G2112, Immerse** G0907, Immersed** G0907, Immerser** G0910, Immerses** G0907, Immersing** G0907, Immersion*^ G0908, Immersions** G0909, Immigrant* G0241, Immoral* G0113, Immortality* G0110, Impaired* G3424, Impartial* G0087, Impartially* G0678, Implanted* G1721, Implore^ G1844, G3726, Imploring* G3726, Impossible^ G0101, G0102, Impostors* G1114, Impregnation* G2845, Imprisoning* G5439, Improper* G0824, Improperly* G0807, Improved* G2866, Impulse* G3730, In-order-that* G2443, In-order-to* G4314, Inasmuch^ G1909, G2596, G3745, Inaugurated* G1457, Incapable* G0893, Incense^ G2368, G2369, Incenses* G2368, Incessant* G1275b, Incinerated* G5077, Incited* G4797, Inciting* G4797, Incorruptible* G0862, Incorruption* G0861, Increase^ G4121, Increased^ G4121, Increases^ G4121, Increasing^ G4121, Indecency* G0808, Indecent^ G0809, Indecisive* G1374, Indeed* G3303, Indeed*^ G1437b, G1512, Indescribable* G0411, Indestructible* G0179, Indicate* G1213, Indicated* G1213, Indicates* G1213, Indicating* G1213, Indicted* G1225, Indignant* G0023, Indignation* G0024, Indistinct* G0082, Individually* G0303, G0575, G3313, Indulged* G1608, Indulgence* G4140, Inevitable* G0418, Inexperienced* G0552, Inexpressible* G0731, Infant^ G3516, Infants^ G3515, G3516, Inferior^ G1640, G1642, Inflaming* G4292, Inform* G1989, Information* G5334, Informed* G1989, Infuriated* G1282, Infused* G1720, Ingest* G0853, Inhabited-earth* G3625, Inhabiting* G1927, Inherit* G2816, Inheritance^ G2624, G2817, G2819, G2820, Inheritances* G2819, Inherited* G2816, Inheriting* G2816, Initiated* G3453, Ink* G3188, Inn* G3829, Inner* G2082, Innkeeper* G3830, Innocent* G0121, Innumerable* G0382, Inopportunely* G0171, Inquire* G4441, Inquired* G4441, Inquiring* G4441, Inquiry* G1331, Insane^ G3105, G3130, Insanity^ G3912, G3913, Inscribed* G1449, Inscription^ G1121, G1923, Inside^ G2080, G2081, Insignia* G3902, Insignificant* G0767, Insisting* G2001, Insofar* G2193, Insolent* G5197, Insomuch* G2530, Instant* G4743, Instantly* G3916, Instead^ G0473, G5121, Instigated* G5260, Instituted* G3549, G3549, Institution* G3548, Instruct* G2727, Instructed* G2727, Instructing* G2727, Instruction* G1319, Instructs* G2727, Insulted^ G1796, G5195, Insulting* G5195, Insults* G5196, Integrity* G0090, Intelligence* G4907, Intelligent* G4908, Intense^ G1618, Intensely^ G1616, G1617, G1619, G2159, Intention* G1106, Interest* G5110, Interference* G3591, Intermediary* G3316, Intermediated* G3315, Interpretation* G1955, Interpreted* G1956, Interpreting* G1956, Interrogate* G0426, Interrogated* G0426, Intersection* G1337, Interval^ G1292, G1339, Intimate* G0316, Intimidate* G1286, Invalidated* G0208, Invalidating* G0208, Inventors* G2182, Investigate* G1231, Investigating* G1231, Invisible* G0517, Invite^ G0479, G2564, G4341, Invited^ G1528, G2564, G2822, Invites* G2564, Involuntarily* G0210, Involve* G4879, Inward* G2080, Iota* G2503, Iron^ G4603, G4604, Irreproachable* G0410, Irreverence* G0335, Irritated* G3947, Is** G5225, Isaac* G2464, Isaiah* G2268, Iscariot* G2469, Island* G3520, Isle* G3519, Israel* G2474, Israelite* G2475, Israelites* G2475, Issachar* G2466, Italian* G2483, Italy* G2482, Itchy* G2833, Ituraea* G2484, Ivory* G1661, Jacob* G2384, Jacob's* G2384, Jail* G5084, Jailer* G1200, Jairus* G2383, Jambres* G2387, James* G2385, Jamming* G1945, Jannai* G2388, Jannes* G2389, Jar* G4713, Jared* G2391, Jason* G2394, Jasper* G2393, Jaw* G4600, Jealous^ G2206, Jealousies^ G2205, Jealousy^ G2205, G3863, Jechoniah* G2423, Jehoram* G2496, Jehoshaphat* G2498, Jephthah* G2422, Jeremiah* G2408, Jericho* G2410, Jerusalem^ G2414, G2415, G2419, Jesse* G2421, Jesting* G2160, Jesus* G2424, Jettison* G1546, Jew^^ G2453, Jewess^^ G2453, Jewish-convert* G4339, Jewish-converts* G4339, Jewish^^ G2451, Jews^^ G1675, G2453, Jezebel* G2403, Joanan* G2490, Joanna* G2489, Job* G2492, Joda* G2455, Joel* G2493, John* G2491, John's* G2491, Join^ G2853, Joined^ G2853, G4347, Joining^ G2853, Joint* G0860, Joint^ G4789, G4830, G4831, G4954, Jointly* G4878, Joints* G0860, Jonah^ G2495, Jonam* G2494, Joppa* G2445, Jordan* G2446, Jorim* G2497, Joseph* G2501, Joseph's* G2501, Joses* G2500, Joshua^ G2424, Josiah* G2502, Jotham* G2488, Journey^ G3597, G3598, Journeys* G3597, Joy^^ G2167, G5479, Joyful* G2431, Joyfulness* G2432, Joyous* G2165, Judah^ G2448, G2455, Judaism* G2454, Judas* G2455, Jude* G2455, Judea^ G2449, G2453, Judge^ G1252, G1252, G2919, G2923, G2924, Judged^ G0350, G1252, G2919, Judges^ G1252, G2919, G2923, Judging^ G0350, G1252, G2919, Judgment^ G1341, G2917, G2920, Judgments^ G2917, G2920, Judicial-seat* G0968, Julia* G2456, Julius* G2457, Jump* G4640, Jumped* G4640, Junias* G2458, Just-as^ G2505, G2509, G2531, Just-like* G5618, Just^ G1342, G1738, Justice^ G1348, G1349, Justification* G1347, Justus* G2459, Keep^^ G5083, G5442, Keeping^^ G1301, G4933, G5083, G5084, G5442, Keeps^^ G5083, Kept-silent* G4601, Kept^^ G5083, Kernel* G2848, Kettles* G5473, Key* G2807, Keys* G2807, Kick* G2979, Kidnappers* G0405, Kidneys* G3510, Kidron* G2748, Kill* G0615, Killed* G0615, Killers^ G3389, G3964, Killing* G0615, Kills* G0615, Kind^ G5541, G5543, Kindliness^ G5363, Kindly-feelings* G2442, Kindness^ G5543, G5544, Kinfolk* G3615, King^ G0935, G0937, Kingdom* G0932, Kingdoms* G0932, Kings* G0935, King's* G0935, Kish* G2797, Kiss^ G2705, G5368, G5370, Kissed* G2705, Kissing* G2705, Knapsack* G4082, Knee* G1119, Kneeling* G1120, Knees* G1119, Knelt* G1120, Knew^^ G1097, G1492, G1921, G4267, Knitted* G4822, Knock* G2925, Knocked* G2925, Knocking* G2925, Knocks* G2925, Know^^ G1097, G1107, G1492, G1921, G1987, G3708, Knower* G2589, Knowing^^ G1097, G1492, G1921, G1987, G4267, Knowledge^^ G1108, G1922, Knowledgeable* G1990, Known^^ G1097, G1107, G1110, G1232, G1492, G1921, G4267, Knows^^ G1097, G1492, G1921, G1987, Korah* G2879, Kumi* G2891, Labor^ G2872, G2873, Labored* G2872, Laboring* G2872, Labors^ G2872, G2873, Lack^ G5302, G5303, G5304, Lacked* G5302, Lacking^ G5302, G5303, Lady* G2959, Laid-bare* G5136, Laid^^ G0480, G0606, G1945, G2007, G2749, G5087, Lake* G3041, Lama* G2982, Lamb^^ G0286, G0721, Lamb's* G0721, Lambs^^ G0704, G0721, Lame* G5560, Lamech* G2984, Lamentation* G2870, Lamp-stand* G3087, Lamp-stands* G3087, Lamp^^ G3088, Lamps^^ G2985, G3088, Land* G1093, Lane* G4505, Lanes* G4505, Language^^ G1100, G1258, Languages^^ G1100, G2084, Lanterns* G5322, Laodicea* G2993, Laodiceans* G2994, Large* G4183, Lasea* G2996, Lash* G4463, Lashed* G4463, Lashes* G4127, Last^ G2078, G2079, Late* G4183, Later^ G5305, G5306, Latin^ G4513, G4515, Laugh* G1070, Laughing^ G1070, G2606, Laughter* G1071, Launderer* G1102, Lavish* G0100, Law^ G0460, G3544, G3547, G3548, G3549, G3551, G3891, G3892, Lawful* G1772, Lawfully* G3545, Lawgiver^ G3550, Lawless* G0459, Lawlessness* G0458, Lawlessnesses* G0458, Laws* G3551, Lawsuit^ G2919, Lawsuits* G2917, Lax* G0447, Laxed* G0447, Lay^^ G0480, G2007, G2621, G2698, G2749, G5087, Laying^^ G0480, G0606, G1936, G1945, G2007, G2621, G2749, G3873, G4295, G5087, Lays^^ G0480, G2749, G4295, G5087, Lazarus* G2976, Lazy* G3636, Lead^ G0071, G0072, G0321, G0520, G1236, G1521, G1806, G2609, G4013, G4254, G4317, G5497, Leader^ G2233, G2519, G4285, Leaders^ G2233, G2519, Leading^ G0071, G0520, G1236, G1521, G1877, G2233, G4254, G4812, G5496, Leads^ G0520, G1806, Leafage* G4746, Lean-back* G0377, Leaned* G1968, Leaned-back* G0377, Leaping^ G0242, G1814, G2177, Learn^ G2648, G3129, Learned* G3129, Learning* G3129, Least^ G1646, G1647, G3398, Leather* G1193, Leave~ G0863, Leave^~ G1459, G2641, Leaven^ G2219, Leavened* G2220, Leavens* G2220, Leaves~ G0863, G2641, Leaves* G5444, Leaving~ G0863, G2641, G5277, Lebbaeus* G3002, Lecturing* G4822, Led^ G0071, G0321, G0520, G1521, G1806, G2609, G4254, G4317, G4879, G5496, Lee~ G5284, G5295, Left-unattended* G3865, Leftover* G4052, Legal* G1832, Legion* G3003, Legions* G3003, Legs* G4628, Leisure* G2119, Lend^^ G1155, G5531, Lender* G1157, Lending* G1155, Length* G3372, Lengthened* G3373, Lenient^ G2433, G2436, Leopard* G3917, Leper* G3015, Lepers* G3015, Leprosy* G3014, Less-than* G1640, Less^ G1641, Lesser* G2274, Lest^ G1487, G3361, G3379, G3381, G3385, Letter^ G1989, G1992, Letters* G1992, Level-ground* G5476, Leveling* G1474, Levi^ G3017, G3018, Levite* G3019, Levites* G3019, Levitical* G3020, Liable* G1777, Liar* G5583, Liars* G5583, Liberal* G2130, Liberality* G0572, Liberally* G0574, Liberate* G1807, Liberated* G1807, Liberating* G1807, Liberty* G1849, Libya* G3033, Licking* G0621, Lie^ G5574, G5579, G5582, Lies^ G5573, Life~ G5590, Life^^~ G0979, G0980, G0982, G2198, G2222, Lifeless* G0895, Lifestyle* G0981, Lift^ G0142, G1453, G1869, Lifted^ G0142, G1453, G1825, G1869, Lifting^ G0142, G1453, G1869, Lifts^ G0142, Ligaments* G4886, Light* G0681, G1645, Light^ G5457, Lightening* G2893, Lightning* G0796, Lightnings* G0796, Lights* G0381, G5457, Like-a-gentile^ G1483, Like-a-jew^ G2450, G2452, Like-feelings* G3663, Like-manner* G3898, Like-minded* G3675, Like^ G2531, G5613, G5616, G5618, G5619, Liken* G3666, Likened* G3666, Likeness^ G3665, G3667, G3669, Likenesses* G3667, Likewise* G3668, Likewise** G5615, Lilies* G2918, Limbs* G0902, Limited* G4958, Limits* G4009, Lineage* G1078, Linen* G4616, Linen-strips* G3608, Linus* G3044, Lion* G3023, Lions* G3023, Lips* G5491, Liquor* G4608, Listen^ G0191, G5219, Listening^ G0191, Lit^ G0381, G0681, Liter-container* G5518, Liter-containers* G5518, Literal* G3654, Literally* G3654, Little-children* G5040, Little-fish* G3795, Little^ G1646, G3398, Live^ G2198, G2221, G2225, G4800, Lived^ G0326, G2198, Livelihood* G0979, Lives~ G2198, G5590, Livestock* G2353, Living^ G2198, G2226, G2226, G4800, Load^ G5413, Loaded* G5412, Loading* G5412, Loads* G5413, Loaf* G0740, Loan* G1156, Loaves* G0740, Locally* G1786, Lock^ G1576, G2808, Locked^ G0608, G1576, G2623, G2808, G4788, Locusts* G0200, Lodge^ G3579, Lodged^ G3579, Lodging^ G3578, Logical* G3050, Loin* G3751, Loins* G3751, Lois* G3090, Loiter* G5551, Long* G1971, Long-ago^ G1597, G3819, Long-for* G1971, Long-hair* G2863, Long-robe* G4158, Long-sword^^ G4501, Long^ G3117, G3118, Longed-for* G1973, Longer^ G3371, G3765, Longing-for* G1971, Longing^ G1971, G1972, G1974, Look^^ G0308, G0872, G0991, G1689, G1896, G1914, G2300, Looked^^ G0308, G1689, G1896, G1914, G4017, Looking^^ G0578, G0872, G0991, G1689, G3708, G4017, Loose* G3089, Loosed* G3089, Loosen* G3089, Loosening* G3089, Looter* G2416, Looters* G2417, Lord~ G2962, G3134, Lording* G2634, Lords* G2962, Lord's^ G2960, G2962, Lordship^ G2961, G2963, Lordships* G2963, Lose* G0622, Loses* G0622, Losing* G0622, Loss* G2275, Lost* G0622, Lot~ G2819, G2975, Lot* G3091, Lots* G2819, Lot's* G3091, Loud* G3173, Love*^ G0025, G0026, Love-feasts* G0026, Love^ G5360, G5363, G5365, G5368, G5388, Loved*^ G0025, G0026, Loved^ G5368, Lovely* G4375, Lovers^ G0865, G5362, G5367, Loves*^ G0025, G0026, Loves^ G5358, G5368, G5383, Loving** G0025, Loving^ G5361, G5368, G5369, G5377, G5387, Lower* G5465, Lower-courts* G0060, Lowered* G5465, Lucius* G3066, Luke* G3065, Lukewarm* G5513, Lured* G1828, Lust-after* G1937, Lust^^ G1937, G1939, G3715, Lusted* G1937, Lusting* G1937, Lusts^^ G1937, G1939, Luxurious* G3045, Lycaonia* G3071, Lycaonian* G3072, Lycia* G3073, Lydda* G3069, Lydia* G3070, Lying^ G0893, G5574, G5579, Lysanias* G3078, Lysias* G3079, Lystra* G3082, Maath* G3092, Macedonia* G3109, Macedonian* G3110, Macedonians* G3110, Made*^ G0886, G3447, G4160, G4806, G5499, Madness* G0454, Magadan* G3093, Magdalene* G3094, Maggot-eaten* G4662, Maggot^ G4663, Magical* G4021, Magician* G3097, Magics* G3095, Magistrate* G4755, Magistrates* G4755, Magnificent^ G3166, G3167, Magnified* G3170, Magnify* G3170, Magnifying* G3170, Magog* G3098, Mahalaleel* G3121, Maidservant* G3814, Maidservants* G3814, Majestic* G3169, Majesty^ G3168, G3172, Make** G4160, Make-ready^ G2090, Makers* G4635, Makes** G4160, Making** G4160, Making-like* G4364, Malchus* G3124, Male* G0730, Male-goats* G5131, Males* G0730, Malice* G2549, Malicious^ G5587, G5588, Maliciousness* G2550, Malta* G3194, Mammals* G5074, Man-made* G1479, Man^ G0435, G0444, Manaen* G3127, Manage* G3616, Manasseh* G3128, Manger* G5336, Manifest^ G1717, G1718, G5319, G5319, Manifestation^ G5321, G5324, Manifested^ G0398, G1718, G5316, G5319, Manifesting^ G1718, G5319, Mankind^ G0444, G5363, Manly* G0407, Manna* G3131, Manner* G5158, Mannerisms* G5159, Manners* G4187, Man's* G0444, Manure-pile* G2874, Manures^ G2874, G2874b, Marble* G3139, March* G4748, Marching* G4748, Mark* G3138, Mark* G4593, G5480, Market* G5410, Market-loafers* G0060, Marketplace* G0058, Marketplaces* G0058, Marks* G5480, Marriage-bed* G2845, Marriage-festivities* G1062, Marriage^ G1062, Married* G1060, Marries* G1060, Marrows* G3452, Marry^ G1060, G1918, Marrying* G1060, Martha* G3136, Marvel^ G2295, G2296, Marveled^ G2296, Marveling^ G2296, Marvelous^ G2297, G2298, Mary* G3137, Master* G1203, Master** G1988, Mastered* G2634, Masters* G1203, Mattatha* G3160, Mattathias* G3161, Matter* G4229, Matters* G4229, Matthan* G3157, Matthat* G3158, Matthew* G3156, Matthias* G3159, Mature^ G5046, G5048, Matured^^ G0658, G2675, G5048, Maturity^ G5047, G5052, Maybe* G3379, Meal^ G0709, G0712, Means* G3760, Measure^ G3354, G3358, Measured^ G0488, G3354, Measures^ G3355, Measuring^ G3354, Meat-market* G3111, Meats* G2907, Meddler* G0244, Medes* G3370, Medicated* G4669, Meditate^ G3191, G4304, Meek* G4239, Meekness* G4240, Meeting^ G4876, G4877, G5222, Melchi* G3197, Melchizedek* G3198, Melea* G3190, Melted* G5080, Member* G3196, Members* G3196, Memorial* G3422, Men-pleasers* G0441, Men^ G0435, G0444, Mend* G2675, Mending* G2675, Menna* G3104, Men's* G0444, Mentally* G3552, Merchandise^ G1711, G1712, Merchant^ G1710, G1713, Merchants^ G1710, G1713, Mercies* G3628, Merciful* G1655, Merciless* G0415b, Mercy-seat* G2435, Mercy^^ G1656, G3628, Mesopotamia* G3318, Message* G0031, Messenger* G0032, Messenger's* G0032, Messengers^ G0032, G2465, Messiah* G3323, Met^ G4876, G5221, Metaphor* G3942, Metaphors* G3942, Method* G4200, Methuselah* G3103, Michael* G3413, Mid-heaven* G3321, Midday* G3314, Middle^ G3319, G3320, G3322, Midian* G3099, Midnight* G3317, Midst* G3319, Mightier* G2478, Mighty^^ G1414, G1415, G2478, Mild* G2261, Mile* G3400, Miletus* G3399, Military-barrier* G5482, Milk* G1051, Mill-house* G3459, Mill's* G3457, Millstone* G3458, Mind^ G1271, G1771, G3563, Mindful* G5426, Mindlessness* G0454, Minds^ G1270, G1271, G3540, G3563, Mindset^ G5426, G5427, Mindsets* G5424, Mingle^ G2767, Mingled^ G2767, G4786, Minister*^ G3008, G3011, Ministering*^ G3008, G3010, Ministers** G3011, Ministry** G3009, Mint* G2238, Miracle* G1411, Miracles* G1411, Mirror* G2072, Miserable^ G5003, G5005, Miseries* G5004, Misery* G5004, Mislead^ G0635, G4105, Misleader^ G4108, Misleaders* G4108, Misleading^ G4105, G4107, G4108, Misleads* G4105, Misled^ G0635, G4105, Mistreat^ G2559, Mistreated^ G0420, G2558, G2559, G4778, Mistreating^ G2559, Mistreatment* G2561, Mitylene* G3412, Mixed^ G3396, Mixture* G3395, Mnason* G3416, Mock* G1702, Mocked* G1702, Mockers* G1703, Mocking^ G1702, Mockings^ G1701, Model* G5261, Moderate* G3356, Modesty* G0127, Moisture* G2429, Molded^ G4110, G4111, Moloch* G3434, Moment* G1257, Momentary* G3910, Moments* G2079, Money* G3126, Money-bag* G0905, Money-bags* G0905, Money-changers* G2773, Money-lover^ G0866, Money-lovers^ G5366, Money^ G5365, G5536, Monies* G5536, Month^ G3376, G3561, Months^ G3376, G5072, G5150, Moon* G4582, Morals* G2239, More-daringly* G5112, More-excellent* G1313, More-than~ G4053, G4119, More-value* G1308, More-value-than* G1308, Morning-star* G5459, Morning^ G4404, G4404, G4405, G4406, G4407, Morsel^ G5595, G5596, Mortal* G2349, Moses* G3475, Most-excellent* G2903, Most^ G4118, G4119, Moth* G4597, Moth-eaten* G4598, Mother-in-law* G3994, Mother^ G0282, G3384, Mother's* G3384, Mothers^ G3384, G3389, Motivating* G3948, Mount* G3735, Mountain* G3735, Mountains* G3735, Mounted^ G1910, G1913, Mourn^^ G3996, Mourned^^ G2354, Mourning^^ G2354, G2355, G3996, G3997, Mouth* G4750, Mouths* G4750, Move* G2795, Moved^ G2795, G3334, Moving^ G2795, G2796, Mowed* G0270, Much* G4183, Much-more* G4179, Mud* G1004, Mulberry* G4807, Multifaceted* G4182, Multiplied* G4129, Multiply* G4129, Multiplying* G4129, Multitude* G4128, Multitudes* G4128, Murder^ G5407, G5408, Murdered^ G5407, Murderer^^ G0443, G5406, Murderers^^ G0409, G5406, Murders^ G5407, G5408, Murmur^ G1111, Murmured^ G1111, Murmurers* G1113, Murmuring^ G1111, G1112, G1234, Murmurings^ G1112, Musicians* G3451, Mustard-seed* G4615, Mute~ G0216, G2974, Mutilation* G2699, Muzzle* G5392, My^ G1473, G1699, G1699, Myra* G3460, Myrrh^ G4666, G4669, Mysia* G3465, Mysteries* G3466, Mystery* G3466, Naaman* G3497, Naggai* G3477, Nahor* G3493, Nahshon* G3476, Nahum* G3486, Nailed* G4338, Nails* G2247, Nain* G3484, Naked^ G1130, G1131, Nakedness* G1132, Name^ G3686, G3687, Named^ G2028, G3687, G5122, G5581, Names^ G3686, G3687, Naphtali* G3508, Narcissus* G3488, Nard* G3487, Narrative* G1335, Narrow* G4728, Nathan* G3481, Nathanael* G3482, Nation* G1484, Nations* G1484, Natural^ G5446, G5449, Naturally* G5447, Nature* G5449, Nazarene^ G3479, G3480, Nazarenes* G3480, Nazareth* G3478, Neapolis* G3496, Nearer* G1452, Nearly* G4225, Necessary^ G0316, G1876, Necessity* G0318, Neck* G5137, Need^ G5532, G5534, G5535, Needful* G1967, Needle's* G4476, Needs^ G5532, G5535, Needy^ G1729, G4326, Neglect* G0272, Neglected* G0272, Neglecting* G0272, Neighbor* G4139, Neighbors* G1069, Nereus* G3517, Neri* G3518, Nest* G2681, Nested* G2681, Nests* G2682, Net^^ G0293, G1350, Nets* G1350, Nevertheless* G3305, New-convert* G3504, New-sweet-wine* G1098, New^^ G2537, G3501, G3561, Newborn* G0738, Newness* G2538, Next-day^ G0839, G1887, Nicanor* G3527, Nicodemus* G3530, Nicolaitans* G3531, Nicolaus* G3532, Nicopolis* G3533, Niger* G3526, Night^ G1273, G1773, G3571, G3574, Nights* G3571, Nine* G1767, Nine-gallon* G3355, Ninety-nine* G1752b, Nineveh* G3535, Ninevites* G3536, Ninth^ G1729b, G1766, Noah* G3575, Noble* G2104, Nobleman* G0937, Noise^ G2279, Noisy* G2278, Non-circumcised* G0564, Non-distraction* G0563, Non-instructive* G0521, Non-pretended* G0505, Non-salty* G0358, None^ G3756, G3762, Nonsense* G3026, Noose* G1029, North* G1005, Northwest* G5566, Not-so* G3365, Notable* G1978, Note* G4648, Notice* G1801, Noting* G4648, Nourish^ G1625, G5142, Nourished^ G1789, G5142, Nourishes^ G5142, Nourishing^ G1625, G5142, Nourishment^ G5160, Nourishments^ G1305, G5160, Now-then* G5106, Nullifies* G0114, Nullifying^ G0114, G0115, Number^ G0705, G0706, Numbered^ G0705, G2674, Nurse* G2337, G5162, Nursed* G2337, Nursing* G2337, Nutrition* G1979, Nymphas* G3564, O* G5599, Oath^ G3727, G3728, Oaths* G3727, Obed* G5601, Obedience* G5218, Obedient*^ G5219, G5255, Obedient^ G3980, G3982, Obey** G5219, Obey^ G3980, G3982, Obeyed** G5219, Obeyed^ G3980, G3982, Obeying* G3982, Obeying** G5219, Object* G4574, Objects* G4574, Obligated* G3784, Obscene* G0148, Obscenity* G0151, Observation* G3907, Observe^^ G3906, G5083, G5442, Observed^^ G3906, G5442, Observing^^ G3906, G5442, Obtain^ G2013, G5177, Obtainable^ G5177, Obtained^ G2013, G5177, Obtaining^ G5177, Obvious* G1552, Occupy* G4980, Offend* G4624, Offended* G4624, Offending* G4624, Offends* G4624, Offense* G4625, Offenses* G4625, Offer^ G0399, G4374, Offered^ G0399, G4374, Offering^ G4374, G4376, Offerings* G4376, Offers^ G4374, Office* G2405, Offspring^ G1085, Offsprings* G1081, Often* G4178, Oil* G1637, Old-wives'* G1126, Old^^ G0744, G3819, G3820, Oldness* G3821, Olive-tree^ G0065, G1636, G2565, Olive-trees^ G1636, Olives^ G1636, Olives^ G1638, Olympas* G3652, Omega* G5598, On-foot* G3979, Once^ G0530, G2178, G2178, One-eyed* G3442, Onesimus* G3682, Onesiphorus* G3683, Only^ G3439, G3440, G3441, Onward* G4311, Open^ G0455, Opened^ G0455, G1272, Opening^ G0457, G1272, Openly^ G5318, G5320, Opens^ G0455, G1272, Opponent* G0476, Opportune* G2121, Opportunely* G2122, Opportunity^ G0170, G2119, G2120, G2540, Opposite^ G0481, G0495, G1727, G2713, Opposition^ G0475, G0480, Oppositions^ G0477, Oppressed* G2616, Oppressing* G2616, Oracles* G3051, Orator* G4489, Ordeal* G4451, Order^ G5001, G5010, Ordered* G1291, Ordering* G1291, Orderly* G2887, Ordinance* G1345, Ordinances* G1345, Orphaned* G0642, Orphans* G3737, Other-than* G4133, Other^^ G0243, G0243, G2087, Others^^ G0243, G0244, G0245, G2087, Otherwise^ G1161, G1487, G1893, G3361, G3361b, Ought^^ G3784, Out-of* G1537, Outcome* G1545, Outcry^ G2906, Outcrying* G2906, Outer* G1857, Outermost* G2078, Outlet* G1545, Outpouring* G0401, Outside^ G1570, G1620, G1622, G1854, G1855, G3924, Outstretched* G1600, Outward^ G1854, G1855, Oven* G2823, Over-abound* G5248, Over-abounded* G5248, Overcame* G3528, Overcome* G3528, Overcomes* G3528, Overcoming* G3528, Overlooked* G5237, Overpowered* G2274, Overseer* G1985, Overseers* G1985, Overseership* G1984, Overshadow* G1982, Overshadowed* G1982, Overshadowing^ G1982, G2683, Oversight* G1983, Overstretch* G5239, Overtake^ G2638, Overtaken^ G2638, G4301, Overtakes* G2638, Overthrown* G2693, Overwhelmed* G5250, Owe* G3784, Owed* G3784, Owes* G3784, Owing^ G3784, G4359, Own G3609, Owners* G2935, Ownership* G4047, Oxen* G5022, Packed* G1980b, Packed-down* G4085, Pact* G1917, Pacts* G1917, Paid-tithes* G1183, Pain* G4192, Pained^ G1278, Pains* G4192, Palace* G4232, Pale-green* G5515, Pallet* G2895, Pallets* G2895, Palm-trees* G5404, Pamphylia* G3828, Paper* G5489, Paphos* G3974, Parable* G3850, Parables* G3850, Paradise* G3857, Paralytic* G3885, Paralytics* G3885, Paralyzed^ G3886, Parcel* G5564, Parcels* G5564, Parchments* G3200, Parents^ G1118, G4269, Parmenas* G3937, Part^ G3310, G3313, G4829, Partake^ G3348, Partakers^ G3353, G4830, Partakes^ G3348, Partaking* G3348, Parthians* G3934, Partially* G0575, G1537, G3313, Parties* G2828, Partner^ G2844, G4791, Partners^ G2844, G4791, Partnership* G3352, Partook^ G3348, Parts^ G3313, G4181, Pass* G3928, Pass-away* G3928, Pass-beside* G3928, Passage* G4042, Passed-away* G3928, Passed-beside* G3928, Passing-away* G3855, G3928, Passing-out* G0674, Passing-over* G3929, Passing^ G3855, Passion^ G3806, Passions^ G3804, G3806, Passover* G3957, Past-year* G4070, Past^ G1900, G5238, Pasture* G3542, Patara* G3959, Patch* G1915, Paths* G5147, Patience^ G3114, G3115, Patiently* G3116, Patmos* G3963, Patriarch* G3966, Patriarchs* G3966, Patrobas* G3969, Pattern^ G5179, G5296, Patterns* G5179, Paul* G3972, Paul's* G3972, Paulus* G3972, Paused* G2869, Pavement* G3038, Pay* G5055, Paying* G5055, Payment* G0469, Peace^ G1514, G1515, G1517, Peaceful* G1516, Peacemakers* G1518, Pearl* G3135, Pearls* G3135, Pebble* G4074, Peck-container* G3426, Peddling* G2585, Pedophiles* G3120, Peer* G3879, Peered* G3879, Peleg* G5317, Pen* G0833, Penalty* G2009, Penetrating* G1338, Pentecost* G4005, People^^ G2992, Peoples^^ G2992, Perceive^ G1425, G3539, G5282, Perceived^ G2657, G3539, Perceiving^ G3539, G5282, Perception^ G1271, G3562, G3563, Perceptions* G1271, Perchance* G2481, Perez* G5329, Perform* G2005, Performing* G2418, Perfume^ G3462, G3464, Perfumes* G3464, Perga* G4011, Pergamus* G4010, Perhaps* G5029, Peril^ G2793, G2794, Perils* G2794, Perish^ G0622, G4881, Perished* G0622, Perishes* G0622, Perishing* G0622, Perjure* G1964, Perjurers* G1965, Permit* G1439, Permit** G2010, Permits** G2010, Permitted* G1439, Permitted** G2010, Permitting^ G1439, G4330, Perpetual* G0531, Perplexed^ G0639, G1280, Perplexity* G0640, Persecute* G1377, Persecuted* G1377, Persecuting* G1377, Persecution* G1375, Persecutions* G1375, Persecutor* G1376, Perseverance* G4343, Persevere* G4342, Persevered^ G2594, Persevering* G4342, Persis* G4069, Persisting* G1273, Persuade^ G3982, Persuaded^ G3982, Persuading^ G0374, G3982, Persuasion* G3988, Persuasive^ G3981, G4086, Pertaining* G4314, Perverse* G1294, Pervert^ G1294, G3344, Perverted^ G1612, Perverting^ G0396, G1294, Pester* G5299, Peter* G4074, Peter's* G4074, Petition^ G1783, G1793, Petitioned* G1793, Petitioning^ G1793, G5241, Petitions^ G1783, G1793, Petty* G2160, Phanuel* G5323, Pharaoh* G5328, Pharaoh's* G5328, Pharisee* G5330, Pharisees* G5330, Pharisee's* G5330, Philadelphia* G5359, Philemon* G5371, Philetus* G5372, Philip* G5376, Philippi^ G5375, G5376, Philippians* G5374, Philip's* G5376, Philologus* G5378, Philosophers* G5386, Philosophy* G5385, Phlegon* G5393, Phoebe* G5402, Phoenicia* G5403, Phoenix* G5405, Phrygia* G5435, Phygelus* G5436, Phylacteries* G5440, Physical* G5591, Physician* G2395, Physicians* G2395, Pick* G5166, Picked* G5166, Pieces* G2801, Pierced^ G2660, G3572, Piety* G2124, Pilate* G4091, Piled* G4987, Pilfer* G3557, Pilfered* G3557, Pilfering* G3557, Piling^ G2002, G4987, Pillar* G4769, Pillars* G4769, Pilot* G2941, Pinnacle* G4419, Pint* G3582, Pious* G4576, Piped* G0832, Pisidia* G4099, Pit* G1369, G5421, Pitched* G4078, Pitcher* G2765, Pitchers* G3582, Pitiful* G1652, Pity* G3627, Place^^ G0659, G1570, G2007, G3908, G5087, G5117, G5564, Placed^^ G0659, G1620, G2007, G2698, G2749, G3908, G4060, G5087, Places^ G2007, G5087, G5117, Placing^ G0475, G0659, G3908, G4025, G5087, Plague* G3061, Plagues* G3061, Plain* G3977, Plan^ G1011, G1012, G1014, Planks* G4548, Planned^ G1011, G1014, G4823, Planning-for* G4306, Planning^ G1011, G1014, G4823, Plans^ G1012, G1014, Plant^ G5451, G5452, Planted* G5452, Planting* G5452, Plants* G5452, Plate* G3953, Platter* G4094, Play* G3815, Plead* G3870, Pleaded* G3870, Pleading^ G3870, G3874, Please^ G0700, Pleased^ G0700, G2100, Pleasing^ G0699, G0700, G0701, G2100, G2101, G2102, Plot^ G1747, G1749, Plotting^ G1748, Plow^ G0722, G0723, Plowing* G0722, Pluck^ G1807, G5089, Plucking* G5089, Plumpness* G4096, Plundered* G4813, Plus* G5565, Pods* G2769, Poets* G4163, Point* G0188, Poison* G2447, Polished* G5474, Pollutions* G0234, Pomp* G5325, Pondering^ G4820, Pontius* G4194, Pontus^ G4193, G4195, Pool* G2861, Poor^^ G3993, G3998, G4434, Porch* G4745, Porches* G4745, Porcius* G4201, Portrayed* G4270, Possess* G5225, Possessed* G5225, Possessing* G5225, Possession^ G5223, G5225, Possessions^ G5223, G5225, Possible* G1415, Postponed* G0306, Postponement* G0311, Pot* G5201, Pots* G5201, Potter^ G2763, G2764, Potter's* G2763, Pound* G3046, Poundage* G5006, Pounded* G4141, Pounds* G3046, Pour* G1632, Poured^ G1632, G1632, G2708, Pouring^ G2022, G5240, Poverty* G4432, Power^ G1411, G1415, Powerful^ G2900, G2901, Powerless^ G0101, G0102, Powers* G1411, Practice^^ G2140, G4160, G4234, G4238, Practiced^^ G4160, G4238, Practices^^ G0015, G2554, G4160, G4234, Practicing-magic* G3096, Practicing^^ G4160, G4238, Praise^ G0134, G0136, G1867, G1868, Praised^ G1867, Praising^ G0133, G0134, G1867, Pray^ G2172, G4336, Prayed^ G4336, Prayer^ G4335, Prayers^^ G2428, G4335, Praying^ G2172, G4336, Prays^ G4336, Preach^ G2784, Preached^ G2784, G4296, Preacher* G2783, Preaching^ G2782, G2784, Prearrange* G4294, Precede* G4254, Precedes* G4254, Preceding^ G4254, G4317, Precious^ G0927, G1784, G2472, G4186, G5093, Precisely* G1227, Predefined* G4953, Preeminent* G3029, G5228, Preferably* G2228, Prejudice* G4299, Premature-baby* G1626, Preparation^^ G3904, Prepare^^ G2090, G3903, Prepared^^ G2090, G2092, G2680, G3903, G4282, Preparing^^ G2090, G2680, G3903, Presence* G3952, Present** G3918, G3918, Present^ G1390, G1764, G3936, Presented* G3936, Presenting* G3936, Presently* G1204, Presents* G1390, Preservation* G4047, Preserving* G2225, Press^ G2346, Pressed^ G2346, Pressing^ G0598, G4918, Pressure* G1999, Pretend* G5271, Pretext* G4392, Prevail^ G2480, Prevailed^ G2480, Prevailing^ G2480, G2729, Prevails^ G2480, Prevented* G2967, Preventing^ G1254, G2967, Previously* G4218, Prey* G4812, Price^ G5091, G5092, Priced* G5091, Prices* G5092, Priest^ G2409, Priesthood^ G2406, G2420, Priestly* G2407, Priests^ G2409, Priest's^ G2405, Prime^ G0187, G5230, Principalities* G0746, Principality* G0746, Principles* G4747, Prisca* G4251, Priscilla* G4252, Prison^ G1201, G5438, Prisoner^ G1198, Prisoners^ G1198, G1202, Prisons^ G5438, Privately* G2398, G2596, Prize^ G1017, Probe* G1833, Proceed-away* G5217, Proceed^ G0071, G4013, Proceed^ G0071, Proceeding-away* G5217, Proceeding^ G0071, G4013, Proceeds-away* G5217, Prochorus* G4402, Proclaim^ G0312, G1229, G1804, G2097, G2605, Proclaimed^ G0312, G0518, G1229, G2097, G2605, G4283, G4293, Proclaimer* G2604, Proclaiming^ G0312, G0518, G1229, G2097, G2605, Proclaims* G2097, Proconsul^ G0445, G0446, Proconsuls^ G0446, Procure* G2932, Procured* G2932, Produce^ G4160, Produced^ G4160, Produces^ G4160, Producing^ G4160, Product* G4161, Profane^ G0952, G0953, Profess^ G1843, G3670, Professed^ G1843, G3670, Professing* G1861, Professor* G3544, Professors* G3544, Profit^ G3786, G5622, G5623, Profitable* G5624, Profited^ G5623, Profiting* G5623, Profits^ G5623, Progress^ G4297, G4298, Progressed* G4298, Progressing* G4298, Prolonging* G3905, Prominence* G1851, Prominent* G2158, Promiscuity* G4764, Promiscuous^ G2691, G4763, Promise^ G1860, G1861, G1862, Promised^ G1861, G4279, Promises^ G1860, G1862, Promising^ G1861, Promote* G5229, Promotes* G5229, Promptly* G1824, Proof^ G1382, Propel* G2630, Proper^ G0433, G2520, Properties* G2933, Property* G2933, Prophecies^ G4394, Prophecy* G4394, Prophesied* G4395, Prophesies* G4395, Prophesy* G4395, Prophesying* G4395, Prophet^ G4396, G5578, Prophetess* G4398, Prophetic* G4397, Prophets^ G4396, G5578, Proposes* G4255, Prospered* G2137, Prosperity^ G2141, G2142, Prostitute* G4204, Prostitutes* G4204, Protected* G4933, Protecting* G4933, Proved^ G1381, Proverb* G3942, Provide* G3930, Provided* G3930, Providing* G3930, Province* G1885, Proving^ G1381, G1383, Provisions* G1928, Provoke* G3863, Provoking* G3863, Prow* G4408, Prudence* G5428, Prudent* G5429, Prudently* G5430, Prunes* G2508, Psalm* G5568, Psalms* G5568, Ptolemais* G4424, Public-reading* G0320, Public-reforms* G2735, Public^ G1218, G1219, Publicly* G3954, Publius* G4196, Pudens* G4227, Puffed* G5187, Puke* G1692, Pull* G0645, Pulled^ G0385, G0645, G4685, Pulling* G0385, Punish^^ G2849, Punished^^ G2849, G5097, Punishing^^ G5097, Punishment^^ G2851, G5098, Puppies* G2952, Purchased* G5608, Pure* G0053, Purely* G0055, Purest* G2513, Purification* G0049, Purified* G0048, Purify* G0048, Purifying* G0048, Purity^ G0047, G0054, Purple^ G4209, G4210, G4211, Purpose^ G4286, G5087, Purposed^ G4388, G5087, Pursue^ G1377, Pursued^ G2614, Pursuing^ G1377, Pursuit* G4197, Pursuits* G4197, Pushed* G4264, Put^ G0906, G0992, G1544, G1911, G3846, G4016, Puteoli* G4223, Puts^ G0906, G1911, Putting^ G0906, G1911, G2598, Quadruple* G5073, Quarrel^ G1264, G2313, G3054, G3164, Quarreling^ G1264, G2314, G2371, G3164, Quarrels^ G3055, G3163, Quarrelsome* G0269, Quarternions* G5069, Quartus* G2890, Queen* G0938, Quench* G4570, Quenched* G4570, Question* G3056, Quick-tempered* G3711, Quick^ G5031, G5036, Quickly^ G5030, G5031, G5032, G5033, G5034, G5035, Quiet^ G2270, G2272, Quietness^ G2271, Quirinius* G2958, Quite-well* G0957, Quiz* G0653, Rabbi* G4461, Rabboni* G4462, Race* G1085, Rachel* G4478, Radiance* G5338, Radiant* G5460, Radiantly* G2988, Rage* G5433, Rahab^ G4460, G4477, Railing* G1908, Rain^ G1026, G1028, Rainbow* G2463, Rained^ G1026, Rainfall* G5205, Rainfalls* G5205, Rains^ G1026, Raise* G1453, Raise*^ G0450, G1817, Raised** G0450, Raised^ G1453, G4891, Raises* G1453, Raising** G0450, Raising^ G1453, G1825, G3936, Ram* G0689, Ramah* G4471, Ran^ G1532, G2701, G4063, G4370, G4390, G4936, G5143, G5295, Rank* G0898, Ransom* G0487, Rash* G4312, Rather* G3123, Rations* G3800, Ravening^ G0724, G0727, G1283, Ravens* G2876, Reach^ G2185, Reached^ G0864, Reaching^ G2185, Read^ G0314, Readiness^ G2091, G2092, Reading^ G0314, Ready^ G2092, G2093, Realization* G0535, Really* G3689, Reap* G2325, Reaped* G2325, Reapers* G2327, Reaping* G2325, Rear^ G1625, Reared^ G0397, G5044, G5142, Reason^ G1260, G3049, G3056, Reasoned^ G1256, G3049, G4817, Reasoning^ G1256, G1260, G1261, G3049, Reasonings^ G1261, G3053, Reasons* G1256, Rebecca* G4479, Rebelled* G3893, Rebellion* G3894, Rebellious* G0506, Rebuke* G2008, Rebuked* G2008, Rebuking* G2008, Receive^ G0618, G2983, G3335, G3880, G4355, Received^ G0353, G0618, G2983, G3880, G4355, G5274, Receives^ G2983, G3335, Receiving^ G0618, G2983, G3028, G3880, G4356, Recently* G4373, Reception* G3336, Recline~ G0347, G2625, G2625, G4873, Reclined~ G0347, Reclined^~ G0345, G2621, G4873, Reclines* G0345, Reclining~ G0347, G2625, Reclining^~ G0345, G2621, G4873, Recognize* G1921, Recognized^ G0319, G1921, Recognizing* G1921, Recompense* G0489, Reconcile^ G0604, Reconciled^ G0604, G1259, G2644, Reconciliation* G2643, Reconciling^ G2644, Recover* G0308, Recovered* G0308, Recovery* G0309, Red* G2063, Red* G4449, Redeem* G3084, Redeemed* G3084, Redeemer* G3086, Redemption^ G0629, G3083, G3085, Reed* G2563, Refined* G4448, Reflection* G2734, Reformation* G1357, Refrain-for G1257, Refraining* G5339, Refreshed* G0404, Refreshment* G0403, Refuge* G2703, Refuse* G3878, Refuting^ G1246, Regard* G5228, Regard-lightly* G3643, Regeneration** G3824, Region^ G4066, G5561, Regions^ G5561, Register* G0583, Registered* G0583, Regret* G3338, Regretted* G3338, Regretting* G3338, Rehoboam* G4497, Reign^ G0936, G4821, Reigned* G0936, Reigning^ G0936, G4821, Reimbursements* G0287, Reject* G0114, Rejected* G0114, Rejected** G0593, Rejecting* G0114, Rejects* G0114, Rejoice^ G4796, G5463, Rejoiced^ G5463, Rejoices^ G5463, Rejoicing^ G4796, G5463, Rekindle* G0329, Relative^ G4772, G4773, Relatives^ G4773, Relaxed* G2270, Release* G0630, Released* G0630, Releasing* G0630, Relief* G0425, Relieve* G1884, Relieved* G1884, Religion^^ G1175, G1479, G2356, Religious^^ G1174, G2357, Remain^ G1265, G1696, G1961, G3306, G3887, G4037, G4357, Remained^ G1265, G1961, G3306, G3887, G4357, G5278, Remaining^ G1265, G1696, G1961, G2650, G3306, G3887, G5278, Remains^ G3306, G4357, Remember^ G3403, G3421, Remembered^ G0363, G3403, G3421, Remembering^ G0363, G3421, Remembers^ G3421, Remembrance^ G0364, G3417, G3420, Remind^ G0363, G5279, Reminded^ G0363, G3403, G5279, Reminder^ G5280, Reminding^ G0363, G1878, G5279, Remnant^ G2640, G3005, Removal* G0595, Remove* G3179, Removed* G3179, Remphan* G4481, Renew^ G0340, Renewal* G0342, Renewed^ G0341, Renounce* G3868, Renounced* G3868, Rented* G1554, Rented-house* G3410, Renting* G1554, Repaid^ G0467, G0591, Repay^ G0467, G0591, Repaying^ G0467, G0591, Repayment* G0468, Repent* G3340, Repentance* G3341, Repented* G3340, Repenting* G3340, Repents* G3340, Repetitious* G0945, Replenished* G4322, Replenishing* G4322, Report^ G0189, G0312, G0518, Reported^ G0312, G0518, Reporting^ G0312, G0518, Reports* G0189, Representation* G5481, Reproach^ G3679, G3680, G3681, Reproached* G3679, Reproaches^ G3679, G3680, Reproaching* G3679, Reproof^ G1649, Reprove* G1651, Reproved* G1651, Reptiles* G2062, Repute* G1380, Reputed* G1380, Request* G0155, G2065, Requesting* G2065, Requests* G0155, Required* G2212, Requirements* G2006, Rescue* G4506, Rescued* G4506, Rescues* G4506, Rescuing* G4506, Resembled* G1503, Reserved* G2749, Reside^ G1981, G2681, Resided* G4637, Residence^ G2732, G2733, Residency* G3940, Residing* G4637, Resist* G0498, Resisting* G0498, Resists* G0498, Respect* G3313, Respectable* G2887, Rest^ G1879, G2645, G3062, Rest^^ G0372, G0373, G0373, G1954, G2663, G4875, Rested^^ G2664, Restfulness* G2838, Resting^^ G0373, Restless* G0182, Restoration* G0605, Restored* G0600, Restores* G0600, Restoring* G0600, Restraints* G4577, Restricting* G2139, Rests* G0373, Resurrection^ G0386, G1815, Retaliated* G0292, Retreat* G5288, Retreating^ G5288, G5289, Return^ G0654, G1994, G5290, Returned^ G0654, G1994, G5290, Returning^ G1994, G5290, Reu* G4466, Reuben* G4502, Reveal* G0601, Revealed* G0601, Revealing* G0601, Revelation* G0602, Revelations* G0602, Revelings* G2970, Revere* G1788, Revered* G1788, Reverence* G0127, Reverent* G2412, Revering* G1788, Reviewing* G0333, Reviled^ G0486, G3058, Reviler* G3060, Revilers* G3060, Reviling^ G0486, G3058, G3059, Revisit* G0344, Reward^ G3405, G3408, Rewarder* G3406, Rhegium* G4484, Rhesa* G4488, Rhoda* G4498, Rhodes* G4499, Rib-cage* G4125, Rich^ G4145, G4147, Riches^ G4149, Richly* G4146, Ridden* G2712, Ridiculed^ G3456, Ridiculing^ G1592, Right* G1188, Righteous^ G1341, G1342, G1344, G1346, Righteously* G1346, Righteousness^ G1343, G1345, Righteousnesses^ G1345, Ring^ G1146, G5554, Ringleader* G4414, Rinsed^ G0637, G4150, Riot* G4714, Rioters* G4955, Riotous* G0811, Riotousness* G0810, Rip^ G4486, Ripe* G3583, Ripped^ G1284, G4048, G4486, Ripping* G1284, Rips^ G4486, Rise** G0450, Rise^ G0393, Risen** G0450, Risen^ G0393, Rises** G0450, Rises^ G0393, Rising** G0450, Rising^ G0393, G0395, Risked* G5294, River^ G4215, G4216, Rivers* G4215, Road^ G0296, G3598, Roads* G3598, Roaring^^ G5612, Roars^^ G3455, Robber* G3027, Robbers* G3027, Robe* G4749, Robes* G4749, Rock* G4073, Rocks* G4073, Rocky-area* G4075, Rocky-areas* G4075, Rod^ G4464, Rods^ G4463, Rolled^ G0617, G4351, Rolling* G0617, Roman* G4514, Romans* G4514, Rome* G4516, Roof* G4721, Room* G5562, Rooster^ G0220, Rooster's* G0219, Root* G4491, Rooted^ G4492, Roots* G4491, Ropes* G4979, Rose*^ G0450, G1817, Rose^ G0393, G1816, Rotated* G3684, Rotted^ G4595, Rotten^ G4550, Rough* G5138, Rouse* G3949, Route* G2113, Rowed* G1643, Rowing* G1643, Rows* G4237, Royal^ G0934, G0937, Rubbing* G5597, Rudder* G4079, Rudders* G4079, Rue* G4076, Rufus* G4504, Ruined* G2679, Ruins* G2679, G2679, Rule^ G0746, G0757, Ruler^ G0752, G0758, Rulers^ G0746, G0752, G0758, G4173, Rumor* G2279, Run^ G5143, Running^ G1998, G4370, G4890, G4936, G5143, Runs^ G5143, Ruptured* G2997, Rural-area* G0068, Rural-areas* G0068, Rushed* G3729, Rust* G1035, Ruth* G4503, Sabachthani* G4518, Sabbath-rest* G4520, Sabbath^ G4315, G4521, Sabbath's G4521, Sabbaths^ G4521, Sackcloth* G4526, Sackcloths* G4526, Sacred^ G2413, G2418, Sacrifice^ G2378, G2380, Sacrificed^ G2380, Sacrifices* G2378, Sacrificing^ G2380, Sadducees* G4523, Sadoc* G4524, Said^^ G2046, G3004, G4302, G5346, Sail^ G0636, G1602, G3896, G4126, Sailed^ G0636, G1277, G1602, G2668, G5284, Sailing^ G4126, Sailors* G3492, Salamis* G4529, Salem* G4532, Salmon* G4533, Salmone* G4534, Salome* G4539, Salt^ G0217, G0251, Salted^ G0233, Salty* G0252, Salvation^ G4991, G4992, Samaria^ G4540, Samaritan^ G4541, G4542, Samaritans^ G4541, G4542, Same* G0846, Same-craft^ G3673, Same-time* G0260, Samos* G4544, Samothrace* G4543, Samson* G4546, Samuel* G4545, Sanctuary* G1493, Sand* G0285, Sandals* G4547, Sanhedrin* G4892, Sapphira* G4551, Sapphire* G4552, Sarah* G4564, Sarah's* G4564, Sardis* G4554, Sardonyx* G4557, Sat^ G0339, G1940, G2521, G2523, G3869, G4776, Satisfied* G2880, Saul^ G4549, G4569, Save^ G1295, G4982, Saved^ G1295, G4982, Saves* G4982, Saving* G4982, Savior^ G4990, Savior's* G4990, Saw^^ G0308, G0991, G2300, G3708, Sawed* G4249, Say^^ G2046, G2980, G3004, G4302, G5346, Saying^^ G2046, G2980, G3004, G4302, G5346, Says^^ G2046, G2980, G3004, G5346, Scales* G3013, Scarcely* G3433, Scared* G2125, Scarlet* G2847, Scatter^ G1287, Scattered^ G1287, G4650, Scatters^ G4650, Scene* G2335, Scepter* G4464, Sceva* G4630, Scheme* G3180, Schemes* G3180, Scholarships* G1121, School* G4981, Scoffed* G0550, Scolded* G1690, Scolding* G1690, Scorched* G1714, Scorn* G1848, Scorned^ G1847, G1848, Scorning* G1848, Scorpion* G4651, Scorpions* G4651, Scourge^^ G3146, G3147, G5416, Scourged^^ G3146, G5417, Scourges^ G3146, G3148, Scourging* G3146, Scribe* G1122, Scribes* G1122, Scripture^ G1124, Scriptures^ G1121, G1124, Scroll* G0975, Scums* G4027, Scythian* G4658, Sea-coast* G3882, Sea-creature* G2785, Sea-creatures* G1724, Sea^^ G2281, G3864, Seal^ G4972, G4973, Sealed^ G2696, G4972, G5420, Seals* G4973, Seamless* G0729, Search* G2045, Searched* G1830, Searching* G2045, Seas^^ G1337, Season* G0741, G2540, Seasoned* G0741, Seasons* G2540, Seat^ G2515, G2523, G4410, Seated^ G2521, G2523, G4776, Seating^ G2521, G2523, Seats* G4410, Second-time* G1208, G1537, Second^ G1206, G1207, G1208, Secret* G2927, Secretly* G2977, Secrets* G2927, Sect* G0139, Sectarian* G0141, Sectioned* G1244, Sectioning* G1244, Sects* G0139, Secundus* G4580, Secure^ G0804, G0805, Secured^ G0805, Securely* G0806, Security* G0803, Seduced* G3179, See^^ G0308, G0991, G1227, G1492, G2300, G3708, G4308, Seed^ G4690, G4701, G4703, Seeds* G4690, Seeing^^ G0990, G0991, G1689, G2734, G3708, G4308, Seek^ G0327, G1567, G1934, G2212, Seeking^ G0327, G1567, G1934, G2212, Seeks^ G2212, Seem* G1380, Seemed* G1380, Seems* G1380, Seen^^ G0308, G0991, G1492, G2300, G2529, G3708, Sees^^ G0991, G3708, Seize^ G0726, Seized^ G0726, G4884, Seizes* G0726, Seizing* G0726, Seizure* G0725, Select* G0138, Selected^ G0138, G0140, Selectively* G0917, Seleucia* G4581, Self-condemned* G0843, Self-control^ G0192, G0193, G1466, G1467, Self-controlled^ G1468, Self-discipline^ G4995, G4996, G4997, Self-importance* G0212, Self-importances* G0212, Self-indulgent* G4684, Self-preference* G0830, Self-sufficiency* G0841, Self-willed* G0829, Selfish^ G2051, G2052, G2052, Sell^ G4453, Seller^ G4211, Selling** G4097, Selling^ G4453, Sells^ G4453, Semein* G4584, Send^^ G0649, G3343, G3992, G4311, Sending^^ G0649, G1821, G3343, G3992, G4311, Sends^^ G0649, Sense* G0143, G3750, Senses^ G0144, G0145, Sensible^ G4993, G4998, Sensual-delight^ G2237, Sensual-delights^ G2237, G5369, Sent^^ G0375, G0649, G1599, G1821, G3343, G3992, G4311, G4842, G4882, Sentence^ G1349, G2613, G5267, Sentenced^ G2613, Sentry* G2892, Separate** G0873, Separate^ G5563, G5565, Separated* G5563, Separated** G0873, Separates* G5563, Separates** G0873, Separating** G0873, Separating^ G1316, G5563, Sergeants* G4465, Sergius* G4588, Serif* G2762, Serpent* G3789, Serpents* G3789, Serug* G4562, Servant* G1249, Servants* G1249, Serve* G1247, Serve** G1398, Served* G1247, Served** G1398, Serves* G1247, Service* G1248, Services* G1248, Serving* G1247, Serving** G1398, Set-free* G0525, Set-sail^ G0321, G1877, Set^ G1416, G1931, Seth* G4589, Setting-sail* G0321, Setting^ G1416, Settle* G4868, Settles* G4868, Seven-times* G2034, Seven^ G2033, G2035, Seventh^ G1442, G2033, Seventy-five* G1440, G4002, Seventy-six* G1440, G1803, Seventy-times* G1441, Seventy^ G1440, Severity* G0663, Sewer* G0856, Sews* G1976, Shackles* G3976, Shadow^ G0644, G4639, Shake-off^ G0660, G1621, Shake^ G4531, G4579, Shaken^ G4531, G4579, Shaking^ G0383, G4531, Shame^ G0152, G1791, G2617, Shamed^ G0153, G2617, Shameful^ G0150, Shames^ G0152, G2617, Shaming* G2617, Share* G2841, Shared^ G2841, G4790, Sharing* G2841, Sharon* G4565, Sharp* G3691, Sharp-disagreement* G3948, Sharper* G5114, Sharply* G0664, Shattered* G4917, Shave* G3587, Shaved* G3587, Shealtiel* G4528, Sheared* G2751, Shearing* G2751, Sheath* G2336, Shechem* G4966, Shed-tears* G1145, Shed^ G1632, Shedding^ G0130, Sheep^ G4262, G4263, Sheep's* G4263, Sheepskins* G3374, Sheet* G3607, Shelah* G4527, Shem* G4590, Shepherd^ G4165, G4166, Shepherding^ G4165, G4165, Shepherds^ G4165, G4166, Shield* G2375, Shine^ G2989, Shined^ G2989, Shines* G2989, Shining^ G1584, G2989, Ship* G4143, Ship-owner* G3490, Ships* G4143, Shipwrecked* G3489, Shoe* G5266, Shoes* G5266, Shone^ G4034, Shook-off^ G0660, G1621, Shook^ G0383, G4525, G4531, G4579, Shooting-up* G0305, Shoots-up* G0305, Shore* G5491, Short-sighted* G3467, Short-time* G5610, Short^ G1601, G4098, Shortage* G0192, Shortened* G2856, Shortly^ G5030, G5032, G5034, G5035, Shot-up* G0305, Shoulders* G5606, Shouted^ G0400, G4377, G5455, Shouting^ G2019, G4377, G5455, Shove^ G0683, Shoved^ G0683, G1856, Shoveled^ G1846, G3736, Shoving* G0683, Show-mercy* G1653, Show^ G0322, G0584, G1165, G1166, G1731, G1925, G5263, Showbread* G0740, G4286, Showed-mercy* G1653, Showed^ G0584, G1166, G1731, G1925, G5263, Showing-favoritism^ G4380, Showing-mercy* G1653, Showing^ G0323, G0584, G1166, G1731, G1925, G5263, Shown-mercy* G1653, Shown^ G0584, G1166, Shows-favoritism^ G4381, Shows-mercy* G1653, Shows^ G1166, Shreds* G1288, Shuddering* G5425, Shun* G1578, Shunned* G1578, Sick^^ G0732, G0770, G0772, Sickle* G1407, Sickness^^ G0769, Sicknesses^^ G0769, Sidon^ G4605, G4606, Sift* G4617, Sighed* G1690, Sighing* G1690, Sight^^ G0308, G0309, G1491, G1799, G2714, Sign* G4592, Signal-agreement* G1962, Signaled^ G2656, G3506, Signaling^ G1269, G1770, Signals* G3506, Signified* G4591, Signify* G4591, Signifying* G4591, Signs* G4592, Silas* G4609, Silence* G4602, Silent^^ G4601, G4623, Silk* G4596, Siloam* G4611, Silvanus* G4610, Silver^ G0693, G0694, G0696, Silversmith* G0695, Simeon* G4826, Similar^ G0871, G3662, G3664, G3666, G3945, G3946, Simon^ G4613, G4826, Simon's* G4613, Simplicity* G0858, Sin^^ G0264, G0265, G0266, Sinai* G4614, Since^ G1893, G1894, G1895, G1897, Sincere* G1506, Sincerity* G1505, Sinful^ G0266, G0268, Sing-praise* G5567, Singing-praise* G5567, Singing^^ G0103, G5214, Sink* G2670, Sinless* G0361, Sinned^^ G0264, G4258, Sinner* G0268, Sinners* G0268, Sinning^^ G0264, Sins^^ G0051, G0264, G0265, G0266, Sister* G0079, Sisters* G0079, Sit^ G2521, G2523, Sits^ G2521, G2523, Sitting^ G2516, G2521, G2523, G4775, Six^ G1803, G1812, Sixth* G1623, Sixty* G1835, Sixty-six* G1803, G1835, Skeptical* G1365, Skilled* G1317, Skin* G5559, Skippers* G4031, Skull* G2898, Slain* G2289, Slanderer* G1228, Slanderers* G1228, Slandering* G2637, Slanders* G2636, Slap^ G4474, G4475, Slapped^ G4474, G4475, Slaps^ G4475, Slaughter^ G2695, G4967, G4969, Slaughtered^ G4968, G4969, Slay* G2289, Slaying* G2289, Sleep* G2518, G5258, Sleeping* G2518, Sleeping-around* G2845, Sleeplessnesses* G0070, Slept* G0879, Slipped* G1593, Slope* G2600, Slow^ G1019, G1021, Slowly* G1020, Slowness* G1022, Sluggish* G3576, Slumbered* G3573, Slumbering* G3573, Small-boat* G4142, Small-boats* G4142, Small-fish* G2485, Small^ G3640, G3641, Smashing* G3039, Smell* G3750, Smoke* G2586, Smoking* G5188, Smooth* G3006, Smooth-talk* G5542, Smoother* G5543, Smuggled* G3920, Smuggling* G3919, Smyrna* G4667, Snacks* G4371, Snagged* G4084, Snake* G2342, Snare* G3803, Sneaked* G3921, Sneaking* G1744, Sneering* G5512, Snow* G5510, So* G3779, So-as* G5620, So-great^ G5082, G5118, So-many* G5118, So-much* G5118, So-that* G5620, So-then* G5620, Sober^ G0366, G1594, G3525, Socialize* G4874, Sodom* G4670, Soft* G3120, Softly* G5285, Soil* G1093, Sojourned* G3939, Sojourning* G3939, Sold** G4097, Sold^ G4453, Soldier^ G4754, G4757, G4758, G4961, Soldiers^ G4753, G4754, G4757, Solid* G4731, Solid-ground* G1475, Solomon* G4672, Solomon's* G4672, Someday* G4218, Somehow* G1487, G4459, Someone* G5100, Something* G5100, Somewhere* G4225, Son* G5207, Son-of-jonah* G0920, Son-of-joshua* G0919, Song* G5603, Songs* G5603, Sons* G5207, Sonship* G5206, Sopater* G4986, Sorcerers* G5333, Sorceries* G5331, Sorcery* G5331, Sore^ G1668, Sores^ G1668, G1669, Sorrow-free* G0253, Sorrow^^ G3077, Sorrowful^ G3076, G4036, G4818, Sorrowing^^ G3076, G3600, Sorrows^^ G3077, G3601, Sort^ G3697, G4217, G4220, Sosipater* G4989, Sosthenes* G4988, Sought^ G1567, G1934, G2212, Soul^ G5590, Souls^ G5590, Sound* G4537, G5353, Sound*^ G5198, G5199, Sounded* G1001, G4537, Sounds* G5353, South* G3558, G3558, Southwest* G3047, Sovereign* G1413, Sovereigns* G1413, Sow* G4687, G5300, Sowed* G4687, Sower* G4687, Sowing* G4687, Sown* G4687, Sows* G4687, Spain* G4681, Spare* G5339, Sparing* G5339, Sparingly* G5340, Sparrows* G4765, Spat^ G1716, G4429, Speak^^ G0483, G0669, G2046, G2127, G2551, G2635, G2980, G3004, G3955, G4354, G5350, Speakers* G5573, Speaking^^ G0483, G0669, G2046, G2127, G2129, G2551, G2635, G2980, G3004, G3424, G3955, G4354, G4814, G5350, Speaks^^ G0483, G2980, G3004, Spear* G3057, Spearmen* G1187, Special* G4284, Speck* G2595, Spectacle^ G2301, G2302, Speech^^ G0148, G2981, G3056, G4086, Speechless^ G1769, Spend* G4160, Spend^ G1159, G4325, Spent* G4160, Spent^ G1159, G1550, Spices* G0759, Spies* G2685, Spinning* G3514, Spirit* G4151, Spirit*^ G2473, G4861, Spirits* G4151, Spiritual* G4152, Spiritually* G4153, Spit^ G1716, G4427, G4429, Spiteful^ G2319, G4767, Spits^ G4429, Spitting* G1716, Splashing* G4378, Splendor* G5172, Split-apart* G4977, Split^ G4978, Splits* G4978, Spoils* G0205, Spoke^^ G0669, G2127, G2980, G3004, G3955, G4814, Spoken^^ G0483, G2046, G2980, G2980, G3004, G3955, G4302, G4814, G5350, Sponge* G4699, Sprang^ G4855, G5453, Spread^ G4766, G5291, Spreading^ G4766, G5291, Spring* G1631, G4077, Springing* G5453, Springs* G4077, Sprinkled* G4472, Sprinkling^ G4472, G4473, Sprout* G0985, Sprouted* G0985, Spurn* G1609, Spurred* G3951, Spy* G2684, Squall* G4578, Squandered* G1287, Squandering* G1287, Stabbed* G1574, Stachys* G4720, Stadium* G4712, Staff* G4464, Staffs* G4464, Stain^ G4696, Stained* G4695, Stains^ G4695, G4696, Staked-through* G4044, Stand-before* G3936, Stand-erect* G0352, Stand-firm* G4739, Stand-ready* G2186, Stand^ G0436, G0450, G2186, G2476, G3936, G4739, Standard** G2583, Standing-before* G3936, Standing-firm* G4739, Standing^ G0436, G0450, G1881, G2186, G2476, G2525, G3936, G4026, G4714, G4739, G4921, Stands-ready* G2186, Stands^ G0450, G2186, G2476, G3936, G4739, Star^ G0792, G0798, Stare* G0816, Stared* G0816, Staring* G0816, Star's* G0792, Stars^ G0792, G0798, Start* G0509, Starting-point* G0874, Starving* G3523, Stature* G2244, Stayed* G1304, Staying* G1304, Steadfast* G0949, Steal* G2813, Stealing* G2813, Steals* G2813, Steer* G2720, Steersman* G2116, Step^ G0968, G1684, G1688, G1910, G3327, Stephanas* G4734, Stephen* G4736, Stepped^ G0576, G1684, G1910, G3327, Stepping^ G1687, Steps^ G0304, Stern* G4403, Steward^ G3621, G3623, Stewards* G3623, Stewardship* G3622, Stiff-necked* G4644, Still* G2089, Stimulated* G2042, Sting* G2759, Stings* G2759, Stinks* G3605, Stocks* G3586, Stoic* G4770, Stole* G2813, Stomach* G4751, Stone^ G3034, G3035, G3036, G3037, Stoned^ G3034, G3036, Stone's* G3037, Stones^ G3036, G3037, Stoning^ G2642, G3034, G3036, Stood-apart* G1339, Stood-erect* G0352, Stood^ G0436, G0450, G0478, G2186, G2476, G2721, G3936, G4026, G4911, Stooped^ G2955, G4794, Stopped* G2476, Stopping* G2476, Store^ G2343, Stored^ G2343, Storeroom* G5009, Storerooms* G5009, Storing^ G0597, G2343, Storm* G5494, Storm-tossed* G5492, Story* G5152, Stoutly* G1340, Straight^ G2113, G2116, G2117, Straighten^ G0461, Straightened^ G0461, G3717, Straightforward* G3716, Strain* G1368, Strange^ G3581, Stranger* G3581, Strangers^ G3580, G3581, Strangled* G4156, Strap* G2438, Straps* G2438, Straw* G2562, Street* G4113, Streets* G4113, Strength^ G1840, G2479, Strengthen^ G4599, Strengthened^ G1765, G1991, G4732, Strengthening^ G1765, G1991, Stretch^ G1614, Stretched^ G1614, G4385, Stretching^ G1614, G1901, Strictest* G0196, Strife* G2054, Strifes* G2054, Strike^ G3960, Strikes^ G3817, Striking* G3960, Strip^ G1562, Stripped^ G0554, G1562, Stripping^ G0555, Stroke* G4379, Strolling* G4022, Strong-enough* G2480, Strong^ G2478, G2480, Strongholds* G3794, Struck^ G3817, G3960, Structure* G1739, Struggle^ G0073, G0075, G4865, Struggles* G0075, Struggling^ G0075, G0464, Stuck* G2043, Study* G0357, Stumble^^ G4624, Stumbled* G4350, Stumbles^^ G4350, G4624, Stumbling^^ G0677, G4348, G4349, G4350, Stupor* G2659, Subject^ G0506, G5293, G5293, Subjected* G5293, Subjecting* G5293, Subjection* G5292, Subjugated* G2669, Submerged* G1036, Submerging* G1036, Submissive* G1379, Submitted* G0394, Substantially* G5232, Subterranean* G2709, Succession* G1237, Successor* G1240, Such-as* G3634, Such^ G5107, G5108, Sudden* G0160, Suddenly^ G0160, G0869, G1810, G1819, Suffer-damage* G2210, Suffer-hardship* G4777, Suffer^ G2553, G3958, Suffered^ G3958, G4310, Suffering-punishment* G5099, Suffering^ G2552, G2553, G3804, G3805, G3958, G4841, Sufferings^ G3804, Suffers-violently* G0971, Suffers^ G3958, Sufficiency* G2426, Sufficient^ G2425, G2427, Suggesting* G5294, Suitable* G4241, Sum^ G0346, G2774, Summation* G2774, Summed^ G0346, Summer* G2330, Summon^ G5455, Summoned^ G4377, G5455, Summoning^ G5455, Summons^ G5455, Sumptuously* G4910, Sun* G2246, Sung^^ G5214, Sunk* G2670, Superfluous* G4053, Superior* G5242, Superiority^ G5242, G5247, Supper^ G1173, Suppers* G1173, Supplication* G1162, Supplications* G1162, Supplied^ G2023, Supply^ G2023, G5524, Supplying^ G2023, G2024, G5524, Supported* G4820, Suppose* G3543, Supposed* G3543, Supposes* G3543, Supposing* G3543, Supremacy* G4053, Surely* G1222, Surnamed^ G1941, G2564, Surpasses* G5235, Surpassing* G5235, Surpassingly-better* G5236, Surpassingly^ G5234, G5236, Surprised* G3579, Surprising* G3579, Surround^ G4033, Surrounded^ G2944, Surrounding^ G2943, G2945, Susanna* G4677, Suspense* G3349, Suspicions* G5283, Sustenances* G5527, Swaddled* G4683, Swallow* G2666, Swallowed* G2666, Swam* G1579, Swear* G3660, Swears* G3660, Sweat* G2402, Sweep* G4563, Sweet* G1099, Sweet-fragrance* G2175, Swell* G4092, Swept* G4563, Swift* G3691, Swim^ G2860, Swine* G5519, Swollen* G1471, Sword^^ G3162, Swords* G3162, Swore* G3660, Sworn* G3660, Sycamore* G4809, Sychar* G4965, Symeon* G4826, Sympathetic* G4835, Sympathize^^ G4834, Sympathized^^ G4834, Synagogue^ G0656, G0752, G4864, Synagogue's* G0752, Synagogues^ G0656, G4864, Syntyche* G4941, Syracuse* G4946, Syria* G4947, Syrian* G4948, Syrophoenician* G4949, Syrtis* G4950, Tabernacle^ G4633, G4636, G4638, Tabernacles^ G4633, Tabitha* G5000, Table* G5132, Tables* G5132, Tablets* G4109, Tackling^ G4631, G4632, Tail* G3769, Tails* G3769, Take-advantage* G4122, Take-away^ G4014, Take-heed^ G1907, G4337, Take-hold* G2902, Take-tithes^ G0586, Take^^ G0142, G0353, G0851, G2507, G2983, G3335, G3880, G4355, G4815, G4838, G5274, Taken-advantage* G4122, Taken-away* G4014, Taken-heed* G4337, Taken-hold* G2902, Taken-off* G4014, Taken-tithes^ G1183, Taken^^ G0142, G0337, G0353, G0522, G0618, G0851, G1808, G2507, G2983, G3335, G3880, G4355, G4815, G4838, G5274, Takes^^ G0142, G0851, G2983, G3880, Taking-heed^ G1907, G4337, Taking^^ G0142, G0354, G0851, G1808, G2507, G2983, G3335, G4301, G5274, Talant^ G5007, Talants* G5007, Talant's* G5006, Talitha* G5008, Talked-about* G1255, Talking-about* G1255, Tamar* G2283, Tame* G1150, Tamed* G1150, Tanner* G1038, Tarsus^ G5018, G5019, Tartarus^^ G5020, Task* G2021, Taste* G1089, Tasted* G1089, Tasting* G1089, Taught^ G1318, G1321, G2312, Taverns* G4999, Tax-office* G5058, Tax^^ G0754, G5056, G5057, G5057, G5411, Taxes^^ G5056, G5411, Teach^ G1321, G2085, Teacher^ G1320, G3547, Teachers^ G1320, G2567, G3547, G5572, Teaches* G1321, Teaching^ G1317, G1319, G1321, G1322, G2085, G2085, Teachings^ G1319, G1322, Tear* G1144, Tear-down^ G2647, G3089, Tearing-down^ G2647, G3089, Tears* G1144, Tears-down^ G2647, Tedious* G3636, Teeth* G3599, Tell^^ G1285, G1583, G2046, G3004, Temperate* G3524, Temple-keeper* G3511, Temple^^ G2411, G2416, G2417, G3485, Temples* G3485, Temporary* G4340, Tempt^ G3985, Temptable* G0551, Temptation* G3986, Temptations* G3986, Tempted^ G3985, G3987, Tempter* G3985, Tempts^ G3985, Ten* G1176, Ten-thousand^ G3461, G3463, Tender* G0527, Tenderly* G5387, Tens^ G3461, Tent* G4635, Tent-pitching* G4634, Tenth^ G1181, G1182, Tents* G4633, Terah* G2291, Terminated* G1274, Termination* G0580, Terrestrial* G5517, Terribly* G1171, Terrified^ G4422, G4426, Territory* G2697, Terror* G4423, Terrors* G5400, Tertius* G5060, Tertullus* G5061, Test^^ G1381, G1598, G3985, G3986, Tested^^ G1381, G3985, Testified^ G1263, G3140, Testifies^ G3140, Testify^ G1263, G3140, G3143, G5576, Testifying^ G1263, G1957, G2649, G3140, G3143, G4303, G4828, G4901, G5576, Testimonies^ G3141, G5577, Testimony^ G3141, G3142, G5577, Testing^^ G1381, G1598, G3985, G3986, Tests^^ G1381, G3986, Tetrarch^ G5075, Tetrarch^ G5076, Thaddaeus* G2280, Thankful* G2170, Thanking^^ G2127, Thanks^^ G2129, G2169, Thanksgiving* G2169, Thanksgivings* G2169, That** G2443, the G1359, G5410, The` G1337, Theater* G2302, Thefts^ G2809, G2829, Theophilus* G2321, Thereafter^ G1534, G1899, G3347, Therefore^ G3766, G3767, G5105, Thereon* G2547, Thessalonian* G2331, Thessalonians* G2331, Thessalonica* G2332, Theudas* G2333, Thick* G2361, Thief* G2812, Thieves* G2812, Thigh* G3382, Thing G2937, G4110, G5313, G5480, G3778, Things-made* G4161, Think* G1380, Thinking* G1380, Thinks* G1380, Third-time* G1537, G5154, Third^ G5152, G5154, G5154, Thirst* G1373, Thirsty* G1372, Thirty* G5144, this G0188, G1519, Thistles* G5146, Thomas* G2381, Thorn* G4647, Thorns* G0173, Thorny* G0174, Thoroughfares* G1327, Thoroughly^ G1229, G1235, G1245, G1246, G1251, G1263, Thought* G1380, Thousand^ G1367, G2035, G3461, G4000, G5070, G5153, G5505, G5507, Thousands^ G3461, G5505, Threaten* G0546, Threatened* G4324, Threatening^ G0546, G0547, Threats* G0547, Three-gallon-containers* G4568, Three-times* G5151, Three^ G5140, G5145, G5148, G5150, G5153, Threshing^ G0248, G0257, Threw* G5020, Throat* G2995, Throne* G2362, Thrones* G2362, Through^ G1223, G1273, G1277, G1279, G1283, G1309b, G1330, G1330, G1353, G1358, Throughout* G2596, Throw* G1000, Thunder* G1027, Thunders* G1027, Thunderstorm* G3655, Thus* G3779, Thyatira* G2363, Tiberias* G5085, Tiberius* G5086, Tie^ G5265, Tied^ G1210, G5265, Tiles* G2766, Till^^ G0891, G3360, Timaeus* G5090, Time^^ G2119, G2540, G3118, G5550, Times^^ G2540, G5550, Timon* G5096, Timothy* G5095, Tip* G0206, Tips* G0206, Tithe^ G0586, Tithes^ G1181, Title* G5102, Titus* G5103, to G2616c, G3978, Together-with G4854, G4874, Together-with^ G4782 Compounds, Together^ G4782 Compounds, Told^^ G1285, G3004, Tolerable* G0414, Tolerate^ G0430, Tolerated* G5159, Tolerating^ G0420, G0430, Tomb^ G3418, G3419, Tombs^ G3418, G3419, Tongue* G1100, Tongues* G1100, Too* G0479, Took-advantage* G4122, Took-hold* G2902, Took^^ G0142, G0337, G0337, G0353, G0851, G2507, G2983, G3332, G3880, G4301, G4355, G4815, Tooth* G3599, Top* G4719, Top^ G0507, G0509, Topaz* G5116, Tops* G4719, Torch* G2985, Torches* G2985, Torment^ G0928, G0929, G0931, Tormented^ G0928, Tormenting* G0928, Torments* G0931, Torn* G1288, Torn-down^ G2647, G3089, Tortured* G5178, Torturers* G0930, Tossed^ G0641, G1977, G4494, G4496, Tossing^ G4495, Touch^^ G0680, G2345, G5584, Touched^^ G0680, G5584, Touching* G0680, Toward~ G1519, G4314, Towel* G3012, Tower* G4444, Towns* G2969, Traced* G1075, Trachonitis* G5139, Tracks* G5163, Trade^ G4231, Tradeoffs* G4230, Trading^ G1281, Tradition* G3862, Traditions* G3862, Train* G4994, Trample^ G2662, G3961, Trampled^ G2662, G3961, Tramples^ G3961, Trampling* G3961, Trance* G1611, Tranquil* G2263, Transfer^ G3331, G3346, Transferred^ G3346, Transferring^ G3346, Transfigured* G3339, Transformed^ G4832, G4833, Transgress* G3845, Transgressed^^ G3845, G3928, Transgresses* G3845, Transgressing^^ G3845, G3928, Transgression* G3847, Transgressions* G3847, Transgressor* G3848, Transgressors* G3848, Translate^ G1329, G1421, Translated^ G1329, G3177, Translates^ G1329, Translation^ G1329, G2058, G2059, G3177, Translator* G1328, Transparent* G1306b, Transpiring* G0576, Transplanted* G3179, Trap^ G2339, G2340, Trashes* G4657, Traumas* G5134, Traumatized* G5135, Travail^ G5604, G5605, Travailing* G5605, Travails^ G4944, G5604, Travel^ G1279, G1531, G1607, G3899, G4198, G4313, G4365, G4848, Traveled^ G1353, G1607, G3899, G4198, Travelers* G3927, Traveling-associate* G4898, Traveling-associates* G4898, Traveling^ G1279, G1353, G1531, G1607, G1975, G3593, G3596, G3899, G4198, G4313, G4848, G4922, Travels^ G1531, G1607, G4198, Treacherous* G1387, Treachery^ G0097, G1386, G1388, Treasure^^ G1047, G2344, Treasured* G4041, Treasures^^ G2344, Treasury* G1049, Treat* G5530, Treated* G5530, Treatment^ G2552, G2553, Tree~ G1186, G3586, G4807, G4808, G4809, Trees* G1186, Trembling^ G1790, G5141, G5156, Trespass* G3900, Trespasses* G3900, Trial^^ G1382, G1383, G3984, Tribe^ G5443, Tribes^ G1429, G5443, Tribute^^ G2778, G5411, Trickery* G2940, Trimmed* G2885, Trip* G4417, Triumph* G2358, Triumphed* G2358, Troas* G5174, Trogyllium* G5175, Trophimus* G5161, Trouble^ G1776, G3926, Troubled^ G3791, G4912, True*^ G0227, G0228, Truly* G0230, Trumpet* G4536, Trumpeters* G4538, Trumpets* G4536, Truth^ G0225, G0226, Tryphaena* G5170, Tryphosa* G5173, Tunic* G5509, Tunics* G5509, Turn^ G0390, G0654, G0665, G1624, G1994, G4762, G5290, Turnabout* G3328, Turned^ G0390, G0654, G1624, G1994, G2690, G3344, G4762, Turning^ G0390, G0654, G1624, G1994, G1995, G4062, G5157, Turns^ G1994, Turtledoves* G5167, Twelfth* G1428, Twelve-bushel-containers* G2884, Twelve^ G1177, G1427, G1429, Twenty* G1501, Twenty-five* G1501, G4002, Twenty-four* G1501, G5064, Twenty-three* G1501, G5140, Twice^ G1364, Twin* G1359, Twisted* G4962, Twisting* G4761, Two-denarii-coin* G1406, Two-denarii-coins* G1406, Two-hundred* G3414, Two^ G1250, G1332, G1333, G1337, G1366, G1367, G1417, Tychicus* G5190, Typhoon* G5189, Tyrannus* G5181, Tyre^ G5183, G5184, Unable^ G1410, Unapparent^ G0852, G0855, Unappeasable* G0786, Unapproachable* G0676, Unapproved^ G0096, G1381, Unashamed* G0422, Unbearable* G1419, Unbelief* G0570, Unbelievable* G0571, Unbelieving* G0571, Unblemished^ G0298, G0299, Unbridled-lust* G0766, Unbridled-lusts* G0766, Unceasing* G0180, Uncertainty^ G0083, G0084, Unchangeable* G0276, Uncircumcised* G1986, Uncircumcision* G0203, Unclean* G0169, Uncleanness* G0167, Uncondemned* G0178, Uncontrollable* G0183, Undefiled* G0283, Undeniable* G0368, Undeniably* G0369, Under^ G5254, G5259, G5267, G5284, G5295, Undergirding* G5269, Undergo* G5297, Undergoes* G5297, Underneath* G5270, Understand^ G4920, Understanding^ G0801, G0801, G4907, G4920, Understands^ G4920, Understood^ G4920, Undertaking* G2021, Undertook* G2021, Underwent* G5297, Undeservedly* G1432, Undiluted* G0194, Unending* G0562, Unequally* G2086, Unfading^ G0262, G0263, Unfailing* G0413, Unfaithful* G0569, Unfit* G0428, Unforbidden* G0209, Unfruitful* G0175, Ungodliness* G0763, Ungodlinesses* G0763, Ungodly^ G0764, G0765, Unholy* G0462, Unified* G4854, Unimpeachable* G0423, Unintelligible* G0880, Unison* G3674, United-together* G3674, United^ G3661, Unity* G1775, Unknown* G0057, Unlearned* G0261, Unleavened* G0106, Unless^ G1487, G1622, G3361, Unloading* G0670, Unmarried* G0022, Unmerciful* G0415, Unmovable* G0277, Unoccupied* G4980, Unprepared* G0532, Unprofitable* G0512, Unprofitableness* G0512, Unquenchable* G0762, Unreasonable* G0249, Unreasoning* G0249, Unrecognized* G0050, Unregretted* G0278, Unrepentant* G0279, Unrest* G0181, Unrests* G0181, Unrighteous* G0094, Unrighteousness* G0093, Unrighteousnesses* G0093, Unripe* G3653, Unrolled* G0380, Unroofed* G0648, Unsearchable* G0419, Unsettled* G0387, Unsettling* G0387, Unshakable* G0761, Unshrunk* G0046, Unskilled* G2399, Unsparing* G0857, Unspeakable^ G0215, G0412, Unstable* G0793, Unstained* G0784, Untamed* G0434, Unthankful* G0884, Until* G2193, Untraceable* G0421, Unveiled^ G0177, G0343, Unwashed* G0449, Unwavering* G0186, Unwise* G0781, Unwitnessed* G0267, Unworthily* G0371, Unworthy* G0370, Up-to* G0891, Upon^ G1863, G1879, G1883, G1896, G1903, G1904, G1909, G1910, G1910, G1910, G1911, G1913, G1914, G1920, G1924, G1936, G1941, G1945, G1968, G1968, G2007, G2017, G2018, G2022, G2026, G2177, G3909, Upper-room* G0508, Uprightness* G2118, Uproar^ G2350, G2351, Uproot* G1610, Uprooted* G1610, Upsetting* G0384, Upstairs-room* G5253, Upward^ G0507, G0510, G0511, Urbanus* G3773, Urge* G0315, Urged* G0315, Urgently* G1945, Urging* G0315, Uriah* G3774, Use^ G2710, G5530, G5530, G5540, Used^ G5530, Useful^ G0890, G2173, G5539, Useless^ G0888, Uses* G5530, Using^ G0671, G5530, Utter-destruction* G3639, Uttering* G2044, Uzziah* G3604, Vacate* G1633, Vain* G2756, Vainly* G1500, Validate* G2964, Validated^ G2964, G4300, Valley* G5327, Value* G5092, Vapor* G0822, Varieties* G1085, Variety* G1085, Various* G4164, Vegetation* G1008, Veil* G2571, Veiled* G2619, Veiling* G2619, Vengeance* G1557, Verdict* G0610, Very-act* G0848b, Very-long* G3819, Vessel* G4632, Vessels* G4632, Victorious* G5245, Victory^ G3529, G3534, View* G2334, Viewed^ G2334, Viewing^ G2334, Viewpoint* G1106, Views* G2334, Village* G2968, Villages* G2968, Villainy^ G4467, G4468, Vine* G0288, Vine-dresser* G0289, Vinegar* G3690, Vineyard* G0290, Violating* G3891, Violation* G3892, Violence* G0970, Violent-impulse* G3731, Violent^ G0972, G0973, Violently-enters* G0971, Viper* G2191, Vipers* G2191, Virgin* G3933, Virginity* G3932, Virgins* G3933, Virtue* G0703, Virtues* G0703, Virtuous* G5543, Visible* G3707, Vision^ G3701, G3705, G3706, G3799, Visions^ G3701, G3706, Visit* G1980, Visitation* G1984, Visited* G1980, Voice* G5456, Voiceless* G0880, Voices* G5456, Void* G2758, Volume* G2777, Voluntarily* G1635, Voluntary^ G1595, Vomit* G1829, Voting-pebble* G5586, Votive-offerings* G0334, Vow* G2171, Vowed* G0332, Voyage^ G4144, Voyaging^ G1020, Vultures* G0105, Wages* G3408, Wagging* G2795, Wailing* G0214, Wait-on* G4342, Wait-upon* G4332, Wait^ G1551, G4327, Waiter* G0755, Waiting^ G0553, G1551, G4327, Wake* G1852, Walk^ G4043, Walked* G4043, Walking^ G1704, G4043, Walks* G4043, Wall^ G3320, G5038, G5109, Wallowing^ G2946, G2947, Walls* G5038, Wandering* G4105, Wanting* G4692, War^ G4170, G4171, G4754, Warfare* G4752, Warmed* G2328, Warming* G2328, Warmth* G2329, Warned* G5263, Warring^ G0497, G4754, Wars* G4171, Was** G5225, Wash* G3538, Washbasin* G3537, Washed^ G0633, G3538, Washing* G3538, Washings* G0909, Waste* G0684, Watch^^ G0069, G1127, G5438, Watched^^ G1127, Watches^^ G5438, Watchful* G1127, Watching^^ G0069, G1127, Water^ G5201, G5201, G5202, G5204, Watered* G4222, Watering* G4222, Waterless* G0504, Waters* G5204, Wave* G2830, Waves^^ G2831, G2949, Way^ G3598, G3938, Ways* G3598, Weak^ G0769, G0770, G0772, Weaker* G0772, Weakness^ G0769, G0772, Weaknesses^ G0769, G0771, Wealth* G5536, Weapons* G3696, Wear* G5409, Wearing* G5409, Weary* G2577, Wedlock* G5220, Week* G4521, Weep* G2799, Weeping^ G2799, G2805, Weigh* G2476, Weighed* G2476, Weight* G0922, Weighty* G0926, Well~ G2566, G2573, Well^~ G2095, G2100, G2100, G2101, G2102, G2127, G2129, Well^^ G4077, G5421, Went-abroad* G0589, Went-away* G3327, Went-down* G2597, Went-out* G1826, Went-up* G0305, Went^^ G0424, G0565, G1330, G1831, G2064, G2718, G4022, G4281, G4334, G4905, Wept* G2799, Were** G5225, West* G1424, Wheat* G4621, When~ G3698, G3753, G4219, Where^~ G4225, G4226, G4226, Wherever~ G0302, G1437, G3699, G3757, Whether* G1535, G1535, While** G1722, Whipped* G1194, Whipping* G1194, Whirlwind* G2366, Whisk* G4216, Whisperers^ G5587, G5588, White^ G3021, G3022, Whiten* G3021, Whitewashed* G2867, Whole^ G3646, G3648, G3650, Wholeness* G3647, Wick* G3043, Wicked^ G4190, Wickedness* G4189, Wickednesses* G4189, Wide* G4116, Widen* G4115, Widened* G4115, Widow* G5503, Widows* G5503, Width* G4114, Wield* G2715, Wielding* G2715, Wife^ G1134, G1135, Wild^ G0065, G0066, Wilderness^ G2047, G2048, Wildernesses^ G2047, G2048, Will^^ G1013, G1014, G2307, G2308, G2309, Willed^^ G1014, G2309, Willfully^ G1596, Willing^^ G1014, G2309, Wills^^ G1014, G2307, G2309, Wind^^ G0416, G0417, G4157, Window* G2376, Winds* G0417, Wine* G3631, Winepress^ G3025, G5276, Wineskins* G0779, Wings* G4420, Winnowing* G4425, Wins* G2620, Winter-stream* G5493, Winter^ G3914, G5494, Wintered* G3914, Wintering^ G3914, G3915, Wipe-away* G1813, Wipe^ G0631, G1591, Wiped* G1591, Wiped-away* G1813, Wiping* G1591, Wiping-away* G1813, Wisdom* G4678, Wise-men* G3097, Wise^ G4679, G4680, Wisely* G4679, Wiser^ G4680, Wish* G2309, Wish-that* G3785, Wished* G2309, Wishes* G2309, Wishing* G2309, with G0193, With** G1722, Withdraw^ G0868, G4724, Withdrawing* G0868, Withdrew* G0868, Within^ G1751, G1787, Witness^ G3144, Witnessed* G3140, Witnesses^ G3144, G5575, Witnessing* G3140, Wives* G1135, Woe* G3759, Woes* G3759, Wolf* G3074, Wolves* G3074, Woman* G1135, Womb~ G1064, G2836, G3388, Wombs* G2836, Women^ G1133, G1135, Wonders* G5059, Wood* G3586, Wooden* G3585, Woods* G3586, Wool* G2053, Word^^ G3056, G4487, Words^^ G3054, G3055, G3056, G4180, G4487, Work^ G0014, G1754, G2038, G2039, G2041, G2108, G2418, G2716, G4903, Worked^ G1754, G2038, G2716, G4333, Worker^ G2040, G4904, Workers^ G2040, G4904, Working^ G0014, G1753, G1754, G2038, G2039, G2109, G2716, G4903, G4943, Workings* G1755, Works^ G1754, G2038, G2041, World^^ G0165, G2888, G2889, Worldly* G2886, Wormwood* G0894, Worn* G5409, Worse* G5501, Worship^^ G4352, G4576, Worshiped^^ G4352, G4573, G4574, G4574, Worshipers* G4353, Worshiping^^ G4352, G4576, Worships^^ G4576, Worst* G2276, Worthily^ G0516, Worthy^ G0514, G0515, G0516, G2661, Would^ G0302, G1437, Wound^^ G3468, G4127, Wounds* G4127, Woven* G5307, Wranglings* G1275b, Wrapped* G1723, Wrappings* G2750, Wrath^^ G3709, Wrestling* G3823, Wrinkle* G4512, Write^ G1125, G1924, Writes* G1125, Writing-tablet* G4093, Writing^ G1121, G1125, G1924, Writings^ G1121, Written^ G1123, G1125, G1924, G4270, Wrongdoing* G0092, Wrongdoings* G0092, Wronged* G0091, Wrongfully* G0095, Wronging* G0091, Wrote^ G1125, G4270, Year^^ G1763, G2094, Years^^ G1332, G1333, G1541, G1763, G2094, G5063, G5148, Yell* G2752, Yes* G3483, Yesterday* G5504, Yet~ G1065, Yield^ G1502, G5226, Yoke^ G2218, Yoked^ G2086, G4801, Yokes^ G2201, Young-daughter* G2365, Young-donkey* G4454, Young-goat* G2056, Young-goats^ G2055, G2056, Young-man^ G3494, G3495, Young-men^ G3495, Young-servant* G3816, Young-servants* G3816, Young^ G0365, G3501, G3502, Younger* G3501, Younger-men* G3501, G5212, Youth* G3503, Youthful* G3512, Zacchaeus* G2195, Zacharias* G2197, Zarephath* G4558, Zeal* G2205, Zealot* G2207, Zealous^ G2204, G2206, G2207, Zealousness* G2207, Zebedee* G2199, Zebulun* G2194, Zechariah* G2197, Zenas* G2211, Zerah* G2196, Zerubbabel* G2216, Zeus^ G1356, G2203, Zion* G4622.

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